Disney Wish Review: Ultimate Guide to Disney’s New Cruise Ship

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Disney Wish Reviews - Family on Castaway Cay with Disney Wish in the background
The Disney Wish is Disney’s newest cruise ship. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.

The Disney Wish’s maiden voyage was on July 14, 2022, making it Disney’s newest cruise ship in the line’s fleet of now five ships. The Wish is the first of the Triton Class ships, and it’s expected that the Disney Treasure, which is set to debut in 2024, will be similar in layout.

The Disney Wish is currently sailing three and four-night cruises going to Nassau and Castaway Cay from Port Canaveral, and it looks like this ship will keep to that route for the foreseeable future.

If you’re trying to decide what Disney Cruise Line vessel is the right one for you, here’s a deep dive into what the Disney Wish offers; although I choose my cruises based on the sailing dates and where they’re going versus choosing based on ship, although a lot of Disney cruise enthusiasts, me included, will sail on the Wish because they’re curious about Disney’s newest ship. I’ve sailed four of the five ships in Disney’s fleet and on the Wish once.

Disney Wish Reviews - Rapunzel Stern Art
Each Disney cruise ship has a different character on the stern. The Wish has Rapunzel and all of her hair. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.

Ship Basics

The Disney Wish is 1,119 feet long, making it Disney’s largest ship, although not by a lot. The ship has 1,254 staterooms and can accommodate a maximum of 4,000 passengers and a crew of 1,555. The ship’s Grand Hall is larger and more open than the atriums on the other four ships, and a statue of Cinderella, complete with Lucifer the cat waiting to pounce on the mice hiding beneath Cinderella’s petticoats. All Disney ships have unique stern art, and the Disney Wish’s stern art features Rapunzel from Tangled.  

Disney Wish Reviews - Embarkation Disney Wish
The Wish is currently sailing three and four-night cruises to the Bahamas from Port Canaveral. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.

Choose the Itineraries Over Choosing the Ship

Overall, I recommend choosing your Disney cruise based on what dates are good for you and where the ship is going. Since the Wish is currently on a loop between the Bahamas and Port Canaveral, if you want to sail on the Wish, you’d better like the Bahamas.

The ship is currently rotating three and four-night sailings, so if you want to do a longer sailing on the Wish, you can book back-to-back cruises.

Staterooms on the Disney Wish

The types of staterooms on the Disney Wish are Concierge, Oceanview with Verandah, and Inside. Concierge is Disney Cruise Line’s suite class. The staterooms are more spacious and have enhanced in-room amenities, access to a concierge lounge, and dedicated shoreside and onboard teams to assist them. Sailing concierge has other perks, such as priority embarkation and disembarkation and the first choice of shore excursions and onboard activities.

Of course, this luxury and convenience come with a price: Concierge staterooms are the most expensive.

The Disney Wish also has a Moana-inspired two-story tower stateroom as well as a two-story Sleeping Beauty-inspired Royal Suite.

The other stateroom categories are pretty much what they sound like, except Disney uses the word ‘verandah’ whereas most other cruise lines use the word balcony. An Oceanview stateroom will have portholes to look out of, and an inside stateroom will have no windows. The inside staterooms are the least expensive.

Disney Wish Reviews - Bedroom in ocean view verandah room Disney Wish
Our bedroom in our ocean-view stateroom. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.

Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah

We stayed in an Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah on Deck 12. The room had a split bath, meaning the toilet and sink were separate from the tub/shower and second sink. The queen bed had a curtain that could help separate the bed from the living room area.

The stateroom attendant made the couch into a bed and pulled the bunk down from the ceiling each night as part of the turndown service. This is where my teens slept.

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Our room had Moana-themed decor and it felt like we had more floor space than similar cabins on other DCL ships. That said, cruise ship cabins aren’t generally known to be roomy. Our flatscreen TV was larger than the TV in similar-grade cabins on other ships and was wall-mounted. There were also no shortages of outlets and USB charging ports.

Disney Wish Reviews - Door to bedroom view ocean view stateroom.
Our stateroom was roomy with adequate storage. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.

Rotational Dining on the Disney Wish

Rotational dining is unique to Disney Cruise Line. You’ll be assigned a different dining room each night of your cruise, which is included in the price of your cruise. The Disney Cruise Line Navigator App will tell you where you eat each night.

The cool thing about rotational dining is that your servers go with you from location to location, and they will make every effort to get to know you and your family throughout the cruise. The Disney Wish three main dining rooms, Worlds of Marvel (Deck 4 aft), 1923 (Deck 3, right off the Grand Hall), and Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure (Deck 5 aft.)

Each menu includes bread service. The bread comes with butter and some type of dip or sauce. You’ll also find at least one plant-based option and a “lighter notes” menu, including a salad, a plain steak, plain salmon, and a plain chicken breast. Each venue has unique desserts, a signature dessert, and a sugar-free dessert option. If you’re an ice cream lover, you’ll be happy to know there’s a themed sundae on every menu.

All three main dining rooms on the Wish are unique to the Wish. There’s some duplication with the other ships but the newest ship has all-new dining.

Early or late dining

Guests will choose between early or late dining when booking their Disney Wish cruise. Early seating is at 5:45 p.m., and second seating is at 8:00 p.m. Once you choose, you’re locked in, and there is no flipping back and forth between early or late seatings.

Worlds of Marvel

World of Marvel is a Marvel-themed restaurant, as the name suggests. Spoiler alert: The food is good, but if you’re not at least a little bit of a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this experience might not wow you. This is dinner and a show – the show is called Quantum Encounter, and it is played on large video screens throughout the restaurant. The lighting is dim, and the volume of the show is pretty loud, so focusing on anything other than the entertainment isn’t really an option.

The decor is futuristic, with lots of chrome and blue lighting It reminded me a little bit of being in the queue at Space Mountain at Disney World. The table settings are very themed with Avengers-branded bread plates and a Quantum Core centerpiece that is an integral and interactive part of the Quantum Encounter, which is hosted by Ant-Man and The Wasp. The show is virtual, but it ends with a surprise in-person encounter with an Avenger who is actually aboard the Wish.

Disney Wish Reviews - Entrance World of Marvel Disney Wish
The theme of Worlds of Marvel is futuristic and all Avengers. Photo credit: Jill Robbins

Food at Worlds of Marvel

The appetizer choices were smoked salmon, bao buns, hearts of palm ceviche, and crispy shrimp. Salad choices were an heirloom tomato salad and an iceberg wedge, and soup choices were potato and cream of mushroom.

The entree selections were a spiced pork chop, a seafood pasta dish, a turbot filet, chicken schnitzel, and a ribeye. The dessert selection did not disappoint and included sticky date pudding, key lime pie, chocolate torte, a donut sundae, cheesecake, and a flourless chocolate beetroot cake.

Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure

Arendelle is Frozen-themed dining, and if you’ve dined at Tiana’s Place on the Disney Wonder or Rapunzel’s Royal Table on the Magic, this is the same concept. Disney has blown the theming out of the water with the Arendelle decor. The hallway into the restaurant is a full-on Frozen Instagram fest that makes you want to unashamedly belt out a chorus of For the First Time in Forever. At least it had that effect on me. If you’ve dined at Tiana’s Place on the Disney Wonder or Rapunzel’s Royal Table on the Disney Magic, Arendelle is the same concept with the theming kicked up several notches.

This is for you if you love a meal with a good backstory. The story picks up where Frozen II leaves off, and the meal is a party celebrating the engagement of Anna and Kristoff. The engagement party is hosted by Elsa herself and Olaf and put on by Oaken’s “Party Planning Service and Sauna.” All the characters are in attendance, so be prepared for many squeals as these iconic modern princesses enter the dining room.

Disney Wish Reviews - Arendelle Disney Wish
Arendelle is just like stepping into the movie Frozen. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.

Food at Arendelle

As you might expect, the menu has a Nordic theme to it, but as with all DCL menus, there’s something designed to please all palates.

Appetizers include a charcuterie board with smoked salmon and trout, a Jarlseberg cheese and ham tart, chilled asparagus, and scallops in puff pastry. Salad offerings are cucumber, potato, carrot salad, and baby greens with lingonberry dressing, and soup choices are carrot and yellow split pea.

The entree selections were a dry-rubbed pork tenderloin, Chilean sea bass, braised meatballs on egg noodles, roasted chicken breast, and a ribeye.  Desserts included apple cake, a pancake with lingonberry jam and cheesecake, butter cake, chocolate cake, and an Elsa’s Coronation Sundae with mint chocolate chip ice cream. The no-sugar dessert was a lemon almond cake with citrus salad.

Disney Wish Reviews - 1923 Disney Wish
1923 is named for the year the Walt Disney Company was started. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.


Although I enjoyed all three main dining rooms on the Disney Wish, 1923 was my favorite. Although I enjoy Disney, I find myself gravitating more strongly toward any venue that’s not hyper-character-themed, especially now that my kids are older. 1923 is named for the year the Walt Disney Company was founded and the decor and artifacts pay homage to Disney’s early animation history.

1923 is split into two dining rooms, the Walt Disney and the Roy Disney. The vibe in 1923 is old Hollywood. There are original animation drawings located in cases throughout the restaurant, which are interesting to check out. The only drawback is the restaurant is quite crowded, and it’s difficult, if not impossible, to cruise around the restaurant looking at the displays. Suppose you’re really interested in the art of animation. In that case, I recommend lingering and looking at the displays as the meal is coming to a close and people are leaving.  

Food at 1923

The 1923 menu is California-inspired, a nod to the Walt Disney Company’s roots in the Golden State. Appetizers are spiced ahi tuna, a burrata plate, tri-color tortelloni and duck confit pastilla. Salad choices are fennel bartlett pear salad and a romaine lettuce salad with heirloom grape tomatoes. Soup offerings are pulled Guinea Hen corn chowder and a roasted tomato soup.

Main dishes included tortiglioni pasta with pancetta, seared salmon, rack of lamb, and a peppered filet mignon. Dessert selections were churros, flourless orange almond cake, Fuji Apple cheesecake, a hot fudge sundae, blueberry lemon Bavarian cream, and a no-sugar-added coconut tapioca pudding.

Disney Wish Reviews - Marceline Market Disney Wish
In addition to the main dining rooms, there’s a buffet and various quick-service eateries on board Photo credit: Jill Robbins.

Quick Service and Other Included Dining On the Disney Dream

There are many other places to eat included in the cost of your cruise.

Marceline Market

Marceline Market is the Disney Wish’s buffet eatery. Serving a wide variety of items for both breakfast and lunch, Marceline Market offers indoor and outdoor seating.

Room Service

Most room service items on the Disney Wish are included in the cost of your cruise. A variety of soups, salads, pizza, sandwiches, and desserts can be delivered to your room 24 hours a day. Really.

Certain items on the room service menu are not free, so make sure you’re paying attention when you order. Alcohol, canned soda, and snacks such as candy and popcorn aren’t included.

Mickey’s Smokestack Barbecue

New to the Wish, Mickey’s Smokestack BBQ serves up brisket, ribs, pulled, pork, sausage, and all the fixins, including cornbread and baked macaroni and cheese.

Donald’s Cantina

Tacos and fresh Tex-Mex bowls await you at Donald’s Cantina.

Goofy’s Grill

Burgers, dogs, chicken tenders, bratwurst, and of course, french fries. They also offer an Impossible burger and plant-based sausage.

Daisy’s Pizza Pies

A variety of whole pies and pizza by the slice are available throughout the day.

Sweet Minnie’s Ice Cream

Endless soft-serve ice cream on deck is a hallmark of Disney cruises. You’ll always find vanilla and chocolate and the other flavors are switched out periodically so that you usually hit something new.

Joyful Sweets

This Inside Out-inspired confectionary serves hand-dipped gelato, a variety of sundaes, ice cream treats, candy, and other delights to tempt a sweet tooth. Not included in the cost of your cruise.


Preludes is the concession stand near the theater that serves popcorn that you can smell a mile away, candy and other snacks, sodas, and alcohol. You can also order from a server in the theater before the show starts.

Cove Café

The Cove Café serves specialty coffee and tea, with and without alcohol. Aside from the self-service coffee machine in the Concierge Lounge, the Cove Café is the only place to get decent coffee on the ship, and if you like your morning java, make sure you’re budgeting for it.

I think the Cove Café on the Wish is one of the nicest in the fleet. There’s a Cove Café on all the ships but the Wish’s location adjacent to the adult infinity pool is light, airy, and the perfect place to relax.

Adult Fine Dining on the Disney Wish

The Wish has two adult-only fine dining venues, Palo Steakhouse and Enchanté. If you’re looking for a sans kids dinner or brunch date, a coveted reservation at one of these spots is the way to go.

Palo Steakhouse

The Disney Wish has Palo Steakhouse with a slightly different menu and theming than Palo on the other ships. Palo Steakhouse serves dinner and brunch on sea days. I’m a huge fan of Palo Brunch but I didn’t get the opportunity to eat at Palo during my cruise on the Wish. The cost of brunch is $45 per person* and worth it. Even though I can’t speak specifically to Palo Steakhouse Brunch on the Wish, I’d expect it to be nothing short of spectacular based on past experience.

Dinner at Palo Steakhouse is served from a fixed-price menu. There are a variety of steaks and chops, naturally, but there are seafood and pasta options as well, all more elevated than what you’ll find in the main dining room with spectacular ocean views – I recommend dining at sunset – and you’ll have access to a sommelier and an extensive wine list with Italian wines. Palo dinner is $50.


Enchanté by Chef Arnaud Lallement is an elegant, Beauty and the Beast-themed adult dining venue. Chef Lallement is a three Michelin-starred chef from Reims, France, who also curated the menu for Remy, the French restaurant on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

There’s a subtle nod to Lumiere, everyone’s most-loved candlestick, in the logo, otherwise, Enchanté is mysteriously encased behind gleaming doors in The Rose lounge on the Wish. Enchanté serves dinner, champagne brunch, and a dessert experience. The reviews and pricing indicate the experience is very similar to Remy, which means around $125 per person for dinner.

Is Disney Wish Adult Dining for Me?

There is no need to spend additional money on dining on the Disney Wish unless you want to. The food in the main dining rooms is delicious and well-presented and there are a ton of other food options around the ship. Booking a meal at Palo Steakhouse is a sound deal for foodies or those celebrating a special occasion, compared to what you’d pay for similar quality and ambiance elsewhere.

If Enchanté is anything like Remy, it’s for the serious foodies with an adventurous palate and not for picky eaters or anyone with extensive dietary restrictions. If this doesn’t hit close to describing you, Enchanté might feel intimidating.

Adult Dining Dress Code and Reservations

Disney cruises, in general, are pretty casual, but Enchanté and Palo adhere to a dress code. Formal or semi-formal attire is recommended. Dress casual attire with a polished look is permitted (such as dress pants, jeans in good condition, collared shirts and blouses, and lifestyle shoes). Clothing such as T-shirts, swimwear, and sports attire is not permitted.

Try to make adult dining reservations prior to sailing. All Disney cruisers will have a booking window for onboard activities and shore excursions, which Disney calls Port Adventures. You will want to make reservations at the beginning of this window, which means 12:01 am Florida time. If you don’t get the reservation you want before your cruise, check as soon as you board the ship.

*Prices are subject to change.

Disney Wish Reviews - Bayou Lounge Disney Wish
The Bayou Lounge is the only place on the ship to get beignets. Not included in the cost of your cruise. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.

Bars on the Disney Wish

There are plenty of bars and lounges on the Disney Wish. Some are out in the open and hard to miss; others are delightfully tucked away. Lounges are adult-only after 7:00 pm, but many of them are located in high-traffic areas. The Bayou is a Princess and the Frog-themed bar in the middle of all the action on Deck 3. While children aren’t permitted to be seated after 7:00 pm, some cruisers have expressed displeasure about the bars not being in a concentrated adults-only area, like the other ships.

The Rose – Deck 12

Beauty and the Beast-themed lounge with floor-to-ceiling ocean views.

Disney Wish Reviews - Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge Disney Wish
Guests are limited to 45 minutes in the lounge at a time. The Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge is the only lounge that has this policy but I’m not sure how or if they track the time guests spend there. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.

Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge – Deck 3

Sip galactically inspired cocktails with a view of outer space.

Disney Wish Reviews - Nightingale’s  Disney Wish
This small bar on Deck 3 is the perfect place to listen to piano music. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.

Nightingales – Deck 3

Elegant, Cinderella-inspired piano bar.

The Bayou – Deck 3

This roomy, open lounge is decorated with magnolia blossoms, lily pads, and twinkling lights.

Luna’s Libations – Deck 4

The Luna Theater is a two-story theater that hosts family-friendly games and events by day and more adult-themed entertainment in the evenings. The bar is on the lower floor of the theater.

Keg & Compass – Deck 5

Nautically-themed pub with sports screens and a selection of beers available only on Disney Cruise Line.

Wishing Star Café – Deck 4

Here, you’ll find cold brew cocktails and a variety of coffee drinks, fresh-pressed juices, beer, and wine.

Pool Bars

If a tall, fruity drink will complete your on-deck experience, there are several places to get one. There are two pool bars on Deck 11 and one on Deck 14. There’s also a small bar in the Quiet Cove adults-only area.

Hook’s Barbery

While not actually a bar, I had to mention this one. If you opt to get a haircut or hot shave at sea, Hook’s Barbery has a whisky bar where you can craft a custom Old Fashioned to sip while you get spiffed up.

Party Like a Pirate

All Disney Cruise sailings to the Bahamas have a designated pirate night. The cast members will be in pirate attire as will a good number of the guests. You’ll see everything from elaborate pirate costumes to DIY to pirate tee shirts. The typical pirate experience includes a deck party with fireworks at sea, musical entertainment and the loveable and predictable good conquers evil battle between Captain Hook and Captain Mickey.

The Wish’s pirate deck party is in two parts. The first part is a 15-minute show that takes place between the two main dining room sessions. This show involves teaching the audience a pirate dance followed by the usual shenanigans of Hook and Smee trying to take over the ship and failing. Good triumphs over evil, you know.

The second round of pirate festivities takes place at around 10:15. The Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party is a delightful 30-minute musical performance of 80’s rock hits by a band of rowdy pirates. The party is led by Captain Redd, who is explained to be a descendant of Captain Redd from the recently modified Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney parks. The performance leads straight into fireworks at sea.

This new way of celebrating Pirate Night allows families with younger kids who go to bed early an opportunity to enjoy Pirate Night.

Disney Wish Reviews - Oceaneer Club Disney Wish
Kids can play, draw, or do arts and crafts in this open multipurpose room in the Oceaneer Lab. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.

Kid’s Activities On the Disney Wish

Kids clubs are included on the Disney Wish cruise and all Disney cruise ships. There are three kid’s clubs that young passengers can go on based on age, the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab, Edge, and Vibe. There’s also a nursery.

The kid’s clubs are open all day and all evening without a break, and there’s no limit to how long a child can stay in the clubs. The clubs will offer an open house on the first day and at various points during the cruise – check the Navigator App for times. Anyone can check out the clubs during Open House. Otherwise, only the kids registered with the clubs can be in them.

Disney Wish Reviews - Star Wars area Disney Wish oceaneer club
Kids can immerse themselves in Star Wars play in this very realistic-looking cargo area. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.

Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab

These colocated kid’s clubs are for kids three to 12. Kids must be potty trained. The Oceaneer Lab’s activities are a little more educational-focused than the Oceaneer Club. We’ve sailed on the Disney Magic, Disney Dream, and Disney Wonder, and the Oceaneer Club on the Wish is next-level.

The Oceaneer Club is located on Deck 2. You can enter from Deck 2 or via a slide from Deck 3. Adults can try this out during open house, and I highly recommend it.

Kids can use technology to create and manipulate their own Marvel superhero, design their own rollercoaster, live out their Padawan dreams in the immersive Star Wars area, and so much more. There are also Disney character visits exclusive to the kids club, arts and crafts, movies, dance parties and the list goes on.

Disney Wish Reviews - Edge Tween Club Disney Wish
Edge is a dedicated space for kids 11-13. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.


Edge is the Disney Wish’s tween club for kids 11-13.

Disney Wish Reviews - Vibe teen club Disney Wish
Vibe is the Wish’s cool, hip space for teens. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.


Vibe is the Disney Wish’a teen club for kids 14-17.

It’s a Small World Nursery

The nursery is not included in the cost of your cruise, and reservations are required. Kids between six months and three years old can go to the nursery.

Disney Wish Reviews - Small World Nursery Disney Wish
The nursery on board requires reservations and isn’t included in your cruise cost. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.
Disney Wish Reviews - Disney Wish pool deck
The Disney Wish has six small pools on Decks 11 and 12.. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.

Pools and Slides on the Disney Wish

The Disney Wish has six themed pools on Decks 11 and 12. The pools are all quite small and I never saw all the pools open at one time during our three-night sailing.

The Quiet Cove pool area is adult-only, has Disney Cruise Line’s first infinity pool and a pool with bench seating, which is perfect for adults who want to lounge in the water versus swim.

Disney Wish Reviews - Disney Wish Quiet Cove
The adults-only deck is for 18+. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.

Younger Guests and Pools Aboard the Disney Wish

Kids must be three and older and potty trained to be allowed in the pools on all Disney Cruise Line vessels. Kids in swim diapers can splash in the Toy Story Splash Zone.  

Disney Wish Reviews - Deck view of AquaMouse
The AquaMouse takes guests for a fast ride around the ship. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.

The AquaMouse

The AquaMouse on Deck 13 is what Disney Cruise Line has touted as the first attraction at sea. Guests (single riders or duos) climb into a clear tube and ride up an incline conveyor belt while Disney animated cartoons, complete with well-timed squirts of water, play on the walls. The slide is mostly enclosed, including one area where the tube swings out over the side of the ship, giving the rider the sense that they’re careening off into the ocean. It’s a fast and fun water slide that I’d call medium on the thrill spectrum.

Disney Wish Reviews - AquaMouse entrance Disney Wish
We waited in line for about half an hour for a short ride on the AquaMouse. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.

And, despite Disney calling it an “attraction at sea” it’s really just a waterslide with some cartoons, which is the big difference between the AquaMouse and the AquaDuck on the Dream and Fantasy.

Guests under seven may ride with someone 14 or older but must be at least 42 inches tall. Guests 14 and older who wish to ride alone must be at least 48 inches tall.

Disney Wish Reviews - Walt Disney Theater Disney Wish
There are no photos allowed during the performances in the Walt Disney Theater. Photo credit: Jill Robbins

Entertainment and Live Shows on the Disney Wish

The onboard Walt Disney Theater will have Disney-themed, Broadway-style entertainment on board. The current shows on the Disney Wish are The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Seas the Adventure.  

The shows typically run about 50 minutes to give guests time to get to dinner and other activities. Aladdin is an abbreviated version of the Broadway musical, and the show’s designers have done a fantastic job of telling the full story in the time allotted without making the guests feel cheated.

The Little Mermaid is an exclusive Disney Cruise Line production that tells a familiar story with a twist. Seas the Adventure is a Wish exclusive production that’s shown on the first night of the cruise. It’s a fun story about what happens when Captain Minnie gives Goofy the responsibility of taking over the ship’s navigation.  

On longer cruises, the entertainment may include illusionists or family-friendly comedy shows. If there’s a world premiere of a Disney movie while you’re on board, the Walt Disney Theater may hold a Hollywood-style opening night.

Shows are aligned with dinner seatings

There are two dinner seatings and two nightly shows. If you’re dining early, you’ll eat first and then go to the show. If you’re dining later, your designated show will be before dinner.

Disney Wish Reviews - Never Land Cinema Disney Wish
The Disney Wish has two theaters for movies: Never Land and Wonder Land. Photo credit: Jill Robbins.

Movies on Board the Disney Wish

The Wish has two theaters for Disney movies, the Wonder Land Cinemar and the Never Land Cinema. Watch Disney movies on board the Disney Dream in the Buena Vista Theater. The Buena Vista will show first and second run Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars movies, so if there’s something from one of those franchises playing at the theater when you take your cruise, you’ll be able to watch it on board the Disney Wish, and it’s included in the cost of your cruise.

A schedule of movie times will be posted on the marquee outside the theater, and they’ll also be listed in the Disney Navigator App.

Funnel Vision

If you want to watch a Disney movie from the pool or while relaxing on the sun deck with a piece of pizza, there are nearby round-the-clock movies playing on a giant screen on Deck 11.

In-Room Movies

If you prefer to cozy up in your room and watch Disney films, just turn on your TV.

Disney Character Meet and Greets

Whether you are a first time Disney cruiser or whether it’s your tenth Disney Cruise, seeing your favorite Disney characters on board is always a fun treat.

There are almost endless opportunities to interact with your favorite Disney characters on a Disney cruise ship. Your Navigator app will tell you the character times and locations, so find out when your favorites will be available and line up early for that photo. Don’t forget your autograph book.

Fun Character-Themed Outfits

If you’re into character greetings, you’ll be delighted to know that character attire on a Disney Cruise Line ship is unique. You’ll see characters in nautical outfits on board, in beachwear on Disney’s Castaway Cay, and in pirate garb on pirate night. The Wish is currently the only ship with Captain Minnie in charge, and she wears different outfits than crew member Minnie wears on the other ships.

Where Does theDisney Wish Cruise Stack Up For Me?

I love the Disney Wish, although not as much as the Dream class and classic ships. The Disney Wonder is my favorite, and the Disney Magic is a close second. I love the smaller ships, and I’ll be heartbroken if they retire these ships without replacing them with a more intimate-sized cruise ship.  The Disney Wish ranks last for me – so far, I still have the Fantasy to go – but that doesn’t mean it was bad or that I don’t appreciate the new additions.

I would sail on the Wish again if the opportunity came up. It’s a great way to get to the Bahamas and to Castaway Cay, one of my favorite places on Earth.  

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