The Benefits of Working With SheBuysTravel
➤ SheBuysTravel reaches a high-intent, curious readership with buying power.
➤ We have deep expertise at connecting our audience with brands, products and services.
➤ We offer proven ways to put your brand in front of women who want to know about it, including advertising, press trips and hosted stays with guaranteed coverage.
➤ SheBuysTravel editors are in the news. Check out our Media Page.
Here’s more about us and how we can work together:
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What We Do

SheBuysTravel is a one-stop resource for women with a spirit of adventure. Millions of discerning and curious women come to us each year for guidance on travel destinations, products and experiences. Since 2006, we’ve been showing readers the best ways to travel – with family, with friends, or and solo – and the best gear to take along. SheBuysTravel, formerly TravelingMom, is an established, trustworthy and actionable source of information and guidance for women adventuring throughout the world, their way.

Who We Reach

SheBuysTravel readers represent household decision-makers. Women make the plans; book the travel; buy the gear. They spend some $125 billion on travel every year. Our high-intent readership has drawn major brands such as Atlantis, Disney, Vitamix, Universal, Marriott, Hyatt, Ford and Chevrolet to work with us and connect with our audience. SheBuysTravel knows how to reach household decision makers. We do that through:

  • Organic search and SEO.
  • Social media platforms.
  • Direct subscriber contact.
  • Major U.S. media appearances.

How We Can Work Together

We offer a variety of ways to feature your brand in content that women want to read. At SheBuysTravel, authentic content is the foundation of everything. We produce a steady flow of high-quality new content and actively maintain established content so it stays fresh and useful. Here are some of the ways we can work together:

  • Advertising.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Affiliate Partnership.
  • Press trips and hosted stays.
  • Ebook sponsorship.

Affiliate partnering/Content Marketing. We are experts at building brand awareness and crafting sales funnels that drive readers to convert. We have successfully partnered with destinations, products and services, delivering thousands of dollars in sales and millions of online impressions.

Press trips and hosted stays. Our content is based on authentic, first-person experience by seasoned writers. We organize destination press travel, from basic transportation for one writer to arranging every aspect of the experience. We guarantee a range of content deliverables to feature on our site and license for your own marketing use.

Ebook sponsorship. Act as sole sponsor of a tip-packed ebook offered to our readers on practical travel topics (for example, RVing with grandkids), with the potential for your own company’s use as a marketing asset.

To learn more about SheBuysTravel opportunities and benefits, reach out to our team.
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