Ditch the Heels, Grab Your Besties: Unforgettable Things To Do in Casper, Wyoming for Your Girls’ Getaway!

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View of skiing from Casper Mountain in Casper Wyoming.
Casper Mountain. Photo credit: Lauren Harby

So, you’re thinking about your next girls’ trip. You’ve exhausted the usual suspects: Austin, Nashville, and Savannah. If you’re looking for a destination off the beaten path, consider Casper, Wyoming. Located in the heart of the state, Casper is a popular ski destination, if your friends are into mountain sports. Beyond the outdoor adventures, you’ll find cultural experiences and friendly small-town charm, Get ready to kick up your cowgirl boots (you’ll need those)! Here are some of the fun things my friends and I did during our recent girls’ trip to Casper.

Adventures at Casper Mountain

Nestled at the base of the town, Casper Mountain acts as the towering backdrop that you can spot from nearly anywhere. In the summer, you can enjoy a scenic hike through the forests, or take on other outdoor activities such as biking, fishing, and boating along the Alcova Reservoir.

If you’re looking to head up there during the winter, you’ll be happy to know there are just as many outdoor activities to enjoy. While I was there, I braved the slopes of Hogadon Basin Ski Area. And I lived to tell the tale.

View of Casper Mountain with snow in Casper Wyoming.
Casper mountain. Photo credit: Lauren Harby

I wouldn’t quite call myself a skier, as my only previous experience was hanging out around the bunny slopes of upstate New York. With trepidation yet determination, I entered the ski lodge to be greeted by the warm and welcoming staff of the ski lodge. There’s some brief paperwork to fill out before collecting your ski rentals. While their slopes are safe, you still want to make sure you read the fine print and paperwork, as a precaution. After I got fitted for my ski boots and poles, I headed out.

While some of the gals in my group got the hang of things quickly, my lack of coordination kept me not far from the bunny slopes. I vaguely recalled the “pizza/hotdog” method, but I must place heavy emphasis on my lack of coordination! While skiing isn’t quite my thing, it is a must-do at least once while you’re in town.

SheBuysTravel Tip: Don’t forget ski gloves! 

Cultural Experiences

A dinosaur head at the Tate Geological Museum in Casper Wyoming.
Dinosaur fossil head. Photo credit: Lauren Harby

The Tate Geological Museum

Wyoming is rich in history. While every destination loves to place an emphasis on their history, let me stress just how rich in history Wyoming is: it’s “Jurassic” in history! You may not have known this, but the western part of the US, including Wyoming, has a very large concentration of dinosaur fossils found throughout the years. While you’re in Casper, take a moment to dive into the history of all that was here long, long before us. The Tate Geological Museum, located on the campus of Casper College, is home to a staggering number of fossils and minerals. This museum regularly holds tours for students and curious minds alike. While you’re there, make sure you take a moment to speak with the museum’s education specialist, Russell Hawley. A man of many talents, Russell will take you on an immersive tour, educating you on even the smallest details of the museum’s history. You’ll quickly find that his passion and dedication to the subject is just as memorable as the fossils themselves.  

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Statue inside the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center in Casper Wyoming
Statue of horseback riding. Photo credit: Lauren Harby

National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

My personal second favorite museum in Casper is the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center. Dedicated to telling the history of the pioneer trails, this museum will take you on an interactive journey while educating you on the historic trails that passed through Wyoming, including the well-known Oregon Trail.

One of the reasons why I enjoyed this museum so much is because of the hands-on interactive experience the museum provides. Interactive installations such as a simulation of crossing a river in a wagon, or pushing a weighted wagon forward, provide easy comprehension and engagement for adults and kids alike.

Room in the Nicolaysen Art Museum for kids in Casper Wyoming.
Art section for kids. Photo credit: Lauren Harby

Nicolaysen Art Museum

Art lovers, this is your stop. The Nicolaysen Art Museum holds a diverse collection of art ranging from Western to Contemporary. All galleries in this museum hold a unique touch of creativity, as you’ll swiftly find not only paintings, but photography, sculptures, and a variety of mixed media. Kids in tow? This is the place to be. Head upstairs for the little ones to enjoy their own little art room, filled with colors and crafts to engage them while you browse through the museum.  

Decor in a coffee house in Casper Wyoming.
Coffee house. Photo credit: Lauren Harby

Coffee, Culinary and Cocktails

What’s a trip without some fun food adventures?! You’ll find plenty of dining options around town. For a wide variety of options, head over to downtown Casper. After some boutique shopping, you can check out one of the several welcoming cafes around the block. The Bourgeois Pig is a warm cafe, with an eclectic vibe. Stop by for a coffee and enjoy the decor.

Enjoy some award-winning steak over at the popular dinner spot, FireRock Steakhouse. Known for their warm service and finest cuts of steak, this is a great spot to fill up after a day of exploring. With an array of options to choose from, you’ll surely find something to fill your stomach here.  

Take-home spirits from Backwards Distillery in Casper Wyoming.
Take-home bottles. Photo credit: Lauren Harby

Post-dinner drinks, anyone? I’ve got the perfect place: Backwards Distilling Company – Wyoming’s hometown distilling brand. Quality, craft, and creativity are some of the pillars of this family-owned and family-operated distillery. Their intriguing menu of fine spirits and cocktails tell the tale of otherworldly adventures of a whimsical circus show of the prohibition era. You can even purchase some bottles to-go to share at home!

Old Faithful in Yellowstone
Old Faithful is Yellowstone’s most famous landmark. Photo credit: Gwen Kleist

Day Trips

While Casper offers plenty to do, if you’re looking to get out of town for a day, you can rent a car and take a scenic drive to Yellowstone National Park – the first US National Park – where you can admire springs, geysers, and see some of the earth’s most astounding landscapes and wildlife. On a previous trip to Wyoming, I was lucky enough to take a trip to this park, and I can confidently say of all the places on earth I’ve been, Yellowstone National Park is one of my favorite places. It’s about a 4-hour drive, so consider an overnight stay in Cody near the Park’s East Entrance.

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Of the many things that Casper, Wyoming has to offer, you’ll quickly find that as special as this land is, it’s truly the people who bring its charm to life. Every encounter I had on this trip was warm, welcoming, and friendly. You don’t get that kind of hospitality in a big city. So, are your boots still on? Let’s go!

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