PROPS Luggage Review: The Travel Upgrade You Didn’t Know You Needed

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props luggage review and photo
Photo credit: Breeze Leonard

PROPS gave us a suitcase for review purposes.

Luggage is the common denominator among all our travel experiences. And let’s face it, luggage designs have stagnated over the years. Now, PROPS luggage has dramatically redefined the game with its built-in legs!

As someone who is constantly tugging luggage through airports and hotel rooms thanks to my dual-travel life (balancing work and leisure), I’ve grown quite particular about my carry-on choices. I have a definite checklist of indispensable features. Thanks to PROPS’ ingenious design, that list now includes luggage with legs!

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Here is my full PROPS luggage review.

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Luggage with Legs

Honestly, this thing has features I didn’t even know I needed. The PROPS leg system? Genius! It stands firm on its own. It’s got this robust, but super lightweight polycarbonate hard shell, and dual-spinner wheels that are as smooth as butter.

The unique top-lid opening was a game-changer for me too because that meant I could easily dig around inside the main compartment without disrupting my carefully-packed belongings! Plus, it’s got a TSA-approved lock, so no more mini heart attacks at security.

The legs are easy to fold and unfold for use. They are designed to fold into the back of the luggage so they do not get in the way when you’re trying to stow your carry-on in the overhead bin. It’s a very simple functionality with a sleek design.

PROPS luggage with the lid open
PROPS luggage has a unique front opening so you see what you packed without digging through everything in the suitcase. Photo credit: Breeze Leonard

PROPS Luggage Features:

  • Durable and lightweight, thanks to the polycarbonate outer hard shell
  • Smooth and durable dual-spinner wheels, complete with ball bearings
  • Innovative top-lid opening to enhance packing space in the main compartment
  • Interior compression system to keep belongings secure
  • Telescopic trolley handle, adjustable across three stages
  • Multiple carry handles located at the top, side, and bottom
  • Trustworthy YKK zippers ensure smooth operation
  • Integrated combination lock, TSA-approved for hassle-free security checks
  • Convenient expansion zipper to accommodate those extra souvenirs and travel purchases
PROPS luggage using its legs
Standing on its own with built-in legs! Photo credit: Breeze Leonard

Putting it to the Real Test

So, I took my PROPS bag with me on my last trip, and it was the MVP. Airport, city streets, a tiny bathroom in a tiny Airbnb — this luggage just gets it. The leg system made sure it stayed put without needing a wall to lean on. It stood its ground, and I easily unpacked without everything toppling over.

There were two noticeable times when the leg system came in handy for me:

1) When I didn’t have a luggage rack in my room. I just used the legs and it kept me from having to move my luggage on and off the bed.

2) During my layovers at the airport. I could use the PROPS luggage as an instant work surface and set my laptop on top of it. This was great not only to catch up on some emails between flights but also to easily binge watch my favorite Netflix show before my flight.

The back of the PROPS luggage with a sleek design for the legs.
The legs fold up into the back of the PROPS luggage. Photos credit: Breeze Leonard

A Mom’s Ingenuity Changed the Luggage Game

PROPS luggage was designed by a mom who traveled with her four girls and was tired of never finding enough luggage racks and trying to stay organized while traveling. She was basically like, “enough is enough” and designed travel gear that could stand on its own — literally.

It’s such an inspiring story and speaks volumes about how necessity truly is the mother of invention.

You can use code shebuystravel10 for an exclusive discount (10%) off any PROPS luggage.

Ideal for…Well, Everyone!

Whether you’re a man or a woman traveling solo, with a family or with friends, or jetting off for work, this suitcase doesn’t discriminate. It’s sleek enough for business professionals and sturdy enough for adventurers.

Personally, I will use it mostly when traveling for work and for day trips. I noticed that the PROPS luggage seemed to be smaller than my normal carry-on luggage so I had to use the expansion zipper and will continue to use it only for short getaways.

Kim Orlando, Founder of SheBuysTravel, provides a notable remark to remember when selecting your ideal PROPS luggage, “It’s a great weekend bag and I like the option of using it as a table. I wouldn’t recommend the white (ICE) one because scuff marks are hard to remove.”

The PROPS luggage comes in 4 colors; ICE, IVORY, MIDNIGHT and GRAPHITE. I would recommend the darker colors (midnight & graphite) so that any scuff marks are less visible.

woman reading a book on her props luggage review
Kim Orlando reading a book using her PROPS luggage as a desk. Photo credit: Kim Orlando

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, if you’re still lugging around that ancient suitcase with the wonky wheel, it’s time for an upgrade. PROPS Luggage has reinvented the wheel (quite literally) in the luggage department. This luggage could be your new favorite travel hack.

You can use code shebuystravel10 for an exclusive discount (10%) off any PROPS luggage.