is your all-in-one travel companion, built by women for women.  Founded by Kim Orlando in 2006 as TravelingMom, our mission has always been to inspire women to travel, empower them to explore, and ensure they have everything needed to take on the world.  Our team of veteran globetrotters and travel writers share their insider knowledge, handpicking destinations, stays, eats, activities, and packing essentials just for you. Whether a solo trip, girlfriend getaway, romantic weekend, or family vacation, SheBuysTravel provides advice on where to go, where to stay, where to eat, what to do, what to pack, and what to buy. SheBuysTravel offers deals on travel accessories, dining, activities, and hotel stays from the most trusted brands.

Our tips, guides and reviews are for you: the way you travel, today. Whether that means:

  • Hitting the road with kids (we’ve got more than 15 years of family-travel expertise).
  • Adventuring solo through the great wide open.
  • Sampling a beautiful city with friends.
  • Planning the ultimate romantic weekend getaway.

We’ve been there, we’ve bought that, and can’t wait to tell you about it. Our recommendations are based not only on research, but on personal experience. SheBuysTravel contributors are travel experts and veteran globe-hoppers. We know the power of the little things, like packing the perfect lightweight jacket. And we know the impact of big things, too, like choosing a tour company that really gets you.

Think of us as the most amazing travel partner you’ve ever had – the one who tells you the must-see places, the most delicious food to try when you get there, the easiest way to get around. You know, the useful stuff.

As a one-stop resource for women with a spirit of adventure, SheBuysTravel is in the news and has been recognized by outlets like Parenting, RVIA, USA Today, FlipKey and more. Major brands such as Marriott, Ford, Disney, Chevrolet, Panasonic and RVshare, recognizing the value we provide to readers, have formed partnerships with SheBuysTravel to reach our discerning and curious audience. (Read more about our privacy policy here.)

Our origin story

The journey of SheBuysTravel began in 2006, when founder Kim Orlando created the sort of resource she wished she had as an enthusiastic traveler and adventure-seeker – who also happened to have kids along. Originally called TravelingMom, the site shared the secrets of doing family travel right, from how to build the ultimate Disney vacation to creative hacks for those eternal car rides.

Today, SheBuysTravel builds on that in-depth foundation of family-travel resources and has grown to include travel insights and guidance for all women, at every life stage.

Already a road warrior? Mustering up the courage to take that first trip? We’ve got your back.

Meet the SheBuysTravel.Com Team

Kim Orlando | Founder

Kim is a CEO, entrepreneur and sought-after social media and marketing consultant who began this journey as a working mom with a passion for travel. Hailing from the hills of Kentucky and taking her story to New York, Los Angeles, and beyond, Kim built an online platform, the original TravelingMom, that has reached millions of moms and empowered them to explore the world with their families. Today, her adventures continue as the creative force behind SheBuysTravel.

“The ‘best trip ever’ probably won’t be the same for an empty-nester or mom of three versus a single woman celebrating a bachelorette party with her friends,” Kim says. “We want to keep it real for traveling women, no matter what their age, life stage, where they came from or where they’re going.”

Kim has been featured on “News Nation,” “Today,” “Good Morning America” and on numerous satellite media tours. She has contributed travel advice to outlets including The Washington Post, Good Housekeeping, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and more.

In her free time, Kim enjoys visiting her adult kids, creating trips and traveling with her BFFs to explore the world. Her most recent adventures can be found on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Kim’s top travel tip: Go Anyway!  Imperfect trips make for the best stories.

Memorable adventure: Hiking 14,000 feet in the Himalayas in the mud.

Cindy Richards | Editor-in-Chief

Cindy is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist who previously worked at both of Chicago’s major newspapers, the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune. She discovered her passion for traveling with her kids when she was an editor for the award-winning regional magazine Chicago Parent. 

She also has taught journalism in the graduate program at Northwestern University’s prestigious Medill School of Journalism.

She is a sought-after travel expert who is regularly featured on CBS Radio in Chicago and has been quoted in USA Today, the Washington Post and numerous travel sites.

Cindy is the mom of two now-grown children who have traveled with her since that first, fateful plane ride when one preschooler discovered a barf bag in his seat pocket and his sister, finding none in hers, demanded, “I want a barf bag too!”

She is ready to travel anywhere, any time. Connect with her: LinkedIn, Instagram

Cindy’s top travel tip: Commit to the carry-on! No one where you’re going will care what you’re wearing. And if they do, don’t worry about it. You likely will never see them again. 

Memorable adventure: Watching the shadows lengthen across the sand as the sun set while I rode a camel in the Sahara Desert on a trip to Morocco. 

Breeze Leonard | Affiliate manager

Breeze Leonard is a travel enthusiast and the affiliate manager for SheBuysTravel. A marketing and advertising specialist, she is also a social media strategist and travel writer, with several years’ experience writing for digital media.

A Texan born and raised, Breeze left a corporate career to fulfill her passion for seeing the world with her three little girls. Their adventures have taken them across the globe, spanning visits to favorite Caribbean isles and motoring cross-country in an RV through some of America’s most beloved national parks. She believes that no adventure is too small and that every memory made, good or bad, is part of the family’s story.

Breeze’s top travel tip: Be flexible. Embracing the adventure is a large part of what makes every travel experience memorable. Things will not always go as planned and sometimes that ends up being for the best.

Memorable adventure: Walking through the jungle in Costa Rica with no Wifi and just the items we could carry in our backpacks was my most memorable trip. It was during this adventure that I learned the power of disconnecting to reconnect with what’s most important.

Deb Steenhagen | Operations Director

Deb is the director of operations for SheBuysTravel. A longtime lifestyle and travel writer and product reviewer, her work has appeared in online media, including for SheBuysTravel and its earlier incarnation, TravelingMom; and on her own blog, Mom of 3 Girls. She is a former city planner and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) analyst.

Deb loves gadgets, crafts, maps, writing, and traveling, both near and far from her home in the greater Grand Rapids area of West Michigan. She is the mom of two college students and a high schooler who are her favorite travel companions. She’s learning to explore the world of empty nest traveling and girlfriend getaways now that her kids are older and experiencing their own adventures.

Deb’s top travel tip: No matter where you go or what the expected weather is, bring a jacket and an umbrella! Getting soaked in an unexpected rainstorm is no fun at all.

Memorable adventure: Floating above the Arizona landscape in a hot air balloon with my (then) five-year-old.

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