7 LEGOLAND Florida Money Saving Secrets that Will Shock You

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7 ways to save money at LEGOLAND Florida
Staying at one of the LEGOLAND Florida hotels might actually save you money! Photo credit: Maria Smith

Planning a family trip to LEGOLAND Florida in 2021? Read these money saving secrets FIRST! You can have an affordable Orlando theme park vacation. Here’s how.

LEGOLAND Florida Resort is a 150-acre interactive Orlando theme park dedicated to families. LEGOLAND Florida has more than 50 rides, shows and attractions at the park. And now that the weather is warming up, the LEGOLAND Water Park is an additional fun experience the whole family can enjoy. The water park is especially great if you’re bringing kids over 12 to LEGOLAND. Everything about this theme park is truly geared towards family fun!

The creativity in this theme park is mind-boggling. And they let kids be the crazy kids that they are. I loved the way my kids put technology aside and spent time just being kids playing with LEGOs again.

7 LEGOLAND Florida Money Saving Secrets

1. Look for package deals online.

One of the best LEGOLAND Florida money saving secrets is to look for package deals online. When you bundle tickets and hotel together, there are some pretty impressive extras that come with them. Right now there is a Kids Stay & Play for Free offer (a free child’s ticket with every adult ticket) as well as a Get The 2nd Day Free package. Online savings offered to general public may also be more generous than the discounts extended to military families.

2. Use coupons for this Orlando theme park.

Young girl pointing to a replica of the Statue of Liberty at LEGOLAND Florida
The US monuments created with LEGOs will blow your mind. Photo credit: Maria Smith

The biggest difference when trying to save money at LEGOLAND Florida as opposed to another Orlando theme park is that LEGOLAND offers coupons and discounts on tickets. And these coupons are significant ones! I found ‘Buy one adult ticket, Get one kid’s ticket FREE’ coupons in select DVDs, on cereal boxes and at McDonald’s (including the one on Hwy 27 close to LEGOLAND).

You can also register for the free LEGO magazine and there have been coupons in there too. If you choose to register for the magazine, do it well in advance of your family trip though, as it sometimes takes 6 to 8 weeks to come. For larger families, BOGO FREE deals are just fantastic.

Costco also has single day admission tickets for significant savings. The tickets are delivered via email so you don’t even have to go into the store!

3. Buy tickets for this family trip online.

Giant red, blue and yellow water park structure at LEGOLAND Florida where you can save money on tickets
Seasonally, the LEGOLAND Water Park is a huge addition of fun. Photo credit: Maria Smith

You can also save money by buying tickets online from the LEGOLAND website. Buy them more than 7 days in advance for the biggest savings. With more than 7 days advanced purchase, you can get tickets for as low as $85 plus tax.

4. Bring snacks to LEGOLAND.

4 smiling children posing with a tourist statue constructed of LEGOs at LEGOLAND Florida
These kids will get “hangry” fast. Bring snacks! Photo credit: Maria Smith

One of my favorite LEGOLAND Florida money saving secrets is that you are allowed to bring in food. Yes, it’s totally legal! While you are not supposed to bring a full meal, the LEGOLAND website says small square coolers, bottled water, snacks and other foods that do not require refrigeration are allowed.

Items required for medical, religious or specific dietary purposes are also permitted. This can significantly help to save money. We brought lots of snacks and bottled water which was very helpful to supplement the delicious chicken tenders and fried chicken we bought. Snacks can also help kids make it through a long wait for a ride at this Orlando theme park.

5. Share meals.

I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the meals offered at LEGOLAND Florida Resort. We went to the Fried Chicken Co. restaurant and got three kids meals to cover four kids (all under 10 years old). Each meal came with a drink. I loved that there were free self-serve refills for drinks. The meal was about $8 which is pretty reasonable for a theme park. The apple sauce, fruit and chips I brought as snacks help to make sure no one left hungry. You may also be able to take a couple of adult meals and split them among the kids.

6. Stay at one of the LEGOLAND hotels.

LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel images
Check out some of my favorite photos from the new LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel. Photo credit: Maria Smith

While staying at a pricey, luxury hotel might not seem like a cost-saving measure, it might be the best LEGOLAND Florida money saving secret I have found. Be sure to check out the options.

There are now three hotels at LEGOLAND Florida (Pirate Island Hotel, LEGOLAND Hotel and LEGOLAND Beach Retreat). They often have deals which include tickets with the room rate, or give you two-day tickets for the price of one.

In addition, hotel guests also receive a REALLY GOOD free breakfast which is served family-style now. Guests also receive complimentary parking, exclusive playtime, early access to the parks, a gift in the room and lots and lots of LEGO-themed everything. The brand-new pirate-themed Pirate Island Hotel is a super fun addition all of my kids (even the 13 year old) thought was super cool.

Plus…you will save time as the commute to the park is only a few steps away through a private walkway. These secrets let you put the family back in family trip!

7. Buy souvenirs ahead of time.

Family posing in front of the LEGOLAND Florida entrance sign.
My family was pretty excited to get inside the park but they were sweet enough to pose for a photo before running in! Photo credit: Maria Smith

While LEGOLAND Florida has some impressive gift shops that will surely boggle the mind of LEGO-lovers everywhere, buying everyone even a small item could be costly. Perhaps a small LEGO set could be waiting in the car for each child (bought ahead of time at Amazon or any retailer). We did let the kids pick out some candy to take with them at the Sunshine Sweets store as a sweet treat to take home.

When planning your next family trip to Orlando, you may want to take a look at these LEGOLAND Florida money saving secrets. Perhaps you can stretch your vacation budget and fit this theme park into your itinerary.

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  1. I can’t find where to buy the parking pass online. Only the preffered parking is available on the website. Any idea where I can find it?

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  3. TO save on parking since we are planning to go two days. What is a nearby location for us to park and walk over to the park?

  4. Want to save money and your sanity? Don’t go. Highly over priced. The breakfast is actually quite awful. I gave my kids the choice of apple cinnamon nutrigrain bars or the free breakfast, and they chose the nutri-grain bars. Not good.

    There’s nothing that it would remotely consider balanced or tasty here and I’m not a health nut or picky eater. Sure, you can get some nasty fried chicken for “cheap for a theme park” but that says precious little.

    Activities are sparse. Walking is ridiculous. Shade is scant. I was here in the in off season. Can’t even imagine what people get during peak times.

    I highly recommend against coming here at all costs. You’re better off doing pretty much anything else.

    1. That’s pretty disappointing. I went 2 years ago and loved their breakfast and hotel. We actually stayed there and drove to disney. The breakfast was well worth it at that time. I loved the omelette station, my mom made friends with the chef as she is gluten free, my son loved the yogurt, pancakes/ waffles, I was happy with smoothies every morning. I guess it’s what you make of it.

  5. I have two vouchers for buy one adult ticket get a free child ticket. Can I use them together being that there are two adults and two kids going?

  6. Thanks for the tips! Do you know if savings can be combined? Like a coupon from a DVD plus a ticket from costco?

    1. Hi KrisTin, unfortunately, I haven’t found that you can combine discounts. But it’s worth trying!

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