Margaritaville Resort Cap Cana Review: Fun in the Sun for Couples and Friends

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Margaritaville Resort Cap Cana Review - Margaritaville properties are known to bring tropical vibes.
Margaritaville properties are known to bring tropical vibes. Photo credit: Lauren Salisbury

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The soft, upbeat chords of Jimmy Buffet’s A Pirate Looks at Forty slip through the speaker as I walk into the lobby of Margaritaville Resort Cap Cana. First, a harmonica, then a guitar fills up the space as the famous voice croons Mother, Mother Ocean, I have heard your call.

Through the large bay doors a sliver of turquoise ocean greets on the horizon. The Jimmy Buffet inspiration continues throughout the lobby with quotes from his most famous songs like It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere and of course, Margaritaville splashed on the wall.

There’s perhaps no more fitting way to enter this beachside, all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic. A young woman strides over to offer me a frozen Margaritaville popsicle and my journey to this tropical paradise in the Caribbean is complete.

There are destinations on this planet that you visit to expand your worldview and immerse yourself in another culture. Then there are those you visit for pure relaxation. Punta Cana, the second-most visited destination in Latin America, is the epitome of a fun and sunny destination, perhaps comparable to Cancun. Step off the airport and you are immediately thrown into an expanse of double-gated beach resorts, lush golf courses, and ocean views.

For those looking for a relaxed, worry-free fun in sun escape, Margaritaville Resort Cap Cana is one of the best all-inclusive experiences for romance or a good time with friends. The beach resort is divided into two sections – Wave at Island Reserve is for families while hammock at Island Reserve is adults-only.

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Margaritaville Resort Cap Cana Review - Margaritaville Cap Cana Reserve Hammock is adults-only.
Margaritaville Cap Cana Reserve Hammock is adults-only. Photo credit: Lauren Salisbury

Why Margaritaville Cap Cana Works for Couples and Friend Groups

  • All-inclusive resort that meets all your needs for relaxation
  • Unlimited alcohol included in the price
  • Private location on Juanillo Beach
  • 15 minutes from international airport
  • Spacious rooms and villas
  • Nightly entertainment
  • Free wifi
  • Friendly staff
  • Beachfront lounge chairs
  • Multiple pools with swim-up bars
  • Caribbean vibes throughout

What Doesn’t Work

  • Punta Cana has limited cultural attractions, making it a better choice for travelers looking to relax rather than experience the authentic side of the Dominican Republic. If you are looking for a more authentic Caribbean experience, consider a different location.
Margaritaville Resort Cap Cana Review - The villas include spacious bedrooms, private balconies, and outdoor showers.
The villas include spacious bedrooms, private balconies, and outdoor showers. Photo credit: Lauren Salisbury

Guest Rooms and Villas at Margaritaville Island Reserve Cap Cana

The sprawling Margaritaville Cap Cana has an impressive 519 guestrooms and 39 villas. Most rooms offer views of the pools and ocean, while others look into the parking lot. Check-in was a literal breeze and all guests were offered welcome margarita popsicles on arrival making it a nice introduction to the Caribbean. Many hotel reviews will point out the generous room size as a highlight.

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Margaritaville Resort Cap Cana Review - The view from the villas at Margaritaville Cap Cana Reserve.
The view from the villas at Margaritaville Cap Cana Reserve. Photo credit: Lauren Salisbury

During my visit, I stayed in one of the villas for a deluxe and luxury experience. The spacious and breezy room had plenty of space and natural light. In addition to a small kitchen and minibar, features of the villa included a bathtub and outdoor shower. The real highlight however is the private balcony, complete with its own pool. I stayed here most nights for a private and comfortable sunset view. Room service is also an option for those who wish to maximize private time.

Margaritaville Resort Cap Cana Review - Every cuisine is offered at the Entertainment Village.
Every cuisine is offered at the Entertainment Village. Photo credit: Lauren Salisbury

Restaurants at Margaritaville Cap Cana

What makes a visit to this all-inclusive experience even more worry-free is the number of food and beverage options available on the sprawling property. Most are found in the Entertainment Village. In fact, the resort has 9 restaurants, 5 bars, and a coffee shop onsite. The cost of meals and all alcoholic drinks is included in a resort stay meaning once you’ve arrived you don’t need to worry about ad hoc expenses.

Culinary highlights include:

  • The Boathouse – home to a world-class breakfast buffet with food options galore. Make your own chilaquiles, enjoy a made-to-order omelet, or indulge in the waffle, pancake, and crepe bar complete with dozens of toppings.
  • Joe Merchant’s – this low-key coffee shop is the perfect place to grab your first cup of the day or get a small meal to go if you don’t feel like indulging in the morning breakfast buffet.
  • Landshark – How cool is it that this resort has its very own brewery, and the cost of fresh brews is included with your stay! In fact, Margaritaville Cap Cana is home to the only Landshark brewery out of the United States.
  • JWB Steakhouse – of all the meals I had during my visit the steak at JWB was my favorite. Reservations are required for this premium option that features organic meats and sides galore.
  • Mon So Wi – This Asian-inspired restaurant is open for dinner only and features an impressive selection of dishes from Thailand, Nepal, Japan, and more.
  • Rum Runners – Caribbean-inspired dishes served in a large and sunlit-filled dining room.
  • Frank & Lola’s – Italian dishes in an ambient atmosphere.

In addition to the great dining options, the Entertainment Village also hosts nightly entertainment and live music.

Margaritaville Resort Cap Cana Review - No visit is complete without a visit to the 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar.
No visit is complete without a visit to the 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar. Photo credit: Lauren Salisbury

Pools and Bars at Margaritaville Cap Cana

The highlight of a stay at Margaritaville will undoubtedly be the time spent in the pools – and swim-up bars. There are three pools on the property – the main swimming pool, a family swim-up pool, and a private swimming pool exclusive for guests of the villas. Punch bar is another fun option for stellar cocktails and mingling.

The private pool for the guests of the villas was my favorite for relaxing. The pool is designed as a lazy river that leads past a swim-up bar – I floated around in laps, stopping for a pina colada on occasion. The main pool is the hub of the party and is adults-only. While it is more crowded, it also is a great place to connect with nice bartenders, and fellow travelers and perhaps make new friends. This pool is also home to the 5 o’Clock Somewhere bar, an essential stop for guests.

Margaritaville Resort Cap Cana Review - Tropical vibes are on full display in Punta Cana.
Tropical vibes are on full display in Punta Cana. Photo credit: Lauren Salisbury

St. Somewhere Spa

You don’t need to leave the resort to enjoy spa services. The St. Somewhere Spa features a menu of opinions designed to meet every need. From massages and facials to couples treatments, treat yourself to a little splurge! For those looking for an active experience, a fitness center is also located here.

The most unique treatment offered is the Mama Juana, a full sensory experience that offers treatments designed around the Mama Juana wine drink that is famous in the Dominican Republic. The treatment includes a rum exfoliant, fresh oranges and milk, and a wine-colored bath.

Margaritaville Resort Cap Cana Review - The resort is located on Juanillo Beach.
The resort is located on Juanillo Beach. Photo credit: Lauren Salisbury

Additional Activities

For an extra charge, the resort can arrange additional activities for guests to experience more of the Dominican Republic. Activities include ziplining in the rainforest, scuba diving coral reefs, and snorkeling cruises.

During my visit, the resort helped me arrange a day tour to Santo Domingo, the country’s capital city to explore the history of the island.

Margaritaville Cap Cana Resort Details

The resort is located at Boulevard Zona Hotelera Cap Cana in Punta Cana. It is just a 15-minute ride from the Punta Cana International Airport.

As it is an all-inclusive, most visitors stay at the resort for the duration of their vacation. If you are interested in exploring more of the region the resort concierge can arrange tours at an additional cost.

The beautiful resort is located on Juanillo Beach, a private beach that is home to several other all-inclusive resorts as well. Margaritaville Island Reserve Cap Cana Hammock is recommended for adults looking for a Caribbean getaway in a safe, friendly, and fun beach resort atmosphere.

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