Cute and Comfortable Travel Outfit Ideas For Your Next Summer Vacay

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The best travel outfits for summer combine style and comfort so you can look good while you feel good. From leggings to summer dresses to demin shorts, we’ve rounded up the stylish, comfy loungewear-inspired outfit ideas that you need for your next summer vacay.

The summer excites me for so many reasons. Between getting an extra hour of daylight and welcoming in warmer temperatures, the summer is naturally a social time for most people. It’s also an excuse to plan a summer vacation.

As temperatures rise, so can anxieties around planning summer travel outfits. Personally speaking, putting together travel outfit ideas is not as daunting as you might think.

From tried-and-true loungewear to classic summer dresses, we’ve created a foolproof formula to take the stress out of planning.

Whether you prefer something sportier for long-haul flights, or something dressier for a warmer destination, we’ve rounded up the best travel outfits for summer for your next trip.

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The best travel outfits for summer combine the comfort of leggings with layers to keep you warm on the plane. Photo credit: 4 PM production via Shutterstock


When it comes to the best travel outfits for summer, athleisure is a fan favorite. The stretchy and lightweight fabrics make navigating busy airport terminals a breeze. Plus, they stay comfortable whether it’s a long overnight flight or a loooooong road trip.

Plus, there are endless options to mix, match and layer to elevate any basic airport look.

Leggings and Biker Shorts

Legging and biker shorts are the holy grail of comfort and a wardrobe staple when traveling.

Not to mention: In the summer, leggings can be swapped for their cousin, the biker short. If you’re heading to New York soon, you’ll notice the bike short trend is in full swing. Pair these with an oversized button down and you’ll never want to travel in anything else.

My best tips for everyday leggings and biker shorts: Look for medium compression so you feel supported, not constricted. No one wants to feel suffocated sitting on an 8-hour flight. The fabric should pass the squat test. If you know, you know.

The best airport outfits, start with a pair of leggings or biker shorts—you’ll look flawless no matter where you’re going.


The dressier alternative to sweatpants– joggers—has increased in popularity over the last few years. What’s great about joggers? There are fantastic lightweight options for the summer. Plus, they’re versatile and can be worn right from the plane to an afternoon lunch.

Typically, for summer travel, you’ll want a jogger that’s lightweight and not too tight around your ankles. The vibe we’re going for is relaxed, casual and comfy.

Since joggers are looser than leggings, try pairing them with a fitted tank or t-shirt. For cold airports, complete the outfit with a cropped hoodie for a sensible, sporty look.

Summer Dresses and Jumpsuits

Dresses and jumpsuits always make the best travel outfits for summer. They’re great for shorter flights or if you’re going to a warm weather destination. Not to mention, a maxi dress is incredibly stylish and comfy.

Pair it with a tote bag, sandal and denim jacket and you’ve gone from travel-appropritate to dinner-ready.

Pro tip: Avoid overly tight dresses and long sleeves and opt for either flowy or stretchy jersey materials. Silhouette-wise, sleeveless styles are perfect for layering.

Sweaters and Jackets

Let’s talk about layers. No matter how warm it might be, you won’t catch me without a lightweight cardigan or jacket on a plane. An extra layer is ideal for long flights and breezy nights.

A popular trend is pairing biker shorts with oversized button downs. It’s a homage to Princess Diana who popularized the trend in the early 90s. Button downs are versatile and can be styled casually with spandex or dressed up with jeans or wide-leg pants.

Below are my ‘must have’ layers for summer travel. Pack these in your carry-on. You’ll thank me later.


There is nothing better than a classic white t-shirt. If you need airport outfit ideas, start with a white t-shirt and build around it.

Whether it’s oversized, fitted or a crop top, it can be paired with loungewear like leggings or layered under a leather jacket.

Denim Shorts

Don’t let denim shorts intimidate you—they are a fantastic option for traveling.

There’s been a noticeable trend shift when we look at the overall fit and style of denim shorts. Gone are the days of skintight denim shorts. Instead, we’re seeing a resurgence of the looser, baggier style with a comfortable mid/high rise fit around the waist.

As you can imagine, the more relaxed fit is more comfortable, making it ideal for summer travel.

Aside from the overall improvements to the style and fit, denim shorts are a must-have wardrobe item. They can be paired with a simple white tee or an oversized button down. Plus, they make a terrific cover-up for any beach getaway.


With peak travel happening during the summer, the last thing you want is to hold up airport security. Keep it simple with slip-on slides and low-top sneakers.

Pro tip: Always break in new sneakers or sandals before you travel. Who wants to deal with painful blisters when you’re trying to catch a flight?

The best advice is to keep it simple; stick to sneakers and slides for a trendy airport look.

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