5 Fun Things to Do in Page, AZ

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One of the things to do in Page AZ and Lake Powell with kids is to do go camping on the beach!
Lone Rock in Lake Powell in Page, AZ. Photo Credit: Tania Lamb, Latina SheBuysTravel
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Where in the world is Page, AZ? Located in northern Arizona, this small town is one of the best spots to experience Lake Powell, the second largest man-made lake in the United States. It’s also a fabulous vacation destination for the whole family. With water sports, some of the best hikes on earth, and plenty of places to stay, exploring Lake Powell with kids is easy. Here are 5 fun things to do in Page, AZ.

One of the things to do in Page AZ and Lake Powell with kids is to do go camping on the beach!
Lone Rock in Lake Powell in Page, AZ. Photo Credit: Tania Lamb, Latina SheBuysTravel

5 Fun Things to Do in Page, AZ

Lake Powell lies in Utah and Arizona. My husband grew up by the Wahweap Marina in Page, AZ, so it’s a town I’ve visited many times. However, it isn’t until I recently really started exploring that I began to see all the beauty Page offers. It’s now become one of my family’s favorite vacation destinations and not only because there are cousins to entertain, but there are so many things to do in Page, AZ.

Lake Powell

Obviously, the big draw in Page is Lake Powell and hanging out on the water. How you choose to spend your time at Lake Powell can depend on your budget. From houseboat rentals to small watercraft rentals, you decide how much you want to spend.

If you are adventurous and love water sports, there’s water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, cliff jumping and other watercraft. If you just want to see the lake, then take a boat tour to Rainbow Bridge or hang out on the beach and make sand castles or sunbathe. The beach is a little rocky, but my kids still enjoyed playing in the sand, so bring pails and buckets.

Lone Rock Beach

My family likes to spend the night at Lone Rock Beach because it’s one of the only places you can drive to camp on the beach. Many people bring their campers or RVs, our crew brings tents and cots. They have bathroom facilities that are a step above a porta potty, but that’s about it. I wouldn’t recommend taking your vehicle all the way onto the beach unless you have a truck as the sand can get soft, and you could get stuck.

If camping isn’t your thing, there are tons of hotels in nearby Page that are about a 10-15 minute drive away.

Also, go exploring around the lake. My husband is an adventurous cliff jumper; I am not. We also like to tackle the Sand King which is around Lone Rock. All my kids made it to the top, and I was huffing and puffing to get there, but I did it. The workout was worth the view.

Another thing to do in Page AZ is go exploring on Lake Powell with kids. Try the Sand King for awesome views!
The Sand King in Lake Powell. Photo Credit: Tania Lamb, Latina SheBuysTravel

Watercraft Rentals

If you don’t have a boat, you can rent one. They do have rentals at Wahweap Marina, which are decent in quality, and probably the easiest to get to the lake. We can usually find a friend or relative with a boat, but we also like to rent other personal watercraft for the kids like Jet Skis and tubes.

We rent from  H20 Zone. You’ll have to have a vehicle with towing capabilities and transport the watercraft yourself, but the customer service and quality of the watercraft can’t be beat! They usually have the newest models and are so friendly.

My kids love the personal watercraft, because they can be super adventurous from a wild ride on the lake to a calm, leisurely ride. I enjoy touring Lake Powell by Jet Ski, because I can fit into smaller spots and really find hidden treasures.

Tubing on Lake Powell with kids is another thing to do in Page AZ and tons of fun!
Tubing on Lake Powell. Photo Credit: Tania Lamb, Latina SheBuysTravel

Slot Canyon Tour

Taking a Slot Canyon Tour was one of the best experiences my family has ever had! There are more popular Slot Canyons by Antelope, but they are more crowded, and there are often long lines. If you want a more private tour with the opportunity to get some really great pictures, then I’d recommend Horseshoe Bend Tours.

With extended family, we had 15 people on our tour ranging from grandparents to littles. You’ll ride in an open-air vehicle from Page to Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon which is on Navajo land. You’ll do some off-roading which is a fun adventure and get some extraordinary views. Once you arrive, you’ll park about 1/4 mile away from the entrance to the Slot Canyon. It’s an easy walk, but I recommend wearing tennis shoes or closed-toes shoes because the sand can get hot.

One of the most incredible things to do in Page, AZ is taking a Slot Canyon Tour! The views are gorgeous!
Slot Canyons in Page, AZ. Photo Credit: Tania Lamb, Latina SheBuysTravel

Tours are a little pricey and are about 2 1/2 hours including travel time. The Slot Canyon Tour is $90 for adults (ages 12 and up) and $65 for children ages 6-11.  I would absolutely do this again, and it’s worth eating peanut butter and jelly for me to fit it in the budget. The red rock is gorgeous and something I’ve never seen before. This is also a great activity during the winter months when Lake Powell isn’t crowded. Here’s a fun little video my daughter made to document our trip.

Horseshoe Bend

Include Horseshoe Bend to the list of fun (and gorgeous) things to do in Page, AZ. You can add it onto your Slot Canyon Tour, but you can also visit here on your own for free. This location can also get crowded, but it’s bigger. The view is stunning, but be careful with little ones. It made me a little nervous because of the steep cliffs, and I insisted on holding hands with the younger kids.

If you're looking for adventure and amazing hiking, try Horseshoe Bend, one of the best things to do in Page, AZ.
If you’re looking for adventure and amazing hiking, try Horseshoe Bend, one of the best things to do in Page, AZ. Photo: Tania Lamb, Latina SheBuysTravel

R.D.’s Drive-In

One of my favorite things about vacationing is eating. Page may not be known for its 5-star restaurants, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good bite to eat.

R.D.’s is a family owned business where the floors may be a little sticky, but you can usually find something to please everyone. From hamburgers to hard burritos to chicken sandwiches to dipped cones and desserts, my kids usually ask to eat here once a day. I’m a fan of the fried zucchini sticks, personally. Also, everyone in my family loves the Rainbows – it’s a combination of ice cream and a slushie. I recommend stopping in at least once. You can find R.D.’s at 143 S Lake Powell Blvd, Page, AZ 86040.

Not only are there many things to do in Page, AZ and in Lake Powell with kids, but Page is also a hub for different National Parks. You can get to the Grand Circle sites, Grand Canyon, Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Monument Valley all within a 2 to 3-hour drive. I was surprised how much my children enjoyed exploring the outdoors, and I’ve made it a point to do more of this travel in the future.

While Page is special to my familia, because it’s my husband’s hometown, I’d dare to say it will hold a special place in your family’s heart as well.

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