Lehman’s Hardware Store: It’s Not Just for Men

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Inside Lehman's Hardware Store in Ohio
Photo Credit: Tonya Prater / Ohio SheBuysTravel
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Inside Lehman's Hardware Store in Ohio
Photo Credit: Tonya Prater

Living in Ohio, I have often heard people talk about Lehman’s Hardware Store as a popular destination in Ohio’s Amish Country, but I admit, the words “hardware store” did little to entice me to visit. I’m confident that I’d have gone my whole life without stepping foot in the establishment – had I not been a passenger in my parents’ vehicle when they decided to stop and show me what I’d been missing.  

Stepping inside, it was clear that Lehman’s is not your normal hardware store and it’s certainly not just for men. Part store, part museum, this attraction has something for everyone. From the prepper to the foodie to the eco-friendly and gardener, there’s something for nearly all interests and all ages.

My 17-year-old daughter and I followed my mom and dad through the store finding all kinds of items that we didn’t think we could live without.

Candy inside Lehman's Hardware Store in Ohio
Photo Credit: Tonya Prater

Lehman’s began in 1955 to service the Amish community by Jay Lehman. Today this family business in Kidron ships items to all 50 states and over 100 countries and prides themselves on stocking hard to find items that many people don’t believe are manufactured anymore. Lehman’s caters to those who prefer to live “off the grid” and while you’ll find wood burning stoves and waste incinerator toilets on display, you’ll also find a soda pop shop with over 200 varieties of glass-bottled soda, a huge large selection of fudge (with free samples) and toys my parents’ remember from their childhood.

Today you can shop at Lehman’s, grab a bite to eat at the Cast Iron Café and visit the demonstration room where we watched an artist turn a slab of wood into a beautiful biblical scene with a chain saw.

Lehman’s may be a hardware store, but I guarantee this one will appeal to more than just the man in your life.

You’ll find Lehman’s Hardware Store at 4779 Kidron Road, Dalton, Ohio – but be aware that it’s closed on Sundays.

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