Best Kids’ Ski Helmets For Comfort & Safety

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Children dressed in full ski gear with helmets in front of snow covered mountain

No one wants to think about a family vacation ending in tragedy. When planning a family ski trip, the number one thing you need to pack are the kids’ ski helmets. First timer? Sizing your children for their helmets is an important step. Kids grow. Recheck your kids’ ski helmets annually for proper fit. Read on for the best kids’ ski helmets.

Best Kids Ski Helmets to Buy Before Your Trip

Wildhorn Spire Snow Helmet with Ski Goggles

For younger skiers (recommended for ages 3-8), we love the Wildhorn Spire Snow Helmet with UV protection ski goggles.

We love:

  • Dial system ensures helmet is fitted to your child’s head correctly
  • Ability to adjust as your child grows
  • They’re the official supplier for the US Ski Team
  • Adorable cartoon yeti design
  • Ventilation channels wick moisture out of the helmet so it doesn’t interfere with visibility

Giro Crue MIPS Snow Helmet

More adventurous kids, benefit from helmets with MIPS technology, like this Giro Crue MIPS helmet. MIPS helmets feature a low-friction layer that reduces rotational motion to the brain if impact occurs. Translation: your daredevil child’s noggin will be better protected.

We love:

  • The sleek skate park-style design
  • Bright, kid-approved colors like lime green, blue and red
  • Form fit system is designed to easily adjust- even when parents are wearing gloves

Giro Launch MIPS Helmet with Ski Goggles Combo

If you want to buy the ski helmet and goggles together this MIPS helmet option from Giro includes both. Ordering them together is an easy way to make sure the goggles fit properly with the helmet without any gaps or rubbing.

Retrospec Comstock Youth Ski & Snowboard Helmet

This Retrospec Comstock Youth Helmet caught our eye for several reasons.

  • Tough ABS exterior
  • EPS foam interior with soft, cushy padding around earmuffs
  • Adjustable padded chinstrap
  • Rear goggle clip to keep them secured to the helmet
  • Wide range of on-trend color options

OutdoorMaster Kelvin Ski Helmet

Another great snow sport helmet for skiers ages 5 and up is the OutdoorMaster Kelvin Ski Helmet. We love:

  • ABS hard outer shell with EPS core
  • Fleece ear pads and liner are removable for washing
  • More sizes available compared to other kids’ ski helmets
  • Tons of ventilation- 14 individual vents in total
  • Larger sizing options for older kids
  • Whopping 13 color options

Details on Kids’ Ski Helmets That You Need to Know

My kids desperately wanted to go skiing. I was not and never had been a skier. As my young kids and I walked up to the ski rental counter at the resort, we were clueless. We didn’t know what size we were or what ski gear we needed. Stress levels rose as I juggled different-sized winter sport helmets and boots, hoping to quickly find the right sizing so I didn’t hold up the line.

Looking back, I wish I had been more prepared. Understanding the pros and cons between renting kids’ ski helmets and other winter gear and purchasing would have made decisions easier. Reading tips on how to find the right sizing when choosing a kid ski helmet would have made me more confident.

Since that first trip to the slopes, we’ve learned a lot. We even bought some winter sports gear (like helmets) instead of renting them from the resorts. But renting is a great option for first time skiers and those who ski infrequently.

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a mom and her son in bright colored ski parkas pose against a snowy mountain backdrop
Splurging on ski gear for beginners can be a mistake. Renting gear is a great option! Photo credit: Margot Black

Renting Winter Clothing with Kitlender

Now that you’ve chosen ski helmets for your kids, you can move on to outerwear. To stay protected it is very important to wear the right clothing on the slopes. Cotton clothing tends to stay wet and regular street shoes just won’t cut it in the heavy snow and cold.

There are lots of reasons to rent winter clothing and gear instead of purchasing it. It can be a great option for:

  • New skiers who want to make sure they’ll stick with the winter sport
  • Growing kids who are rapidly needing new sizes
  • Residents of warmer climates who only need winter gear for occasional trips
  • Those who want premium gear at a lower cost

Kit Lender offers both the ability to rent your ski gear or purchase packages of ready-to-go gear. It saves hours of research! Ski KITs are rented at 90% off of the retail cost and include free shipping directly to your destination. Returns are free as well. Kits include jackets, pants, goggles, gloves and optional snow boots.

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How to Measure a Toddler for a Ski Helmet and Gear

It’s always best to try on sports gear before buying to ensure a proper and comfortable fit. Kit Lender is an excellent opportunity to test before you buy. If you’re ordering a helmet online, reference the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines. In general, helmet fitting is done using a soft measuring tape. You want to measure the circumference of the head just above the ears. The measuring tape should go across their forehead sitting about 1 inch over the eyebrows.

Getting the perfect toddler helmet fit means using adjustable dial sizing so you have a snug, but not too tight, fit. Chin straps should also be snug. Kids’ ski helmets are not something you want to buy larger so “they have room to grow”.

Toddler Snow Accessories to Buy

Other must-have items for younger kids are waterproof mittens or glovesbib snow pants and base layers to keep them warm. Some of our favorite base layers are:

four sets of feet clad in alternating black and tan socks are in front of a wood fire stove
Thermal ski socks keep your feet warm and dry on and off the slopes. Photo credit: Margot Black

Pre-teen helmet fit is similar to toddler tips. Always make sure the helmet is snug but not too tight. Most pre-teen helmets come with adjustable dial sizing to ensure a good fit. After tightening my child’s helmet, I always have them shake their head around for me so I can look for any movement. The helmet should not move away from their head.

Some folks want a dual-purpose helmet that is good for winter sports and biking or skateboarding. In order to ensure safety the bike helmet in question needs to have an ASTM label per the CDC’s ski helmet guidelines.

When choosing additional gear for pre-teens, here are some of our favorites:

Finding the right helmet fit for a teenager is just as important as it is for younger kids. It’s important to wear a helmet that is sized correctly to their head and not borrow or use someone else’s helmet that isn’t their size.

Reference the toddler and pre-teen sections for more information on helmet sizing.

When it comes to additional gear for teens, my older kids like to get gift cards and pick out their own items. However, some of the items that are always good to have are:

Planning Your Trip to Go Skiing With Your Kids

Deciding where you’ll take your first (or next) ski trip is the exciting part! If you’re not sure how much time you’ll spend on the mountain, look for a resort with other nearby entertainment. Booking a local vacation rental gives you full access to a kitchen for meals and snacks. The room to spread out and relax when we’re not hitting the slopes is a huge plus.

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