9 Dining Spots With Amazing Food in Shreveport, Louisiana

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Loaded fries from Real BBQ and More in Shreveport, Louisiana.

If you thought Shreveport’s culinary scene was all cajun and creole foods, you are sorely mistaken. Check out this impressive list of best restaurants as Southern SheBuysTravel ventures out to eat her way through Shreveport, Louisiana. From iconic restaurants to new and now eateries, this list will surely please your palate with the delightful food in the Shreveport and Bossier City area.

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9 Dining Spots With Amazing Food in Shreveport, Louisiana

No matter how upscale and gourmet we claim our culinary palate is, it will always crave comfort foods. On a recent press trip to Shreveport, in North Louisiana, I found another fantastic Southern eating destination that was one of the most flavorful I’ve encountered. Here, comfort foods, ethnic eats, and classic dishes are done with flair and finesse to impress and pleasure your palate.

Skip fast food on your visit to Shreveport and check out these insider tips on the best food in Shreveport.

SheBuysTravel Tip: If you’re planning to stay in, trying ordering take-out from any of these restaurants using Door Dash. You get FREE delivery on your first order.   

1. Cush’s Grocery & Market

This delightful upscale grocery store (think fresh seafood, fine wines, and specialty foods) has a small restaurant inside. Homemade salads, picture-perfect sandwiches, and Southern favorites highlight the menu. I favored the tuna salad avocado, creamy and chopped super fine, served on avocado halves.

Cush’s Grocery & Market has all of my favorites: tuna, pasta, chicken, fruit, and shrimp salad, of which can be scooped over a bed of salad mix, too. Have a bouquet of these salads (choose 3) and taste even more deliciousness. For a lighter appetite, go for the Seafood Gumbo.

2. Real BBQ and More

Low and slow are how the meats at Real BBQ and More are cooked, some of the best grilled food in Shreveport, Louisiana.
Meat was never my top menu option, until I encountered Real BBQ and More. Game changer! Photo by Melody Pittman

Chef Harvey knows a thing or two about ribs (low and slow!) …and chicken, turkey, pork, you name it. He is a master Chicago style griller and everything we had at his restaurant, Real BBQ and More, was spectacular. Harvey just kept piling on the food and his personality could light up the night. You may recognize Chef Harvey (I mean he is 6’8″ tall) from his episode on LA Kitchen & Culture with Food Network fave Guy Fieri.

The brisket and rib tips dominate the menu; they are mouth-watering. My fellow diner and I tried to conquer the Now & Later Fries (loaded with brisket, beef tips, sausage, turkey, chicken, and covered with a scoop of ooey gooey amazing macaroni and cheese), but it was too much.

Real BBQ and More’s smoked turkey breast was my favorite item on the menu.

3. Strawn’s Eat Shop

The buttered biscuits from Strawn's Eat Shop are phenomenal and a perfect food in Shreveport to not miss.
The buttered biscuits from Strawn’s Eat Shop melt in your mouth and cause your eyes to roll back in your head. Photo by Melody Pittman

This Shreveport restaurant opened in 1944 and has amazing breakfast offerings. It’s located at 125 Kings Hwy. One of my favorites was the Strawn’s Eat Shop’s fluffy, buttery biscuits. The gravy was scrumptious and the eggs cooked to perfection.

My favorite thing at Strawn’s Eat Shop was the world famous icebox pies, strawberry in particular. Other best sellers include coconut and chocolate. I can see why my friends in Louisiana always keep one on-hand in their refrigerators. The hand-painted murals on the walls are kitschy and fun, too.

SheBuysTravel Tip: Try the fried chicken if you’re visiting during lunch hours.

4. Ki Mexico

Ki Mexico has a variety of decadent dessert choices.
When a Mexican restaurant does elegant desserts like this flan, you know you’ve hit the jackpot. Photo by Melody Pittman

Never would I have guessed the level of upscale eats that lies inside when we pulled in the parking lot. Ki Mexico is a foodie lover’s favorite kind of Mexican fare—with a good dose of healthy eating involved as well. Owner Rodrigo and his brother (the chef behind the deliciousness) have created a killer menu and fun restaurant.

The tantalizing items I tried were the Guacamole (with sunflower seeds!), Vegetarian Tortuga Salad, and the Flan with Warm Apple Bourbon Sauce, not to mention topped with candied pecans. Oh good heavens, this was brilliant!

5. Marilynn’s Place

Marilynn's Place was certainly THE place to celebrate weekend brunch food in Shreveport, Louisiana.
Who doesn’t love a bottomless brunch? Marilynn’s Place delivers amazing eats. Photo by Melody Pittman

Marilynn’s Place brings a new dimension to the term “Brunch.” The food is fantastic, the restaurant is pet-friendly, the libations are unlimited (buy the wristband that includes unlimited trips to the Bloody Mary bar which also includes mimosas and screwdrivers), and it is the popular spot to be in Shreveport.

I was in awe over the stellar food combinations and would have eaten every single item on the menu. Since I could not do that (guess I could have tried), I had the outrageously good red beans and rice and nibbled on a friend’s Mexican Breakfast and Shrimp & Grits. Wow, were they all fab! Save room for beignets, they are seriously delicious with their heavy dusting of powdered sugar and warm strawberry dipping sauce.

6. Parish Taceaux

Find a fun, artsy downtown Shreveport restaurant at Parish Taceaux, home of darned good tacos. The menu offers dishes such as Louisiana Catfish Tacos, Avocado Fries (I could eat my weight in these), Chorizo and Pimento Cheese Quesadillas, and the Alabama Barbecue Chicken taco (with a bangin’ buttermilk bacon slaw). We began with Queso Dip and Guacamole, both equally addicting. Fancy a hand-crafted margarita or cocktail? This is where you will find them…great ones! Your taste buds will celebrate after eating at Parish. Mine did.

A food in Shreveport that was a real game changer was the Fried Avocado from Parish Taceaux.
Fried Avocado from Parish Taceaux was my absolute favorite food in Shreveport. Photo by Melody Pittman

7. Twisted Root Burger Co. 

There are several Twisted Root locations in Texas but there is one located in Shreveport, Louisiana. Twisted Root’s casual dining atmosphere makes it the perfect place to hang with family or friends. The famous burgers are phenomenal and whether you want to be adventurous and try a wagyu beef burger or you’re sticking to the vegabond veggie burger, you won’t be disappointed!

When you place your order you’ll be given the name of a famous person instead of an order number, it’s pretty comical watching who they match everyone with. This is a great option if you’re looking for good take-out to be delivered to your hotel.

8. The Blind Tiger

The Shreveport and Bossier City area is home to some of the best cajun & soul food in the south. The Blind Tiger is known for its blackened seafood and a few Cajun specialties. It’s located near the Red River so it’s within walking distance of several downtown hotels and casinos. If you’re looking for great food and a place to enjoy happy hour, this is your spot! I personally recommend trying the po-boys and gumbo.

9. Superior Bar and Grill

Of all the Bossier City and Shreveport restaurants to visit, put this one to the top of your list! There is also a Superior Steakhouse (fine dining experience), but these are two different restaurants so be sure to put the right location in your GPS. This is some of the best Mexican food that you’ll find in Shreveport but what the restaurant is known for is its incredible margaritas.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the restaurant will be packed with people from all over Louisiana and East Texas who’ve come to enjoy a refreshing margarita while listening to live music. Call ahead to find out the wait time if you’re planning to visit on the weekend.

Shreveport restaurants that serve margaritas
Photo Credit: Getty Images Pro

Shreveport was purely delicious. I am glad to have added another flavorful city to my repertoire of Southern arsenal. It’s been wonderful learning that another Louisiana city, besides New Orleans, has just as delicious offerings for foodies and families.

Have you tasted the food in the Shreveport-Bossier area? What were some of your favorite Shreveport restaurants and dishes? I would love to hear your suggestions.

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  1. How in the world did Gibbons restaurant not make it on this list?

  2. I have eaten at most of the 9 establishments and they are good but have you tried the Missing Link at 504 Texas St.?

  3. Shreveport must be an incredible culinary destination because I too have visited and eaten astonishing meals — at totally different restaurants! Abundance.

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  8. Next time you’re here, check out The Port Grill. http://www.theportgrill.com
    Shreveport native, George Beaird, does hand cut steaks, the most amazing grits and bread pudding to die for. The wine list is fantastic! Don’t let the fact that it’s attached to a gas station and wine store mislead you. Once you’re inside, you can see art by locals and a marble bar. It’s also great for plate lunches and burgers during the day.

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