Disney Costumes for the Family for Halloween and Beyond

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Dressing up for Halloween is not just for kids. Adults and pets can get in on the action too. This handy guide to the best Disney costumes for the whole family covers everything from classic characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse to Star Wars and Marvel favorites. Some work just for kids, but there are plenty that work for adults, for pets and for the whole family.

Disney Costumes for the Whole Family

For family friendly Halloween costumes, Disney is my family’s go-to. I know I can trust shopDisney to give me the highest quality costumes for my money. Plus, the wide selection means I am not limited to what’s on the racks at the local shops. There will be plenty of choices for the kids, for us adults, even for the dog! 

And, maybe more importantly, I always know that the costumes will be accurate — the right Minnie Mouse bow, the right Captain America muscles. And fast free shipping on orders over $75 makes it super convenient to buy right from the source and get them in time even when I procrastinate or my kids can’t make up their minds whether they want to be Kylo Ren or Cinderella.

We poured over the offerings of shopDisney, and found the best Disney costumes for everyone in the family, including your furry babies. And there are some new offerings that we expect to be very popular this year.

Classic Disney Costumes

Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto have been around so long that it’s easy to find a costume representing one of the “Fab 5.” The classic collections at shopDisney don’t stop there. We found costumes depicting Dumbo, Captain Hook and even Dopey, our favorite dwarf from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

These classic costumes are especially adorable on the little ones. When my twins were still young enough to let me dress them, I loved being able to dress them up like Tinker Bell and Minnie Mouse.

Classic Disney Costumes for Baby and Kids

Tinker Bell and Minnie Mouse are classic Disney Halloween costumes.
Classic Disney characters make the cutest character costumes for little ones, like Tinker Bell and Minnie Mouse. Photo credit: Sarah Gilliland

Below are some of our favorite classic (and really, really cute) costumes for babies. We dare you not to smile when you look at that baby in the Donald Duck costume!

Then there are these classic costumes for little ones (although it’s hard to think about turning my sweet little boy into a snarling Captain Hook):

Disney Princess Costumes

Disney princess dresses are always on trend, no matter the year. From Snow White to Rapunzel to the ever popular Anna and Elsa from Frozen, there are plenty of options and accessories to choose from to get your Disney princess fix. 

My twins were never into traditional princess costumes, but they always loved the accessories! Tiaras, light-up wands and fancy shoes were must-have accessories when they were toddlers.

No doubt, Raya, the newest Disney princess from “Raya and the Last Dragon,” will prove to be a popular option this year. At shopDisney, the five-piece costume includes:

  • ruched panel top
  • high collar vest
  • bottoms with golden print trims and waistband with metal hoop detail
  • armbands 
  • textured molded hat

This is where the Disney authenticity comes into play: Raya’s hat was designed in collaboration with members of the film’s Southeast Asia Story Trust, a group of cultural consultants who worked with the filmmakers throughout the creative process.

Disney Princess Costumes for Girls

Two young girls meet Cinderella in their own Cinderella costumes.
Your little girl can dress just like her favorite princess. Photo credit: Nasreen Stump

Obviously, the biggest selection of Disney princess costumes is for young girls. (But don’t worry, there are adult dresses available too.) These are some of our Disney princess favorites for babies:

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And these are our favorites for little girls:

Frozen Costumes

Frozen princess dresses are always popular with young girls. Photo credit: Matt Stroshane, photographer

Though the first Frozen movie was released in theaters in 2013, Anna and Elsa remain top Disney princess costumes each year. My girls loved Frozen, but were “too cool” for the second movie by the time it came around in 2019. Frozen 2 gave us more “looks” for each sister, and now there are several choices of costumes related to the movies.

The costumes for sale on shopDisney all have incredible detail, like this Anna costume for kids. It’s a three-piece costume — pants, dress and cape. The dress is accented with embroidery, satin trim and pom poms. The cape is purple velvet with metallic embroidered details, a wavy hem, red and copper attached metal brooch and faux leather brown sash. Yep. All in a kid’s costume. 

Other Frozen-inspired costumes for kids include:

Disney Princess Costumes for Adults

Adults can choose this Anna Deluxe Costume. Make it a “mom and me” moment with your little girl dressed as Anna on Halloween. The adult costume is equally detailed with a beautiful, soft black gown with sparkly gold accents, a long purple cloak with pink lining and an attached fashionable belt. And, of course, you’ll want to top it off with this Anna wig

These are our favorite Disney princess character costumes for adults:

Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Star Wars costumes are fun for Halloween, especially for kids!
My girls now love all things Mandalorian, including dressing their little brother as Baby Yoda. Photo credit: Sarah Gilliland

Next on our list are costumes inspired by the Star Wars franchise. Favorite characters like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Chewbacca remain popular year over year.

In 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awakens brought a whole new list of popular characters to the forefront. My daughters were equally obsessed with Rey and Kylo Ren when they were younger. Now, they are both into characters from The Mandalorian, and are only too happy to make their little brother play along, dressing him in this sweet Baby Yoda outfit.

Kylo Ren, Rey, Finn and Poe have been some of the more popular Star Wars characters in the last few years. The Mandalorian and The Bad Batch, two shows on the streaming service Disney+, have added to the Star Wars costume collection.

Star Wars Costumes for Boys and Girls

No Jedi costume is complete without its lightsaber, just as no Stormtrooper costume is complete without its blaster. However, for the sake of keeping it simple (and because lightsaber weapons are taboo at many schools), we’ve chosen Star Wars costumes that work just fine without extra accessories.

Adult Costumes for Star Wars Fans

Kylo Ren and Rey are popular Disney costumes each Halloween.
Adults can cosplay as their favorite Star Wars characters — here we’re Kylo Ren and Rey — on Halloween. Photo credit: Sarah Gilliland

Adults who were kids when Star Wars was first released in theaters can now own their own Jedi robes. My husband and I are lifelong Star Wars fans, and I never miss an opportunity to dress in character (even if my husband takes a little more convincing)!

Whether you are for the Resistance or on the side of the Sith and the First Order, you can go full Mandalorian or keep it simple and order a black or brown robe or a women’s resistance vest just like the one General Leia Organa (Princess Leia all grown up) wore in The Rise of Skywalker.

Live out your Star Wars universe dreams with these awesome Halloween costumes:

Marvel Costumes

Marvel Studios was acquired by the Walt Disney Company in 2009. That means all of the Marvel comics characters, from Captain America to Thor, are now for sale on shopDisney.

My twins are old enough to enjoy and understand the new Marvel movies and TV shows. We are talking about creating a group costume this Halloween that will feature our Marvel favorites!

Marvel Costumes for Baby and Kids

Creating a family of superhero kids has never been easier. A group costume is such a fun way to bring siblings together. With so many Avengers to choose from, it was a challenge to narrow down our favorites, although it’s tough to beat this Black Panther Light-Up Costume for Kids

More of our favorites:

Adult Costumes for Marvel Fans

Much like Star Wars, Marvel fans have been around for many years. We expect to see a lot of Wanda Vision fans dressed as Vision and Scarlet this year. If form-fitting tights are not your thing, Black Panther wins again. This adult costume comes with built-in muscles. So does this Captain America costume. For hot and sexy, choose this Shuri Deluxe costume.

Pixar Costumes for the Whole Family

Buzz Lightyear inspired Disney costume
Buzz Lightyear inspired Disney costume. Photo credit: Julie Bigboy

Not to be outdone, these Pixar Film-inspired costumes can give your whole family a consistent look.

I love The Incredibles and would love to convince my family (however unlikely) to dress up as Mr. Incredible (love that six-pack!), Mrs. Incredible, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack. There’s even a really impressive Incredibles costume for a child’s wheelchair.

If Toy Story is more your jam, there’s a family suite of costumes, including a Buzz Lightyear Inflatable Costume (no six-pack needed) and:

Adaptive Disney Halloween Costumes for Kids

Just about every kid wants to dress up and have fun at Halloween. But it can be a challenge for kids that use wheelchairs, live with medical devices or other special needs. In response, Disney has developed a line of costumes and costume accessories that accommodate special needs, including: 

And these impossibly cute wheelchair covers:

Disney Costumes for Dogs

Minnie Mouse pet Halloween costume.
Even your pooch can dress like Minnie Mouse! Photo credit: Keri Baugh

Personally, my dog is not a fan of wearing “human” clothes, but I love seeing other dogs in costume. Take this Winifred Sanderson Pet Costume by Rubies. This Hocus Pocus costume includes a green velvet dress with gold trim, purple satin and purple organza underskirts and a curly red wig that attaches with elastic band and adjustable toggle.

Try not to smile when you look at these other Disney dog Halloween costumes:

If your dog is not a fan of pet Halloween costumes, consider a Donald Duck T-Shirt for Dogs or The Haunted Mansion Ghost Host Costume Pet Harness. These t-shirt costumes work well on large dogs and small dogs and will keep your pooch from having to deal with a floppy headpiece.

DIY Costume Ideas for Halloween

Disneybounding as your favorite character is fun - but photo opps add to the experience!
Disneyboundng as Donald and Daisy Duck. Photo credit: Sarah Gilliland

Although we’ve already given you a great list of costume ideas that are fully authentic and easy to buy from shopDisney, I have a feeling someone reading this post might not be the costume type.

If that’s you, then let me introduce you to a form of cosplay, or “costume play,” called Disneybounding. That’s the art of putting together Disney character inspired looks from everyday pieces you already own or from pieces that are easily found in basic clothing or thrift stores. 

Disneybounding developed after Disney banned anyone over the age of 14 from wearing costumes in the parks. Instead, people came up with creative ways to still wear jeans and a t-shirt, but give it a Disney flair. It’s more of a “costume idea” than a full costume.

My husband actually loves this type of “costume” even more than I do. He’s all about comfort and simplicity over multiple pieces of a costume.


Disneybounding woman dressed as Ariel.
Choose simple colors and accessories to create this Ariel Disneybounding “costume idea.” Photo credit: Sarah Gilliland

For example, there are so many layers to some Elsa costumes that it can make an adult (or child) hot or itchy. Remember: It will still be hot and sticky in Orlando in October!

Instead of a full Elsa costume, wear a blue t-shirt, light colored bottoms and a sparkly tiara — accessories are key to Disneybound looks.

You’ll find fantastic accessories at shopDisney that can elevate any Disneybound look. They also work for teens who are too old (or too cool) to wear a full costume in the parks. Even better, the high-quality products last well past the Halloween season, so they can be worn over and over again.

Among our favorite Disneybounding-type clothes and accessories:

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