Essential Honeymoon Packing List for Couples + PRINTABLE

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Honeymoon Packing List
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Congrats! The big wedding day has come and gone, and now it’s time for the next best part: The Honeymoon.

As newlyweds, your honeymoon is an unforgettable occasion for both parties. That said, the only thing you want to focus on is the special person you just married. The last thing you want to focus on? That thing you forgot at home.

With the help of this honeymoon packing list, you’ll be all set to enjoy every moment of your getaway together. From carry-on items and clothing, to toiletries and romantic items to surprise your partner, we’ve got you well covered. The only thing you’ll be leaving behind are your worries.

Honeymoon Packing List: Carry-On Items
Make sure your carry-on is packed with all of the important items you may need while on the plane. Photo credit: Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Honeymoon Packing List: Carry-On Items

When heading off for your honeymoon, you’ll want to keep these important items handy in your carry-on bag:

  • Identification and travel documents: Among the first things to pack are your passports, copy of birth certificate, driver’s license, visas, vaccination/immunization documents, travel insurance and reservation confirmations. I like to keep all of these documents organized in one place with a travel wallet such as the Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer.
  • Cash/credit cards: Have enough cash to get you through your trip or until you can get to the next ATM. If heading to a different country, make sure you let your bank know to avoid a flagged or declined card!
  • Emergency contact information: Keep this information in your wallet so it can be easily found if needed.
  • Prescription medication: Make sure those important and life-saving prescription medications (i.e. EpiPen, asthma inhaler, diabetes medication) go in your carry-on in case they are needed in-flight.
  • Cell phone charging cables: Bring at least one extra charging cable and block in case one gets lost.
  • Portable charging battery: A portable charging battery such as the Anker PowerCore will make sure that you can charge your devices from anywhere.
  • Change of clothes: In case of delays or lost luggage (or even unexpected messes), you’ll want at least one complete change of clothes to get you through the day.
  • Basic toiletries: Just like having an emergency change of clothes, you’ll also want to pack basic travel-size toiletries such as your toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, and body wash. Keep you and your spouse’s toiletries organized with a TSA approved bag such as the Lermende Clear Toiletry Bags.
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes: Keep a small 3oz tube of hand sanitizer and wet wipes handy to clean your hands and wipe down surfaces.
Honeymoon Packing List: Romantic Touches
It’s time to relax and enjoy one another as newlyweds, not worry about items left at home. Photo credit: Ron Lach from

Honeymoon Packing List: Romantic Touches

A honeymoon is an occasion that you’ll remember for a lifetime. That said, you’ll want to go the extra mile to make it special for you and your partner. You won’t want to leave these things off of your honeymoon packing list:

  • Lingerie: Keep your favorite special pieces organized and in good condition with a portable waterproof storage bag just for your lingerie and underwear.
  • Gifts: Small gifts are a nice post-wedding surprise for your spouse. Don’t forget to pack them!
  • Honeymoon memory book: Keep all of your unforgettable wedding day and honeymoon memories in one place with a memory book or journal such as the Pillow & Toast Honeymoon Travel Journal.
  • Romantic Playlist: Before you hit the road, load up your device with all of your favorite romantic love songs to get through the trip.
Honeymoon Packing List: Clothing
Keep in mind all of the activities that you plan to participate in when packing for your honeymoon. Photo credit: Samson Katt from Pexels

Honeymoon Packing List: Clothing

When packing clothing, make sure to pack a variety of comfortable items that are appropriate for each of the activities you plan to participate in while on your honeymoon. Cut back on overpacking with items that can be used more than once:

  • Dress clothes for him: For those nice dinners and special events, make sure to pack a blazer/sport coat, button down shirts, a tie, dress pants and comfortable dress shoes or loafers.
  • Dress clothes for her: Pack at least one lightweight dress or dressy outfit, shawl, nice tops, dressy pants, a cardigan or sweater and comfortable heels or dressy flats.
  • Jewelry: Take inexpensive jewelry and watches to dress up an outfit, but keep the expensive items at home to be safe. Keep them all organized with the BAGSMART Travel Jewelry Organizer.
  • Underwear: Have you ever packed all of your luggage only to realize you forgot all of your underwear? I sure have! Don’t forget to pack socks, boxers/briefs, t-shirts (for him), panties and bras. Pack at least one bra appropriate for the type of outfit (i.e. lace, strapless, and seamless).
  • Activewear: For active excursions or gym days, be sure to pack a couple of workout outfits.
  • Pajamas: Don’t forget to pack your favorite comfortable pajamas for slipping into after an eventful day.
  • Sweatshirt or jacket: For chilly days or nights, pack at least one sweatshirt or a light jacket.
  • Hat: Pack a sun hat or baseball cap to protect your face from the sun while out and about or on tours.
  • Hiking boots/walking shoes: If your honeymoon activities include hiking, make sure to pack the appropriate boots or comfortable walking shoes.
Honeymoon Packing List: Warm-Weather Essentials
If heading somewhere warm, make sure you pack all of your warm-weather essentials. Photo credit: Timur Weber from

Clothing: Warm Weather Essentials

If going somewhere warm or tropical for your honeymoon, make sure to add these essential items to your packing list:

  • Warm-weather clothing: Pack a couple pairs of shorts, sundresses, flip-flops/sandals and long linen pants/tops to protect against the mosquitos on the warm nights.
  • Bathing suits: If participating in water sports or excursions, pack a one-piece swimsuit and swim shoes like the quick-dry Racqua Water Shoes.
  • Beach towels: If not already provided at your hotel, be sure to pack a couple of lightweight microfiber beach towels.
  • Cover-ups/sarongs: Stay stylish at the beach or pool by with a couple of swimsuit cover-ups or sarongs on your packing list.

Clothing: Cold Weather Essentials

If going to a snowy ski resort or somewhere cold, add the following items to your packing list:

  • Cold-weather clothing: Stay warm by packing a heavy coat, sweaters, gloves, hats/earmuffs and scarves.
  • Thermal Layers: Pack layers such as long underwear, leggings and long-sleeved shirts.
  • Snow gear: If snow is in the forecast, be sure to pack some waterproof snow pants, gloves and snow boots.
  • Ski equipment: Only pack these items if absolutely necessary. It’s much easier to rent equipment once you get to the ski resort.

Honeymoon Packing List: Toiletries

These must-have travel items should be on every packing list, especially on your honeymoon:

  • Toothpaste and Mouthwash: If the travel-size items aren’t enough to make it through your honeymoon, pack full-size ones in your checked luggage.
  • Contact lenses and solution: In case of ripped or lost lenses, pack a couple of extra pairs of contact lenses. In case of dry eyes, it’s also helpful to pack some eye drops.
  • Lotion/Aloe: Keep your skin soft, healthy and moisturized for those extra honeymoon cuddles with your spouse!
  • Hair products: Don’t forget your hairbrush and/or hair comb, gel, hair spray, hair ties, shampoo/conditioner and shower cap.
  • Razor and shaving cream: No one wants unwanted stubble, especially on a honeymoon! Don’t forget the aftershave, if needed.
  • Nail care items: For nail touch-ups, pack along nail polish and remover, nail clippers and a nail file. RecommendedAceoce Manicure Set.

Honeymoon Packing List: Health and Safety

The last thing you want on your honeymoon is to end up sick, hurt or sunburnt! Prepare and avoid the worst by making sure these items are in your luggage:

  • Portable First-Aid/Medicine Bag: When traveling anywhere, you never know when you’ll need pain reliever, anti-diarrhea pills, anti-nausea pills, cold/flu relief, antihistamines or antacids. Keep all of them handy as well as all the key first-aid items (Band-Aids, ointments, wipes, gloves etc.) in a handy emergency medicine bag such as the LIVANS Tactical First Aid Pouch.
  • Sunscreen: You may also want to pack some sunburn treatment just in case!
  • Lip balm: Protect your lips from harsh weather and chapping while on your trip.
  • Insect Repellent: Bring along insect repellent to keep your skin bite free.
  • Feminine Hygiene: If Aunt Flo plans to join the honeymoon, be sure to pack the sanitary pads, tampons or a menstrual cup.
  • Birth control: If starting or growing your family isn’t in the plans, don’t forget your preferred method of birth control!
Honeymoon Packing List: Miscellaneous
When packing for your honeymoon, leave the stress and worries at home. Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio from

Honeymoon Packing List: Miscellaneous

These items won’t make or break your honeymoon, but they’ll certainly make it easier and more enjoyable:

  • Sunglasses/eye glasses: Whether prescription or just for style, keep your glasses packed and protected with the Moko Sunglasses Soft Case.
  • Power outlet adapter: A universal travel power adapter will come in handy when headed to international destinations where the outlets aren’t the same as back at home.
  • Camera: You’ll want a good travel camera that’s not a cell phone to capture your memories. RecommendedGo Pro Hero9.
  • Waterproof cell phone case: For underwater photos and phone protection while participating in water activities, a waterproof phone case such as the Migeec Waterproof Phone Case is a must-have.
  • Binoculars: Bring along a small pair of binoculars to make the most out of sightseeing while on your honeymoon.
  • Backpack/fanny pack: A small travel backpack or fanny pack is much easier than carrying around a purse on excursions. A crossbody bag such as the MOSISO Sling Backpack works for both men and women.
  • Beach bag or tote: A beach bag or tote is definitely necessary for the beach days.
  • Umbrella: It’s always good to pack an umbrella for those forecasted (or unexpected) rainy days.
  • Ear plugs: If you’re a light sleeper, make sure to pack some ear plugs in your luggage.

What To Leave at Home

To make things easier when packing for your honeymoon, you can leave the following items off of your packing list:

  • Some toiletries and amenities: Check with the hotel for what is already available in your room or at a store nearby (i.e. toiletries, hair dryer, etc). That way, you won’t overpack.
  • Travel guidebooks: Many destinations will already have area information at the front desk when you check-in. There’s also the internet where you can do your own research!

Did we forget anything on our honeymoon packing checklist? Add it to the comments below!