Tinggly Review: Where Experiences Trump Stuff, Every Time!

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Ever feel like finding the perfect gift is like searching for a needle in a haystack? Trust me, I’ve been there. As someone who’s always jetting from one place to another, I’ve realized that it’s the memories we make, not the stuff we buy, that really counts. So, when it was time to come up with gift ideas for my friend Lauren, I was determined to find something that wouldn’t just end up gathering dust on a shelf.

Now, I could’ve gone the easy route and picked up a gift card, but that just didn’t feel right. It lacked the personal touch I was going for. Then, like a light at the end of the gift-giving tunnel, I found Tinggly’s Gift Boxes.

This isn’t just a Tinggly review; it’s a firsthand account of how Tinggly turned me into the ultimate gift-giving hero!

Why Experiences Make the Best Gifts

What’s so cool about Tinggly? It lets the person getting the gift pick from tons of fun experiences all over the world. My friend Lauren used her Tinggly gift to spice up her vacation. She went on an awesome kayaking trip through some mangroves in Florida.

The best part? She got to pick the adventure she wanted. It was all her choice. And guess what Lauren said “We had a magical time with Get Up And Go Kayaking. I loved adding an experience to our vacation using my gift from Tinggly.”

Let’s be real, we all have way too much stuff. Science even says that doing things rather than having things makes us happier in the long run. So, when I picked out a Tinggly gift, I wasn’t just trying to be different. I wanted to give my friend something she’d really remember.

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Give stories not stuff. Photo credit: Tinggly

What Types of Gift Experiences Does Tinggly Offer?

I no longer have to wander through aisles or scroll Amazon for “things” — with Tinggly gift boxes, you’re offering a universe of experience gifts, each one a potential adventure. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the gift collections that they offer:

  • Bucketlist: There are currently over 10K experiences to choose from in this collection. From bungee jumping to sailing on a catamaran, this is the perfect option for someone who loves checking things off their bucket list.
  • Happily Ever After: What a unique wedding gift – a gateway to over 1,000 experiences across the globe. It’s not just a gift; it’s an invitation for the happy couple to enjoy unforgettable memories together. The best part? Each experience is designed for two, allowing them to bask in magical moments together, all thanks to your thoughtful gesture.
  • Perfect for Him: Perfect for any man in your life! No matter his hobbies or interests he will love the options that Tinggly has to choose from. This could be great for anniversaries too!
  • Perfect for Her: Whether she is into cooking classes or hot air balloon rides, this collection will give her so many options!

In addition, there are many other collections, experiences, hotel stays and more to choose from. You can sort through options by location, occasion and type of experience. Then your loved one can choose from the options in each of those categories.

In gifting Tinggly, I discovered it’s more than just handing over a present; it’s sharing the thrill of possibility. Now, my go-to is brightening the days of those I care about with a touch of adventure, a dose of calm, or a hearty helping of discovery. It feels like giving them a key to a world where they pinpoint their own perfect adventure.

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Experiences are better than stuff! Photo credit: Breeze Leonard

Do These Gift Vouchers Have an Expiration Date?

Tinggly gifts come with no expiration date, allowing recipients the luxury of time to plan their adventures. However, there’s a small caveat worth noting: if the recipient does not book an experience or hotel stay within one year from the purchase date, the voucher won’t go to waste. Instead, it morphs into credit.

Here’s how it works: the value of the unclaimed voucher is transferred to the recipient’s Tinggly account balance. From there, freedom reigns. The credit is not confined to the original gift box but can be used to snag anything on the Tinggly website.

This is just another one of the many reasons why I think Tinggly is one of the best gift-giving options. Amazing experiences with no expiration date sound good to me!

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Would I Recommend a Tinggly Experience?

The answer is easily YES! I feel like these are the best gifts. It’s simple, Tinggly encourages you to give stories, not stuff.

If you’re looking for a gift that captures the essence of adventure and offers a truly personal touch, I strongly recommend considering Tinggly. You’re not just giving a present; you’re gifting an experience that could be the highlight of someone’s trip. Experiences offer life-long memories and I think that’s genuinely priceless.

And let’s not forget, Tinggly’s offering comes with a twofold benefit: It’s not only an unforgettable gift but also a sustainable one. Each Physical Gift Box plants and protects trees, and the eVoucher option eliminates the need for shipping, plastics and paper altogether.

Visit the Tinggly website at tinggly.com to learn more. Check out other customers reviews to see why they loved gifting and receiving this type of gift and why you can feel confident when you choose Tinggly.

This is my personal favorite place to go to for unique gifts. I’d happily be the recipient of one of these gift boxes too (hint, hint).

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