Kingdom Strollers Rental at Disney World: A Mom’s Honest Review

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stroller parking animal kingdom and kingdom strollers review
Stroller parking can get a little chaotic at Disney. Photo credit: Amanda Williams.

I am a solo mom and I have an older child who still tends to need a cart, stroller or some kind of wheels when faced with lots of walking, as I knew would be the case with a Walt Disney World vacation. Sound familiar? Those transition years are tough! I decided to try renting from Kingdom Strollers for our Disney World Orlando vacation. Here’s my experience with this Orlando stroller rental company, including what I loved (lots) and what could be better.

Kingdom Strollers Experience, Pre-Trip

My travel agent Kate recommended Kingdom Strollers as the stroller rental company she’d actually used and had great experiences with on her trips to Magic Kingdom and Epcot. I had another in mind, based on a search for Orlando stroller rental companies. Since Kate hadn’t led me astray booking my own Walt Disney World vacation, I chose to trust her recommendation.

We were planning to rope drop Animal Kingdom, so I knew I’d need an extra early stroller morning drop-off time or a drop-off the night prior to our theme park day. This was easily arranged on the website for Kingdom Strollers. I opted NOT to pick it up at the airport. But that IS an option.

Tag with Kingdom Strollers instructions
Kingdom Strollers have easy-to-follow instruction tags and phone service for help. Photo credit: Amanda Williams

Our Single Stroller Disney Parks Experience

I have long since dumped our baby gear and strollers — my child is in grade school. So it’s only an option we need sparingly (and if we don’t have all day to lollygag and take our time.) We were traveling during the busy Spring Break season to Disney World, so I knew we’d be dealing with crowds.

Having a stroller would keep all of us in better spirits and help us get to attractions faster if we had a stroller for our Disney vacation. Strollers are allowed on the monorail, so no worries there! The Kingdom Strollers website lets you know your stroller rental is Disney parks approved! Having this convenience is one of the few things a cast member cannot magically make appear, so it was a real stress reducer to have our stroller rental secured in advance.

Kingdom stroller rental single BOB Revolution stroller
Kingdom Stroller reviews were right – on time delivery and friendly staff! Photo credit: Amanda Williams

Bob Stroller (single stroller with big tires)

The Bob stroller we chose was the Revolution single stroller model and is rated for heavier/larger kids. They have options from umbrella strollers for lightweight, easy stowing to Citi Mini double options and even special needs strollers. We formerly had our own stroller, a double Bob, so this was a familiar option.

  • Our rental was $75 for three days, though we only used one day. There was no penalty for early return. The $75 saved us several times with the Spring Break crowds and sweltering weather when my elementary kid “was dying from heat!” Well worth the splurge for a stroller!
  • I was a little self conscious my taller, older child would be a spectacle in a stroller, but it allowed us to jog and successfully rope drop Avatar: Flight of Passage and better navigate crowds all day.
drink caddy on the single stroller
The handlebar drink caddy did come in handy a few times! Photo credit: Amanda Williams

Stroller Rental Options and Considerations

We didn’t opt for any bells and whistles, but there are options available. You can click a box to indicate you’d like a parent console (for drinks and storage on the handles), a rain cover, cup holder and even a cooler bag.

  • I did not choose the free extras, but they still arrived with the stroller

What to put on the name tag was probably my biggest conundrum. I have a SUPER common last name. I didn’t want to list my children’s full names for obvious safety reasons. But, during a busy Disney parks day, it wouldn’t be uncommon to see several similar strollers with “Smith Family” on the tag. Get creative so you can pick out your rental in a sea of Disney World rental strollers outside It’s Tough to be a Bug.

rental stroller folded and stowed
The stroller was fully serviceable and I was given a 10 second refresher on how to work it. Photo credit: Amanda Williams

Kingdom Strollers Customer Service

We had a great customer service experience with the company. I did read blogger reviews online as well as general Kingdom Stroller reviews which all seemed pretty solid. With so many stroller options, I was easily able to filter the best model for our needs. These are quality strollers, exactly like the many kinds I’ve owned, but with the convenience of not having to check bulky gear on airplanes bound for Florida to allow everyone in the family to easily enjoy your Disney resort stay.

Delivery Instructions

The driver texts you when they are close to meet at your predetermined arrival spot. About five days before my rental reservation was set to begin, I received an email with ‘delivery instructions.’ It was easy to follow and contained a ton of information. This email included how to edit my delivery and return times, which had actually changed a bit since several weeks before when I’d booked. It was so simple to choose a new delivery time without having to call any phone number.

  • The delivery folks wear bright orange polos
  • The resort cast members are able to help confirm where the drops occur
  • Email instructions were clear and correct for what I experienced
  • One caveat: The email for PICK-UP instructions specifies that you do not need to be there to facilitate the pick up. I asked one of the drivers and he said only in rare circumstances is that true.
  • When in doubt, call and ask! The phone line goes direct to the business, not a call center and they are helpful.
Stroller parking outside Tusker House at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
Make sure you remember where you parked! Photo credit: Amanda Williams

Kingdom Stroller Reviews VS. My Experience

I read a lot of the reviews online featuring Kingdom Strollers leading up to our rental. A handful spoke about the delivery person “being late” and not communicating that change. From what I experienced, I feel like these may also be the few people who fall into the “beach too sandy, water too wet” category of complainers.

  • I called to change my delivery time to reflect an earlier flight we snagged – no problems.
  • Delivery was on time and I was text messaged when they were about 20 minutes away.
  • I called to change my pick up day and time after realizing we wouldn’t need the stroller a 2nd day — again, no problems.
  • Pick up was on time (even at 5:45 in the morning) and the person was friendly and prompt, again, giving me a text message heads-up.
  • I called and was able to change my plans when it gave me an error on the web form.
BOB Revolution stroller rental in use at Disney
This stroller rental was worth every cent in the hot Spring Break crowds and sun. Photo credit: Amanda Williams

Overall Experience with Kingdom Strollers

This was a lifesaver for my family. It’s hard to solo parent through Walt Disney World on a good day. It was nice to have an option to rent locally and have a single stroller delivered to our Disney resort property — it happened to be All Star Sports, but regardless if you are there or the Polynesian Village Resort, or another Disney property, there are tons of options.

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The airport and nearby Orlando locations are other delivery destinations; if you happen to be going to SeaWorld instead of WDW, never fear! I am very glad I returned the stroller and did not bring it to Discovery Cove with us because of the abundance of sand.

rental stroller and luggage in rental car
If you have a rental, plan for the size of your stroller rental as well. Photo credit: Amanda Williams

Final Thoughts on Kingdom Strollers

  • After schlepping through an airport with a heavy stroller, I would never travel with my own again.
  • Kingdom Strollers rentals get a free Orlando Grocery Express coupon code for free delivery coupon to Disney-owned resorts. We didn’t use this, but it is a nice touch for many families.
  • I found the stroller rental service to be incredibly flexible and friendly which perfectly met our needs.
  • The stroller was a little sun-faded, but fully functional, safe and serviceable.
  • I would rent from this company again in a heartbeat.
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