Tips for Touring LA Angels Stadium with Kids

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Touring the los angeles angels stadium

Want to get on the field in a major league baseball stadium? Angel Stadium of Anaheim offers behind the scenes tours AND on field batting practice. Try to hit one out of the park, like Anaheim Angels slugger “Showtime” Ohtani. Want to know what the experience is like? Read on.

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Celebrating Baseball in Southern California

Are you a sports fan who enjoys supporting your favorite team? Planning travel around a specific sports event was a new experience for me, but I learned how fun it can be! My husband and I were invited to Southern California for the ultimate baseball experience with Chevrolet. I’m from Texas so we have a thing for big pickup trucks. In fact, the moms in my circle of friends all drive trucks instead of minivans. (It’s a Texas thing).

When we arrived in Los Angeles, California we jumped into a beautiful Chevrolet Silverado LT Trail Boss. I was thrilled because not only was it a beautiful cajun red color but I felt right at home when I jumped into the driver’s seat. You might assume that it would be difficult to drive a bigger vehicle in traffic, especially in a big city, but the Trail Boss handled like a dream! I always feel safer when I’m one of the bigger vehicles on the road.

Touring Angel Stadium of Anaheim Home of the Los Angeles Angels

You’re going to hit this out of the ballpark if you take your kids to tour Angel Stadium (let’s see how many baseball puns I can make). Angel Stadium is the 4th oldest active stadium in Major League Baseball and its nickname is the Big A. It’s such a fun experience for any sports fan to tour a stadium and you’ll get to see areas that are normally restricted to the public. The private tour of Anaheim Stadium includes visits to the press box, press conference room, clubhouse and dugout. Your kids will feel like they’re one of the Anaheim Angels!

Our tour guide did a wonderful job of sharing his knowledge of MLB and Angel Stadium. He made sure we knew the history behind every room we walked into. We learned a lot about Gene Autry, owner of the Los Angeles Angels. He also shared with us the most popular sandwich in Major League Baseball–peanut butter and jelly (all moms can appreciate this one)!

Let’s Play Ball

How do you take an already awesome experience and make it better? You put us in center field and give us a shot at feeling like we’re playing in the World Series! You can arrange on-field batting practice at the Los Angeles Angels Stadium and let me tell you, that was so much fun!! I’ll never watch one of my hometown Texas Rangers or Houston Astros home games the same now that I know what it feels like to be in the center of all the action.

It's time to play ball at the stadium.
Visiting the City of Anaheim to tour the stadium where the Angels play and feeling like the biggest Angels fan. Photo credit: Casey Rodgers

Seeing ourselves on the big screen was an added bonus. I actually hit a few balls! I was aiming for the outfield, but it never happened. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! On-field batting practice includes:

  • Two hours of batting practice
  • Balls, bats and batting helmets
  • Music
  • Live feed of guests on the vision board
  • Scoreboard to display messages and/or your company’s logo
  • Water and energy drinks in the dugout

What more do you need for a memorable day feeling like one of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim standing on the home plate!

Batting practice at los angeles angels stadium
Batting practice on the field was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Photo credit: Casey Rodgers

Learning All About Baseball Bats

Anytime we travel, my No. 1 goal is to learn something new. I will research the area to find a tour, museum or event that will be educational for me and my family. Part of our baseball experience with Chevrolet was to tour the Trinity Bat Company located near Angel Stadium of Anaheim. The Trinity Bat Company is one of the few baseball bat manufactures that makes bats for MLB players. We learned about the entire process of making a baseball bat from start to finish.

Watching baseball bats being made at the Trinity bat company
Trinity Bat Company makes bats for MLB players and teams. Photo credit: Casey Rodgers

Here are some pretty cool baseball bat facts:

  • Wood bats force players to make a compact swing. Aluminum bats don’t require the same discipline when swinging and hitting.
  • Trinity Bat makes all of its wood bats with either ash, birch or maple. Did you know that the type of wood makes a difference in how the bat handles?
  •  All the Trinity bats go through a bone rubbing process; rubbing the bat against a hard surface condenses the wood and makes it stronger.
A wooden baseball bat being made.
A wooden baseball bat is made. Photo credit: Casey Rodgers
Wooden baseball bats finishing touches.
Putting finishing touches on our custom bats. Photo credit: Casey Rodgers

Staying On The Coast

After a long day of fun, there is no better feeling than to come home to a soft bed and a beautiful view. We stayed at the Lido House in Newport Beach which is part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection. I fell in love with the nautical themes throughout this boutique hotel.

The beautiful Lido House in Newport Beach, CA
The beautiful Lido House in Newport Beach, CA Photo credit: Casey Rodgers

The Lido House is located on the site of the former City Hall, so it’s called the “old-new centerpiece of Newport Beach.” We enjoyed breakfast and lunch at the Mayor’s Table Pacific Pub & Kitchen located inside the Lido House and it was simply delicious! It was truly an all-around “ultimate” experience.

Amazing lunch options at the Lido House
The food was simply delicious Photo credit: Casey Rodgers

All The Things To Love About The Chevrolet Silverado LT Trail Boss

Our hosted trip was a home run! We really enjoyed our time with Chevrolet touring the Los Angeles Angels Stadium and driving around Southern California!

My favorite feature about our time driving the  Chevrolet Silverado LT Trail Boss: Whether we were cruising down Hwy 1 or weaving through traffic on Interstate 5, the 2″ Z71 factory lift sets you high above the traffic so you can soak in the beautiful view and feel like a BOSS on the road.

Cruising down Hwy 1 in the Chevrolet Trail Boss
You can’t go wrong with that cajun red color! Photo credit: Breeze Leonard

Rugged but comfortable. Like I mentioned before, I’m from Texas and having a pick-up truck that can take us places is high on my list. However, the ride also has to be comfortable enough to drive carpool. The Trail Boss can easily be used in both city and rural commutes and the beefy Goodyear Duratec A/T tires are all you’d ever need for an off-road adventure.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Fully customizable and available in 11 colors, Chevrolet has made a truck that’s Texan-approved.

Now let’s talk about what you’ll find inside this beauty. I spend a lot of time behind the wheel and there are two things I always look for–space and tech. I have three kids and a dog that are pretty much attached to me, where I go they go. That means I must have the space to haul kids and all their stuff (trust me there is a lot of stuff).

The Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss also has all the tech features that are important to me; 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot capability, comes standard with a 7” diagonal color touchscreen infotainment system smart screen with Apple Carplay, and of course the valuable 2nd row USB ports.

Oh, did I mention the Trail Boss has a power liftgate? I’m all about hitting that easy button!

If you’re visiting Anaheim, don’t forget you can find Disney nearby too! Happy travels!

Want More Baseball?

A fun day playing on the field
Angel Stadium Seating Photo credit: Casey Rodgers
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