Take Me Out to the Baltimore Orioles Game (Kids Are Free!)

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Whether your kids play baseball or softball, or just like the game, going to Major League Baseball games is a ton of fun. If you go to Camden Yards in Baltimore to see the Orioles, you can also explore the Inner Harbor and the amazing National Aquarium. And going to a game is a bargain for families.

Baltimore Orioles Offer “Kids Cheer Free” Ticket Promotion

The team’s popular Kids Cheer Free promotion means that every adult with a regular paid upper deck admission can “buy” 2 additional tickets for children 9 and under — for free! Talk about a win!

As a baseball-loving family, this season, we saw a Baltimore Orioles game, headed to Boston to see our beloved Yankees battle the Red Sox, cheered for the Giants in San Francisco and the Padres in San Diego and devoured all of the good eats at Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners.

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two girls and young man outside Citizens Bank Park in Philly
We still catch major league baseball games as a family even though the kids are all grown up now. Photo credit: Cathy Bennett Kopf

Going to the Game? Take Out a Home Loan!

These trips were never cheap. When you add up tickets for 5, parking, food, drinks and the inevitable souvenir, it is easy to rack up a vacation day bill of $300 or more! That’s why many families never get to see their favorite pro team but choose to attend much more affordable minor league baseball games.

But not if you go to Baltimore. About the “Kids Cheer Free” promotion, John Angelos, Orioles Executive Vice President, once said: “The Orioles are committed to sustaining the access for families from all walks of life to our great game, and that commitment is reflected in the Kids Cheer Free initiative and our many other family-focused programs.”

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How to Get Free Tickets for the Orioles

There is a small catch to the program. You can’t just show up at the stadium with your kids. They must have tickets to enter.

Go to the Orioles Kids Cheer Free ticket link. Enter the promo code “KIDFREE.” Choose your game. Available seating in the 300-level of the Upper Deck will pop up. Proceed with your ticket purchase.

aerial view of Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles Major League Baseball team
Photo credit: Pixabay

Kid-Friendly at Camden Yards

Other kid-friendly programs offered by the Baltimore Orioles include:

  • A Kids’ Corner play space with food stands and lounge areas for parents
  • Children ages 4-14 can run the bases after Sunday home games just like their favorite big leaguers
  • The Orioles continue their budget-friendly policy of permitting guests to bring in their own food and beverages.
  • Friday night music and fireworks.

Will Other Teams and Leagues Follow the Orioles?

I really hope that this program is so popular that every Major League Baseball team adopts it and that it causes a domino effect for the NFL, NBA and NHL. For too long, astronomical ticket prices for professional games have made attending one a struggle or totally out of reach for many families.

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  1. I LOVE taking the kids to the ballpark. And what a great thing the Orioles are doing for families!

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  3. We’ve had a lot of fun going to sports events while on vacation. Good for the Orioles for helping families trying to go to a game together.

  4. So great! I love Camden Yards

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