The Alaia Belize Adventure Concierge Team Wants You To Fall in Love With Their Country

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Try petting a stingray on Caye Caulker in Alaia Belize.
Petting a stingray on Caye Caulker. Photo credit: Heidi Gollub

If Belize is on your bucket list, there’s a good chance you’re adventurous. This Central American destination is an active traveler’s delight, with rainforest waterfalls, Caribbean beaches, ancient Mayan sites and the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere. You can hike, tube, snorkel and scuba to your heart’s content, but it will take some effort to plan. That is unless you let the Alaia Belize adventure concierge team do the work for you.

Alaia Belize Adventure Concierge

During a recent stay at Alaia Belize, a Marriott Autograph Collection hotel on Ambergris Caye and one of the best resorts in Belize, I put Alaia’s adventure concierge team to the test. They did not disappoint, curating experiences that got me off the resort to explore the island by land and sea. I swam with nurse sharks, snorkeled by colorful coral, watched longsnout seahorses play and fed slightly terrifying tarpon by hand. It was amazing.

On each excursion, at least one member of the adventure concierge team was with me, joining in the fun. Tricia McDonald leads this small team of Belizean natives — two junior and two senior concierges — and it’s important to her that they try the tours, too. It’s their job, she says, to share what’s special about Belize and help guests fall in love with their country.

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Meet Tricia McDonald, guest services manager at Alaia Belize.
Tricia McDonald, guest services manager at Alaia Belize. Photo credit: Heidi Gollub.

Alaia Belize Excursions and Tours

A trip to Belize should be action-packed, even if your idea of action is drinking a margarita at a picnic table parked in the ocean. Alaia’s adventure concierge team can help you curate an experience that suits your sensibilities, and they’re happy to help as soon as you book your stay. You’ll only pay for the excursions, which will be charged to your room.

About 90% of the tours and excursions leave from the hotel, whether by jet ski, boat or taxi to the nearby airstrip. Alaia Belize has a pro dive shop, boats and golf carts, but it also partners with local outfitters.

Popular excursions from the resort include:

  • Exploring Ambergris Caye with a golf cart tour of San Pedro, The Truck Stop food park and Secret Beach, where you can drink and dine in the ocean.
  • Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley snorkeling trip with a stop at the smaller island of Caye Caulker to feed tarpon and pet stingrays.
  • Cave tubing and zip lining in the rainforest with a visit to ancient Mayan temples and archaeological sites.
  • Belize pro dive shop PADI courses and tours, such as reef fishing, blue hole scuba diving, Mexico rocks snorkeling, night diving and private charters.

Exploring Ambergris Caye

The main mode of transport on the island is the golf cart. You can rent one from Alaia Belize, or join a golf cart excursion to the town of San Pedro and beyond. I took the excursion from the hotel which included stops for shopping in town before heading out to Secret Beach.  

Let exploring Alaia Belize include exploring San Pedro town by golf cart.
Exploring San Pedro town by golf cart. Photo credit: Heidi Gollub

It’s a bit of a bumpy trek to Secret Beach by golf cart, so I advise sitting in a forward-facing seat. This also gives you a better vantage point to watch for crocodiles, though I never saw one. I did spot some interesting birds along the way.

Chill at the Watersports at Secret Beach on Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Watersports at Secret Beach on Ambergris Caye, Belize. Photo credit: Heidi Gollub.

At the end of the dusty journey to Secret Beach, fresh seafood and cocktails await. I tried beachside drinks and snacks from the Tipsy Pineapple and Happy Island bars before heading to nearby Blue Bayou. Here I enjoyed fresh conch and frosty beverages in the ocean as schools of fish swam by my legs.

ENjoy In-water table service at Blue Bayou on Secret Beach in Alaia Belize.
In-water table service at Blue Bayou on Secret Beach. Photo credit: Heidi Gollub

When my group was refreshed and happy, we headed back toward Alaia, making a pitstop for more treats at The Truck Stop. This fun shipping container park has more food options, a swimming pool and live music. I recommend the delicious ice cream at San Pedro Scoop.

Have some meals at the Truck Stop in San Pedro as part of you Alaia Belize Adventure.
The Truck Stop in San Pedro. Photo credit: Heidi Gollub

Hol Chan, Shark Ray Alley and Caye Caulker

The next day, I joined a seven-hour excursion on Alaia’s boat, Reel Escape. With Captain Fito at the helm, we had a full itinerary of animal encounters ahead. Our first top was Hol Chan Marine Reserve, a protected area for guided snorkel tours along the Belize Barrier Reef. In the crystal clear water, we saw eagle rays and tropical fish so close we could almost touch them.

Explore the Hol Chan Marine Reserve in the Caribbean Sea in Belize.
Hol Chan Marine Reserve in the Caribbean Sea. Photo credit: Heidi Gollub

Next up: Shark Ray Alley. Also part of the Reserve, this popular spot for snorkeling lets brave swimmers hop in the water with nurse sharks. Known as the puppy dogs of the sea, these giant creatures are said to be harmless to humans. I jumped in the water but kept my distance as the sharks swam around our boat, peeking at them from just below the surface.

Visit the Shark Ray Alley while in Belize.
Nurse shark in Shark Ray Alley. Photo credit: Heidi Gollub

Next, we headed toward Caye Caulker, stopping briefly for our guide to jump off the boat and catch conch for an afternoon snack.

Enjoy a  fresh conch ceviche made by Captain Fito wile in Alaia Beelize.
Captain Fito preparing to make fresh conch ceviche. Photo credit: Heidi Gollub.

Nothing tastes better than fresh ceviche, tortilla chips and rum punch in the Caribbean, as the wind whips through your hair. We snacked while Captain Fito took us to find some tarpon to feed.

However scary, dont miss out on the opportunity to feed a tarpon while in Belize.
Feeding tarpon is scary, even with a glove. Photo credit: Heidi Gollub.

Caye Caulker is a smaller island, but there’s still plenty to see. We docked here and took a golf cart taxi over to the seahorse sanctuary. After spotting a sea horse in the ocean, a big thrill, I moved down the beach to greet some friendly stingrays.

Access the Caribbean Sea from Alaia Beliza.
Boat excursion in the Caribbean Sea. Photo credit: Heidi Gollub

Overall, this full-day excursion was a 10 out of 10. It checked all the boxes of adventure, excitement, good food and great company.

Adventure at Alaia Belize

Alaia Belize is a gorgeous beachfront property with an adults-only rooftop pool, spa, elevated cuisine and curated events, but don’t plan to spend all your time there. While Alaia’s adventure concierge team can help you book an evening of mixology or reserve a cabana by the central pool, their main goal is to get you out and explore beyond the resort. Start here for a sampling of land and sea tours they can book for you.

Meet Ninelle, junior adventure concierge, on Reel Escape with Maria of Alaia’s marketing team, and Captain Fito of Alaia Belize.
Ninelle, junior adventure concierge, on Reel Escape with Maria of Alaia’s marketing team, and Captain Fito. Photo credit: Heidi Gollub.

If your next Belize getaway will include a stop on the mainland, look into Alaia Belize’s sister property, Fort George Hotel and Spa. Located in the Fort George neighborhood of Belize City, this luxury hotel opened in Feb. 2024 with a restaurant, signature K’IN Spa, fitness center and plunge pool. While not a Marriott like Alaia Belize, Fort George Hotel also has a concierge team that can help plan a host of incredible Belize excursions.  

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