Holiday Fun For Families: The Santa Suite at The Swissotel Chicago

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Swissôtel Chicago Santa Suite - tree and santa decorations on desk in front of window overlooking Chicago skyline.
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The Santa Suite at Swissotel Chicago transforms the holiday experience into a magical escape. This enchanting suite immerses guests in festive elegance with its whimsical decor, including a Christmas tree adorned with sparkling lights. Families can cozy up in a warm, inviting atmosphere filled with holiday cheer. From plush furnishings to delightful festive details, the Santa Suite at Swissotel promises a memorable and joyful stay in the heart of Chicago during the holiday season.

View of the bedroom and living space in the Swissotel Chicago Santa Suite.
Photo credit: Swissotel

Why the Santa Suite is not to be missed:

  • Enchanting Holiday Decor: Immerse yourself in the festive ambiance of the Santa Suite, adorned with whimsical holiday decorations, including an elf-decorated room and 17 Christmas trees, creating a magical atmosphere for families.
  • Personalized Santa Visits: Families can book exclusive Santa visits, providing a unique and intimate experience with Santa Claus in the cozy confines of the suite.
  • Holiday Speakeasy: The hotel offers a holiday speakeasy, adding an element of surprise and joy for families looking for a special treat during their stay.
  • Strategic Location: Situated within Swissotel Chicago, the family-friendly Santa Suite provides stunning views and a cozy retreat for families, making it an ideal choice for holiday celebrations in the heart of Chicago.
Child exploring giant ornament ball decor next to Christmas tree decorated in red, at the Swissotel Chicago Santa Suite.
Photo credit: Theresa DeMaria

Santa Suite Package

Stop by Santa’s Presidential Pad to visit the man of the season, and overindulge in unlimited Swiss hot cocoa and holiday treats at Swissôtel’s festively decorated Santa Suite. The package includes:

  • Visit with Santa
  • Hot Chocolate Bar
  • Holiday Treats & Champagne
  • Keepsake ornament making
  • Letter writing and visit to Santa’s Post Office
  • Cookie Decorating
  • Crafts and Face Painting
  • Parking for 1 vehicle
Two beds separated by small nightstand, with white linens and red/green wreaths overhead each. One has a red pillow with 'Merry' in white and the other has a white pillow with 'Joy' in red. Part of the Swissotel Chicago Santa Suite.
Photo credit: Swissotel

Guest Rooms Ideal for Families at the Swissotel

Swissotel Chicago welcomes families to spacious and thoughtfully designed guest rooms, ensuring a delightful stay for all. These family-friendly accommodations offer ample space for relaxation, with the option of connecting rooms to maintain both privacy and proximity.

The rooms are equipped with kid-friendly amenities, including cribs and rollaway beds, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for younger guests. Families can revel in panoramic views of the city or the Chicago River, adding an extra layer of delight to their stay. With a central location, Swissotel Chicago provides easy access to family-friendly attractions, making it the perfect home base for unforgettable family adventures.

Swissotel Chicago’s Presidential Suite exudes luxury and sophistication. Spanning 2,000 square feet, it offers panoramic views of the city and the Chicago River. With opulent furnishings, a spacious living area, and impeccable service, it’s an unrivaled retreat for discerning guests.

Dining area with bar, booths and tables at the Swissotel Chicago (Santa Suite).
Photo credit: Theresa DeMaria

Family-Friendly Dining Options at The Swissotel

Swissotel Chicago boasts family-friendly dining options, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for all. The hotel’s restaurants, such as The Palm, offer a welcoming atmosphere and a diverse menu suitable for varying tastes. Known for its legendary steaks and seafood, The Palm caters to both adults and children with its extensive offerings. Additionally, the hotel’s in-room dining services provide convenient options for families to enjoy meals together in the comfort of their rooms.

The Swissotel’s commitment to meeting the needs of younger guests is reflected in its menus. They include kid-friendly selections that cater to different preferences. Dining at Swissotel Chicago is a pleasant and inclusive experience for families exploring the vibrant city.

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