The Reef at Atlantis Review: Luxury and Comfort for Your Family Getaway

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The Reef at Atlantis - view of the hotel and pool area.

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Atlantis Paradise Island is one of my favorite jewels in the Caribbean because it’s always an unforgettable escape for my family. During my recent visit with my two energetic daughters, we had rooms at The Reef, a premier resort that was not just a place to stay, but a world of adventure and relaxation.

The Reef has a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere compared to the bustling energy of other Atlantis accommodations. But what truly sets The Reef apart, and why I enjoyed our stay,  is its unique blend of family-friendly features and luxurious amenities.

Our Room at The Reef

Our studio room at this Atlantis property mirrored the comforts of a standard hotel setup, one bedroom featuring two queen beds and a spacious bathroom complete with a luxurious soaker tub and a standalone shower.

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What set our room apart was the kitchenette equipped with an electric burner, dishwasher, sink, Keurig coffee maker, and a full set of cooking utensils and kitchenware.

This feature was great because it offered us the flexibility to whip up simple meals for breakfast or lunch right in our room. This not only helped us stick to our vacation budget but also allowed us to enjoy slower mornings together.

Studio guestroom with two queen beds at The Reef. Photo shows the beds with decor above, and a small round table and 2 chairs by the sliding door
Our studio guestroom with two queen beds at The Reef, very spacious for families. Photo credit: Breeze Leonard

There are 1 and 2 bedroom suite options at The Reef that include a full kitchen if you’re looking for more space.

Each morning, my daughters took delight in preparing their own breakfast, while I savored my coffee on the balcony. For those who value a room with an ocean view, I recommend inquiring about this when booking to be sure that you get a great view.

Small kitchen counter with a coffeemaker, water bottles, sink, and tv above. There are cupboards below
This small kitchen area had all the essentials we needed, including microwave, dishwasher, electric burner and coffee maker. Photo credit: Breeze Leonard

The on-site grocery store located in The Reef gave us grocery options for our room so we didn’t have to leave the resort for necessities. You could get your basic necessities plus some fun items like ice cream! There is even a Starbucks located in the lobby making it convenient for me to stay caffeinated while trying to keep up with my two pre-teens. The room did come with complimentary Wifi.

And the soaker tub in our room was a treat for me after a long day of fun!

Two young girls with ponytails are laying out yellow towels on brown chaises on a pool deck overlooking the blue ocean, with palm trees and blue sky in the rear.
My two girls are saving our chairs for a fun day at the pool that overlooks the beautiful ocean! Photo credit: Breeze Leonard

Our Favorite Pool is Located at The Reef

I love the Cascades Pool at The Reef! It quickly became our favorite spot during our trip. The pool offers a unique experience that combines the best of both worlds: luxurious poolside amenities and stunning ocean views of the private beach.

Being a guest at The Reef meant we could enjoy a relaxing pool environment that overlooks the beautiful waters of the Bahamas. What more could you ask for?

View of The Reef with palm trees and blue sky.
Our view from our lounge chairs that were pool-side at The Reef. Photo credit: Breeze Leonard

The pool area has sun loungers, umbrellas for shade, and easy access to refreshments and snacks at the Cascades Grill. The proximity to the ocean meant that we could easily alternate beach and pool time.

SHEBUYSTRAVEL TIP: Get up early if you want to be sure you’ll have a sun lounger at the pool or the beach. Early each morning we noticed families saving their spots with pool towels.

Two young girls stand at the large window looking into The Dig with fish.
Exploring Atlantis is the highlight when we visit. My girls always ask to walk through the Dig to see all the fish. Photo credit: Breeze Leonard

On-Site Shuttle Service

During my previous visit to Atlantis Paradise Island, I stayed at The Royal, which is the closest resort to the Aquaventure water park.

Staying at The Reef would mean that we would need to travel back and forth to the must-visit water park and any restaurants or activities located at the other resorts.

I was thrilled to learn that the free on-site shuttle service at Atlantis Paradise Island was super convenient and easy to navigate with kids.

During our stay, the shuttle was a lifeline. It allowed us to move easily between attractions, dining areas, and other resort locations.

The shuttles run frequently, minimizing wait times and making it incredibly convenient to plan our day without worrying about long walks or transportation logistics. This was especially appreciated after long days at Aquaventure.

SheBuysTravel Tip: Keep in mind that there are several locations for pickup and drop-off; use the resort map on the Atlantis Paradise Island app to easily navigate the shuttle routes. The longest wait time for shuttles seems to be at the main entrance of The Royal, so I’d recommend using other locations when possible.

Entrance into The Reef with welcome mat reading "The Reef".
The entrance to The Reef connects you to a walking path to The Cove, which is only a short distance away. Photo credit: Breeze Leonard

Safety & Security at The Reef

I frequently travel alone with my kids, so safety is always a big part of our travel planning.

At Atlantis Paradise Island, the resort’s environment and staff played an important role in ensuring that we felt secure and well-cared-for throughout our stay.

The Reef’s design and layout also contribute to a sense of safety and exclusivity. The private beach, guests-only access to certain areas, including the pool and beach, meant that the environment was controlled and less crowded, which gave me peace of mind.

The presence of attentive lifeguards at the pool and beach further assured me that my kids would have another layer of protection while they engaged in water activities. My kids are pre-teens and they enjoy a little independence without having mom holding their hands the whole time.

View from the covered entrance area to The Reef.
We always felt safe as we explored the property in and around The Reef. Photo credit: Breeze Leonard

Security measures at The Reef, such as gated entries, security personnel patrolling the area, and the use of room key cards to access certain parts of the resort all made us feel safe.

The family-friendly environment coupled with the attentive staff and the layers of security measures made The Reef feel like the perfect destination for a mom traveling alone with kids.

The lobby at The Reef, with counter and sitting area.
The stunning lobby area and front desk at The Reef where you check-in or out of the resort. Photo credit: Breeze Leonard

Choosing The Reef Over The Royal or The Cove

Choosing where to stay within Atlantis Paradise Island depends on the type of experience you’re seeking.

While the iconic towers of The Royal offer a central location and bustling atmosphere, and The Cove provides a more upscale, adult-oriented environment, The Reef stands out as the ideal choice for families.

I found that the family-focused ambiance of The Reef provides a more relaxed experience, which is often much needed on family vacations. Unlike The Royal, where the energy is high and the crowds more intense, The Reef offers a quieter setting where families can enjoy quality time together without the constant buzz.

The Cove caters more to adults with an adults-only pool and nightlife while The Reef offers amenities and activities that appeal to both children and adults.

This balance of family-friendly fun and relaxed luxury makes The Reef an excellent choice.

Plus, The Cove and The Reef are right next door to one another. So if you’re staying at the Reef and dining at the Cove, it’s just a short walk away.

View of a wall at The Reef with artwork.
The Reef had so much beautiful artwork that filled the walls. Photo credit: Breeze Leonard

The Royal is also where you will find the huge casino at Atlantis. That can mean a lot of hustle and bustle on the gaming floor – but it’s all far enough removed from The Reef to be ideal for families who prefer to stay in a place that feels more secluded and peaceful.

Also, when traveling with young kids who want to stay and play all day on the waterslides at Aquaventure, I recommend staying at The Reef so you can take breaks in the room without seeing the park outside your window.

I know when my girls were little if they could see fun happening outside our resort room, no one was getting much rest!

Two young girls stand by a suitcase and backpack, holding Starbucks cups and smiling.
My girls were thrilled to have Starbucks when we were checking out and headed to the airport. Photo credit: Breeze Leonard

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