Eat Your Veggies! These 13 Vegetarian Restaurants in Calgary are for Everyone

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Vegetarian restaurants in Calgary include the Barberella Bar, which offers yummy lemon tarts.
It’s easy to find plant-based food in Calgary, from restaurants with vegetable forward menus to fully vegan operations. Pictured here: Lemon tart with carmelized yogurt and olive oil from Barberella Bar (Contains dairy.) Photo credit: Jill Robbins

Whether you’re a strict vegetarian or vegan or just enjoy a good plant-based meal once in a while, you’ll find some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Calgary. Yes, Calgary – located in Alberta, Canada that’s famous for beef.

Full disclosure: I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan, and I have zero issues with eating something that used to be an animal, even a cute one. I do, however, have some issues with food textures, and sometimes, sticking with plant-based or low-meat meals is more comfortable for me. And I really do love my veggies and ate almost exclusively plant-based during my visit to Calgary. Spoiler alert: I had some of the best, most inventive plant-based and vegetable-forward food ever.

These are the 13 best vegetarian restaurants in Calgary. Who knew? Time to get your veg on in the Great White North. Here’s where I recommend you eat.

Vegetarian restaurants in Calgary include Vegetable dishes at Ten Foot Henry
Our server told us that Ten Foot Henry’s plant-forward dishes are the best things on the menu. I believe it! Photo credit: Jill Robbins

1. Ten Foot Henry

1209 1 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0V3, Canada

While not a vegan restaurant – there is meat on the menu at Ten Foot Henry – the vegetable-anchored dishes served family-style make this a top choice for anyone who is going for more plants on their plate.

Ten Foot Henry has a casual vibe, but there’s also an undertone of elegance, so whether you’re out to dinner for a special occasion or grabbing a quick healthy bite for lunch, this space can be what you need.

There are three sections to the menu: Vegetables, Pasta, and Fish & Meat. The veggie section is the largest and, in my opinion, has the best food. There’s also a small selection of brunch dishes that are available only on Saturdays and Sundays.

The restaurant is named for the 10-foot replica of the cartoon boy Henry from the 1930s. If you’re a pop culture fan, you might remember Henry; he’s kind of notorious among Calgarians because his likeness has moved around the city over the past 40 years.

Vegetarian restaurants in Calgary even include plant-based sushi.
This plant-based sushi was made from beets and other vegetables Vegetarian ponzu, eggplant tostadas, and sweet potato kimchi round out the plant-based menu choices. Photo credit: Jill Robbins


631 Confluence Way SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1C3, Canada

You might not think of Canadian food and rad sushi belonging in the same sentence, but I bet a visit to NUPO will change your mind.

NUPO uniquely combines Japanese techniques with Canadian ingredients. The menu focuses on fish and plant-based fare, including large-format fish dishes made with a custom dry-aging chamber. The charcoal used at NUPO is imported from Japan and the sushi rice is made with softened water to replicate the quality of Japanese rice. These are behind-the-scenes details that you probably would never ask about but these small things contribute to the overall dining experience.

Order off the regular menu or snag reservations for snag reservations for Calgary’s first counter- service Omakase experience. Eight ultra-lucky diners can vie for a seat at Eight, which is Chef Darren McLean’s intimate 15-course seating. If you want a seating at Eight, follow NUPO’s website to stay informed of when the reservations are released. They go fast.

Vegetarian restaurants in Calgary include the avocado toast at Sidewalk Citizen.
Avocado toast at Sidewalk Citizen is made with their fresh, sourdough bread. If you eat fish, try the salmon toast. Photo credit: Jill Robbins

3. Sidewalk Citizen Bakery

618 Confluence Way SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0G1, Canada

Enjoy a delicious breakfast or grab takeout at this Calgarian success story restaurant. In addition to making sourdough bread and other baked goods, Sidewalk Citizen is a fun entrepreneurial success story of a self-taught baker who moved from selling bread from the back of his bike to running an operation employing 40 people. And yes, the sourdough is delish!

The menu is naturally heavy on sourdough bread but includes other pastries, like brownies and cookies, as well. Vegetarian breakfast includes a variety of breakfast sandwiches with eggs, cheese, and avocado as well as fruit and granola bowls. I 1000 percent recommend the avocado toast. If you eat fish, the salmon toast also looked delicious.

If you are gluten-free or gluten-sensitive, there are options for you here. While Sidewalk Citizen Bakery doesn’t have a dedicated gluten-free menu, there will be a selection of items you can safely and comfortably enjoy – just ask.

vegetarian restaurants calgary include sweet potato falafel at Donna Mac.
Sweet potato falafel at Donna Mac is a 10/10 recommend. Photo credit: Jill Robbins

4. Donna Mac

1002 9 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0B5, Canada

Donna Mac is vegetarian and carnivore friendly, with fully vegan options, too, so no matter what you eat or who you are eating with, you can dine here and everyone will be happy. The most popular menu item at this eatery is the fried cauliflower with pimento cheese whip, which obviously excludes vegans but if you’re a cheese eater, this will bring a tear to your eye.

Vegans can nosh on tasty selections such as the beet pastrami sandwich and the sweet potato falafel. I had the sweet potato falafel and loved it – sweet potatoes and falafel are two of my favorite things, so that was an easy win. My lunch date had the beet pastrami sandwich. I have a very small list of food and beverages I don’t like, and beets are at the top, so despite her invitation to have a bite, I declined. She reported loving it, but I can share that it looked very messy and had a lot of beets.

Other vegetarian dishes include a tomato dish with Thai basil, a veggie burger, and several options for salads. Like many other Calgary restaurants, Donna Mac is bright and airy with eclectic decor and lots of green plants.

Vegetarian restaurants in Calgary include Barbarella Bar where you can ask for lemon cream pasta.
Always ask about the off-menu items or seasonal specials. The lemon cream pasta sounded a little strange but it was one of the best things I ate in Calgary. Photo credit: Jill Robbins

5. Barbarella Bar

240 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1B5, Canada

Trendy Barbarella Bar is an all-around elevated dining experience with a fresh, urban vibe. The 250-seat restaurant is located downtown on Calgary’s popular Stephen Ave, a pedestrian street filled with historic buildings, shops, hotels, and restaurants. The open glass windows are a great place to watch the people passing by as you eat and sip.

Barbarella is vegetable-forward and serves other types of food besides vegetarian food, but it’s a great place for someone who eats and enjoys a plant-based diet to nosh. Barbarella’s food menu has several sections, from snacks and small plates to share to pizza, pasta and a dedicated late-night menu. There’s also a section fully devoted to vegetables featuring unique dishes with flavours that will delight any plant-based eaters or anyone who really just loves their veggies.

If you are searching for 100 percent vegan food, the best dishes are the endive salad with basil pistachio pesto, cauliflower with mint, raisins, pine nuts, and crispy artichokes.

Vegetarian restaurants calgary include large cinnamon rolls at Canela.
There are lots of delicious baked goods at Canela but they are known for their large cinnamon rolls. Photo credit: Jill Robbins

6. Canela Vegan Bakery

1319 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0T2, Canada

Located in Calgary’s trending Inglewood, Canela (the Spanish word for cinnamon) is the absolute best vegan bakery. Okay, so honestly? I”m not an authority on vegan bakeries, but the bar is so incredibly high here that it’s going to take some next-level vegetarian baked goods to sway me.

Canela’s selections rotate seasonally – I visited in January, and vegan hot chocolate was on the menu – but their specialty is their huge cinnamon rolls, which I think are the ultimate comfort food. You will absolutely not go wrong with anything you order in this all-plant-based bakery with onsite seating.

Canela Vegan Bakery isn’t just a good vegan bakery. It’s a really good bakery.

Where Else To Go

While the restaurants above and the coffee shops (and one cocktail bar) below are where I ate on my trip to Calgary, here are a handful of spots I’d like to try on my next visit that you might also want to consider.

7. Monday’s Plant Cafe

208 4 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 3S2, Canada

I haven’t eaten here but in looking at the menu I’ve decided I’m OK with closing my eyes and seeing where my finger lands. Everything looks good. Standouts are a PB&K (K for kale) smoothie, the broken burrito bowl, and the raw taco. You had me at cashew sour cream, raw taco. I’ll be back for you.

8. The Coup

924 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0A2 

This restaurant in the Beltline touts itself as being “ethnical vegetarian” which means they support and work with suppliers who are committed to aligning themselves with an ecologically sustainable practice.

On the menu are an array of tempting sushi rolls, hot pot, pad thai, and some seriously delicious-sounding desserts. There’s also a brunch menu available until three daily.

9. saVeg Cafe

637 11 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0E1, Canada

This fully vegan menu is Asian/Korean inspired, and includes such delights as curry bowls, sandwiches, breakfast and brunch dishes and a full menu of smoothies saVeg is 100 percent family own and 100 percent vegan.

Fun fact: If you’re wondering how to pronounce saVeg, it’s savage, which is good info to know when you’re asking people how to get there.

10. Heart’s Choices Cafe Market

4127 6 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6V5, Canada

The menu at this fully vegan restaurant includes a selection of Thai food and hearty burgers and sandwiches.

11. The Allium

 211A 12 Avenue SW. Calgary, AB T2R 0B8

The menu at this fully vegetarian, co-operatively owned Beline eatery includes chickpea fries, squash gnocchi, and a creative list of libations. If you are in the mood for something sweet, there is coconut milk and miso pannacotta. If you want that creamy texture and can’t find vegan ice cream, this might just satisfy your craving.

12. Vegan Street

1413 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0T4, Canada

Meet Calgary’s 100 percent plant-based restaurant group. Located in Inglewood, Vegan Street offers shareables, tacos, burgers, and other sandwiches, as well as a very robust cocktail menu that includes everything from organic prosecco to zero-proof cocktails. Pop upstairs to the Attic Bar & Stage for musical entertainment, handcrafted cocktails, and pizza.

Vegetarian restaurants in Calgary include many where you can get delicious coffee.
There are cute places to grab coffee everywhere and nondairy milk is widely available. Photo credit: Jill Robbins

13. Sips

While finding a cocktail or a cup of coffee that doesn’t contain animal products is usually not challenging, these Calgary spots to grab drinks or a caffeine boost deserve an honorable mention because they’re just awesome.

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