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Looking for a new and exciting way to see Times Square? The Ride NYC is more than a bus tour, it’s an entire performance. We love this unique way to interact with New York City while seeing the sites.

For sightseeing with a twist, “The Ride” and “The Tour” boast facts, comedy and performances from New York City’s busy streets while riding sideways in a “Knight-Rideresque” bus.

Yes, sideways—in a vehicle fitted with stadium style theater seating looking out the virtually all-glass side of the bus. As an audience member, you’ll see the sights. You also, in effect, become one of them for anyone choosing to watch or photograph you looking outwards.

There’s no doubt these New York City attractions have “tourist” written all over them. That doesn’t mean they’re not fun! For a family looking to cover a lot of ground it’s a great option. Plus, the kids can’t complain their feet are hurting. “The Ride,” and “The Tour” offer a new type of sightseeing. They run rain or shine and cost less than a Broadway show.

Sights Seen on The Ride in Times Square and Midtown

Billed as “part tour, part entertainment,” by its creators, The Ride NYC starts off in the heart of Times Square. Here you’ll meet your tour guides or “ride operatives,” on the bus.

the ride nyc sightseeing bus
Watching the sites from inside The Ride NYC. Photo credit: Eden Pontz

Part scripted, part improvised, Scott and Jackie, our guides, made the crowd feel right at home. Even while explaining the state-of-the-art bus technology, they were adeptly commenting on people inside and outside of the bus. My husband, or as we called him, our photographer was quickly pointed out by Scott as “a New Yorker who felt he was too good for sidewalks”, while standing outside in the middle of the street.

We immediately learned Times Square in New York is the number one tourist destination in the United States. Did you know the entire Empire Theater building was actually picked up and moved 170 feet to preserve it? As we gleaned the details, “The Ride” (the name of the “talking” bus) showed us historical photos on multiple screens of the building as it was moved.

Heading through Times Square, hearing trivia about New Years Eve ball drop, we encountered one man who was still celebrating.

Photo credit: Eden Pontz
Photo credit: Eden Pontz

The Ride NYC Bus Tour Spoiler Alert

In the show vein, and without giving all the details, riders encounter a number of performers during The Ride. From a reveler, to a dancer, a la Fred Astaire (this modernized version finishes with a selfie), to a delivery man who’s not, you’re never quite sure which of the people you see on the street may turn out to be one of the 5-7 performers who are part of the interactive show.

You may find yourself singing a song from the musical, “42nd Street,” or have a chance to take “The Ride” quiz, where you’ll be asked general knowledge questions about New York City and its attractions. You’ll have a chance to learn both real facts and movie facts about the Chrysler Building (and others), enjoy the architecture of the Mobil Building, and will learn the main branch of the New York Public Library has more than 20 million books inside.

You’ll discover that Bryant Park offers free ping pong, free juggling lessons, free yoga, and free films in the summertime, not to mention Thursday afternoon’s “Broadway in Bryant Park” where Broadway performers come out for free as well. And then there’s the unexpected, because after all, it’s New York City.

Photo credit: Eden Pontz
Photo credit: Eden Pontz

Unexpected Bus Tour Features

To our surprise, and much to his, actor Alec Baldwin was stepping into a black car in the middle of the street (not far from 30 Rock) when our bus turned the corner. One astute guide pointed him out, and as he saw us, and we all saw him, he was faced with the reality of having to wave and acknowledge us all—theater verite. Our guide Jackie pondered whether we should follow him, and answered her own question with a ”No, that’s probably not a good idea as he may think we’re the paparazzi. And you know what he does to those guys.”

We learned soon afterwards, that one of the tourists on The Ride with us, was actually an actress from Australia who was in town after having finished shooting her scenes in “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

Guides and performers improvised, interacted and reacted with those of us on The Ride as well as those on the streets. We finished The Ride with a rousing karaoke version of “New York, New York.”

Different Options to See New York

There are differences between The Ride and The Tour that should be noted. The Ride NYC is more expensive (although you can find Groupons and other discounted tickets online for both). Also make sure to pick up tickets at their box office to save on “processing fees”.

Cheering on the ride nyc
Enthusiasm was high on The Ride. Photo credit: Eden Pontz

Your “ride on The Ride NYC is has comedic hosts. On The Tour you’ll have a licensed tour guide (although there are laughs to be had on both. The two options are also slightly different in length. The Ride NYC lasts 75 minutes vs 90 minutes for The Tour. The Ride takes you through midtown including Times Square, The Tour hits midtown and the Upper West Side. But on both trips, you’ll have a unique learning experience geared to the entire family.

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