Best Tech Gift Ideas for Family Travelers

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Kids watching a laptop.
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Who doesn’t love a little tech? Or a lot? Yeah. We like a lot of tech, too. We’ve got a long list of tech gift ideas, including tech gifts for kids — many of them gadgets we’re coveting this year. Here are some of our favorites for the tech lover on your gift list.

Amazon Echo. Google assistant. iPhone. iPad. Samsung smartphone. Smart speaker. Kindle. The world today is a techie gadget lover’s dream. But how do you sort it all out to decide which tech gift is the right tech gift? You already thought about buying someone a bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones. This gift guide goes beyond the usual to suggest some of the best tech gifts (and a few sentimental favorites). 

Tech Gifts Under $20

Kids Headphones

We love these cute noise-reduction headphones for kids. They cover the little one’s ears with soft padded cushions and fold to make it easy to pack in a carry-on. This headset is lightweight, adjusts to fit kids as young as 3 and comes in pink, navy and teal. The 5-foot cord is compatible with smartphones and tablets with 3.5mm jack devices. They make the perfect tech gift for kids and at under $20 they’re a bargain!

Tech gifts ideas: over the ear noise cancelling headphones for kids for under $20
Photo: Amazon

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Smart LED Bulbs 

“Turn the lights down, HAL.” This smart lightbulb pairs with Amazon Alexa and other compatible hubs to turn lights on and off, dim and bright. You can set a daily schedule that will continue operating at home even while you’re away.

This smart lightbulb pairs with Alexa and makes a great tech gift.
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Headphone Splitter for Your Keyring

Sharing is caring and having this headphone splitter hanging from your keyring makes it easy to share.

Tech gift ideas: Keep this headphone splitter handy by hanging in on your keyring.
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Tech Gifts Under $50

Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote

We love our Amazon Fire Stick so much that it goes everywhere with us. Well, maybe not everywhere, but it definitely travels with us! Just plug it into the back of the hotel television and — voila! — Netflix, Amazon Prime and all the entertainment you want at no additional charge.

Tech gift ideas: Fire TV Stick 4K
Photo: Amazon

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Solar Power Bank

You don’t have to be an off-the-grid camper appreciate this solar-powered power bank, although if that describes someone on your gift list this year, this is definitely the right gift at the right price! It’s waterproof, charges two devices at once and has a built-in flashlight.

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Smart Light Switch

Another one of those smart home devices that we don’t know how we lived without! This switch connects to your smarthome hub and can be voice controlled when you’re home and scheduled to turn off and on when you’re not. (Note: Read the installation requirements before you buy to make sure it will work in your house.)

Tech gift ideas: smart switch.
Photo: Amazon

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Tech Gifts Under $100

Alexa-Enabled 2-Port USB Car Charger

This Alexa-enable Roav Viva Pro by Anker lets you steam music, order a pizza, get directions and do all sorts of voice-activated stuff while you’re driving. Plus, it charges two devices at the same time! (Be sure to read the list of cars that might be incompatible with this product before you buy!)

Tech gift ideas: Alexa-enabled phone charger for the car.
Photo: Amazon

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Naipo Shiatsu Massager

Really, who DOESN’T need a neck massage after this year?? This Naipo Shiatsu Massager is heated and offer deep kneading massage for your neck, back, shoulders, feet and legs. It says it can be used in the car, at home or in the office. Aren’t all of those the same place right now?

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Travel Laptop Backpack

This anti-theft backpack is water resistant and has a USB charging port and locking section for a laptop.

Tech gift ideas: a backpack with built-in USB port and locking section for a laptop.
Photo: Amazon

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App Controlled Heated Coffee Mug

These days, when even the littlest thing can feel overly annoying, having your morning cup o’ joe go cold in the middle of the early Zoom call with the boss ranks right up there. This App Controlled Heated Coffee Mug will make sure that never happens again! The longer battery life means your coffee will stay just the right temperature for up to 90 minutes. Sadly, we can’t guarantee the same for your boss.

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Ring Video Doorbell 

We’ve all seen the videos of the Ring Doorbell that doubles as a security camera thwarting burglars, filming disasters and otherwise saving the world. Don’t you want one too?

Tech gift: Ring doorbell
Photo: Amazon

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Whistle GO & GO Explore Pet Finder

SheBuysTravel Editor Cindy Richards could have used the Whistle GO & GO Explore when she had the wandering cat, Bobo. That cat once ended up 50 miles away from home after hitching a ride with the neighbor’s landscapers. But it took days for someone to find him and scan his chip. If he had been outfitted with one of these location trackers, it would have saved several sleepless nights and untold tears as her kids thought he was gone forever.

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Tech Gifts Over $100

Digital Photo Frame

This is NOT your typical digital photo frame. What makes this photo frame “special” is that you can send photos to an email address and then those photos will instantly appear on the frame. The Skylight Frame is a great gift for travelers who want to share their adventures with the folks at home. It’s also a lovely gift for a grandma who wants to see updated photos of her grandchildren. What a beautiful way to stay connected with the ones we love and miss the most! We think this is a great tech gift for kids- we mean from kids! Let the kiddos give this to relatives this year.

USE CODE: SheBuysTravel for $10 off this incredible digital frame!

digital photos frame with a babies picture


Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

Sunglasses with built-in Bose speakers? Bluetooth capability that connects to your phone so you can easily answer calls? Batteries that last for 3.5 hours? Plus a classic design that makes you look cool while you stream tunes? Yes, please!

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FitBit Versa 2 Smart Watch

We know you want one of these bad ass watches that also acts as a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, sleep score keeper and more! Oh wait. This is supposed to be a gift guide for the other people on your Christmas list! But that’s OK. You deserve a really awesome smartwatch too! Buy one for yourself. We promise not to tell.

Fitbit Versa™ Watch



If there is no video of it, did that family vacation really happen? Prove it with this GoPro. If you’ve got tweens and teens this can be a fantastic tech gift for kids. Assign them the task of capturing the memories.

go pro makes a great tech gift for kids
Photo Credit: GoPro

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iRobot Roomba

Who doesn’t love coming home to a clean house? Yes, you could buy your loved one a weekly cleaning service, but that’s so hard to wrap. Instead, spring for an iRobot Roomba! This amazing little machine can be programmed to vacuum on a schedule each day.

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AeroGarden Hydroponic Garden

We love this AeroGarden Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden! It’s easy to transport, so we can take it with us to the Airbnb by the lake.

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Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera

Yep. We’ve got a Google Pixel and an iPhone. They take really good pictures. But for ultra high-quality photos, we still love our Nikon DSLR!

Nikon DSLR camera and accessories
Photo: Amazon

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Nintendo Switch

This Nintendo Switch gaming system works two ways — in a dock for gaming on the big screen TV, or as a handheld to keep the kids occupied on long road trips. The battery lasts as long as 9 hours! This is a great tech gift for kids that you’ll love too!

Ninetendo switch makes a great tech gift for kids
Photo: Amazon

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This Nintendo Switch gaming system works two ways — in a dock for gaming on the big screen TV, or as a handheld to keep the kids occupied on long road trips. The battery lasts as long as 9 hours!

Google Nest Thermostat

This smart thermostat is so smart that it figures out the temperatures you like and programs itself! To help conserve energy, the Google Nest Thermostat displays a comforting leaf icon when you choose a energy-efficient setting. And it automatically turns itself down when you aren’t home.

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