What Are the Best Shoes for Disney World and Other Theme Parks

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Looking for the most comfortable walking shoes for women to wear at the theme parks? Read the tips with suggestions for the best sandals, sneakers, flats and kid's shoes to wear on your next amusement park vacation.

Theme parks require a lot of standing and walking long distances. If you’re going to be spending time at Disney World or another amusement park, you’ll want to pack the best shoes for the job. Avoiding blisters, aching toes and swollen feet is key to travel success! Our SheBuysTravels are frequent theme park travelers. Here they share their suggestions for the most comfortable walking shoes for women, including sandals, flip-flops, sneakers and flats. You’ll also hear some thoughts about choosing the best kid’s shoes for a Disney trip or amusement park travel.

What are the Best Shoes for Disney World?

Everyone has a very strong opinion on the best shoes for Disney World and other amusement parks. I asked my fellow SheBuysTravel writers and theme park travelers what their favorite shoes are for taking on Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Here’s what I found: What one person says are the most comfortable walking shoes, another person says give her a blister after spending one day in the Magic Kingdom!

Some swear by sandals for their ability to dry quickly in damp weather and allow for foot swelling. Others insist that sneakers are the best (particularly if they are well-broken in). And what about those who say that flats or flip-flops are the best shoes for theme park touring?

Choosing the Best Pair of Shoes

Bottom line? Someone else’s perfect shoes might not be ideal for YOU. Finding the best shoes for Disney may require you to purchase and test out several varieties before your vacation. Disney trips include a lot of walking. The last thing you want on a trip is to be in pain after a long day on your feet.

I set to work doing my research and talked to dozens of theme park regulars about their favorite theme park shoes. These are the top picks for the most comfortable walking shoes to wear at Disney and other theme parks. We’ve included links so you can shop the looks on Amazon.

Need more packing list help? Check out this free printable Disney travel packing list.

Looking for the most comfortable walking shoes for women to wear at the theme parks? Read the tips with suggestions for the best sandals, sneakers, flats and kid's shoes to wear on your next amusement park vacation.
Donald approves of Keens! Photo credit: Sarah Gilliland

Best Sandals for Theme Parks

During warm weather vacations, sandals are my go-to pair of shoes at the amusement parks. Open-toed shoes allow for feet swelling, which can easily happen when you’re standing on hot pavement for hours. Sandals also offer breathability that most closed-toe varieties cannot. All necessary in comfortable walking shoes, right?

Sandals are also light-weight and often dry quickly in inclement weather, particularly important in Florida. Sandals are a cute option when paired with shorts or capri pants. And open-toed sandals are a lovely way to show off your Disney-themed pedicure!

From Becca Robins:

Chaco are a rugged sandal made for hiking and rafting so they are made to be worn and walked in even when wet. The straps can be adjusted fully for a perfect, personalized fit and you can send them back for re-webbing or resoling for life at a minimal cost.

Our Pick
Chaco Women’s Classic Sport Sandal
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03/08/2024 05:06 pm GMT

Teva sandals are the choice of Cathy Bennett Kopf:

For my Greek cruise, Teva provided all-day comfort touring the ancient ruins. Purchased in taupe, the color worked with all of my outfits.

Our Pick

Other Sandal Shout-Outs

  • KEEN sandals (they can get wet and help with sweaty feet).

Open-toed sandals are what I most frequently wear to the theme parks. My favorite is made by Natural Soul. These shoes are as cute as they are comfy!

They have an adjustable hook and loop closure on the side so you can adjust to allow for foot swelling and ultimate comfort. Check out the new SOUL Naturalizer Women’s Sing Sandal. They come in a large variety of colors so they’ll coordinate with all your DisneyBound outfits!

Should You Wear Slip-On Shoes to an Amusement Park?

Slip on shoes vary from dressier flats to tennis-shoe hybrids. I’ve never thought about flat shoes being the best travel shoes but there are many who rave about these slip-on stylish walking shoes for travel. If packing flats for Disney theme parks, check the arch support and traction on the bottom.

Nasreen Stump has two recommendations:

I’m a Tieks freak. I love the different colors and they’re super comfy for me and cute if I DisneyBound. I also now have one pair of Rothy’s. They’re made out of recycled water bottles and are better in wet circumstances than Tieks.

I received recommendations for Skechers Performance Go Walk from multiple SheBuysTravels. While the Skechers Go Walk might not be the cutest, they are very practical shoes for theme parks.

I’ll often wear my Skechers as well. They have elastic straps across the top (similar to the Skechers Shape Ups)

If you like the princess bling, you have to see the Skechers Double Up Diamond Girl line with all the metallic and studs!

Our Pick
Skechers Womens Slip On Sneakers
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03/08/2024 05:11 pm GMT

Slip-On Shoes Recommendations:

Best Amusement Park Sneakers

Ready to lace-up your running shoes and take on the theme parks? For many, athletic shoes offer the great support you’ll need when constantly walking and standing. Be sure to also choose the right sock and make sure sneakers are appropriately “broken in” before travel.

Dana Zucker has a few tips for choosing theme park sneakers:

(Choose) sneakers with great support. I am a believer in supporting your entire body and it starts with proper footwear. I always get fitted by a professional to be sure they are the right fit. And I buy one pair for running and one for daily wear like theme park days, usually the same brand.

Other recommendations for sneakers with versions that offer cushioned support and are still stylish with metallic details. Look for breathable fabrics and supportive insoles.

Recommendations for Sneakers

SheBuysTravel Jill Robbins suggests glitter sneakers to power through even the longest Disney day. Check out these Lucky Step Glitter Sneakers.

My current theme park tennis shoes are these lightweight Keds Craze Ii Leather Sneakers. They are stylish and cute with shorts or capris and the plain white leather goes with everything. The version I have wipes clean easily so they stay white.

Our Pick
Keds Women’s Leather Sneaker
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03/08/2024 05:16 pm GMT

Keds also has a magical Kate Spade New York Keds line of sparkly Champion shoes with your choice of many colors with ribbon laces that are just perfect for theme park princesses!

Our Pick

Are Flip Flops Good for the Theme Park?

I’d always cringed at the thought of wearing flip flops all day at the amusement park. That is until we experienced pouring rain all day at Disney World and realized that schlepping around in our soaking wet athletic shoes wasn’t working.

Fortunately, my mother-in-law had brought several pairs of Coach Thong Sandals on the trip. I wore a pair each day it rained and loved how quickly they dried out. The bottoms were non-slip and they were extremely comfortable, even after hours of walking in them while wet.

So I’m a flip-flop theme park convert. But I’d still use caution before wearing just any pair. Flat beach-type plastic flip-flops aren’t going to offer the support you need for walking on concrete all day. I highly recommend shoes with cushioning and a bit of a lift in the back for a comfortable shoe that you can wear all day.

Dia Adams shares her recommendation:

FitFlops are rubber so they can get wet, are padded and super comfortable, and look cute even with a dress.

Our Pick
FitFlop Women’s Surfa Flip-Flop
$59.00 $53.13
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03/08/2024 06:06 pm GMT

Jennifer Mitchell says flip flops are a must:

I wear Tevas or flip flops. I blister easily so sneakers are a no-go.

High recommendations for these flip flops:

Best Shoes for Disney World with Kids

Choosing comfortable shoes for kids is top of the list for a theme park vacation (unless you like hearing your kids whine about sore feet and complain that they simply can’t walk another step!). Just like you carefully plan your kid’s outfits for Disney, you need to also think about their shoe choices. For young kids, I have several high quality recommendations.

Whatever you do, don’t let your girls wear the fake plastic heels that come with princess dresses. These are not suitable for walking in at the parks and will only cause blisters and sore feet!


Pedipeds are a favorite for my kids as they come already “broken in”, with flexible soles. Tiny princesses will love the sparkle effect on the glitter Mary Jane-style pediped. I love that the glitter doesn’t flake or fall off! And they are so cute paired with a princess dress.

Our Pick
pediped Originals Shoe (Infant/Toddler)
$35.00 $14.55
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03/08/2024 06:06 pm GMT

Pediped also offers a line of water-resistant shoes which is ideal for water parks, water rides or just on wet days. They also carry a wonderful line of sandals with a covered toe to prevent stubbing or tripping.

If your kids are older and not using a stroller at the theme parks, make sure that their shoes are going to withstand all the pavement pounding.


My kids have all worn Crocs over the years during our Disney vacations. Crocs Kids are water-resistant and come in a variety of styles including Disney Crocs and Star Wars-themed Crocs.

Additional suggestions for kid’s theme park shoes:

Best Shoes for Disney – Additional Tips

  • Know that your feet tend to tire easily? Bring an alternate pair of shoes and socks with you into the park. Keep the second set in a backpack or rental locker. If your shoes are irritating you for any reason or your feet swell, you’ll have a pair to switch into.
  • Consider shoe inserts, insoles or orthodics. Read these ideas on how to have pain-free feet on vacation.
  • Choose the right shoe for your trip. If you’re planning on getting wet (like at SeaWorld), you might want to choose a water resistant style. Traditional water shoes don’t often have the full support you need, so look for a hybrid style. If you’re going to be walking a lot (like in Disney World’s Epcot), choose cushioned athletic shoes.
  • Do not wear a new pair of shoes. “Break” your new shoes in first by wearing them several times pre-vacation.
  • Bring a First Aid kit stocked with items to relieve foot issues. I use New-Skin Liquid Bandage that can be painted onto the skin and when it dries, leaves a waterproof “bandage” that eases friction.
  • When going on super-soaker attractions like Splash Mountain, consider switching out shoes before riding. Bring a pair of flip-flops to change into, while storing your good shoes safely in a plastic bag within your backpack.
  • Beware of sandals with straps that may potentially rub or pinch skin.
Comfortable shoes can make your Disney vacation easier! Photo credit: Julie Bigboy


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