Falling in Love with Cabo: Corazón Cabo Hotel Review

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Corazon Cabo Hotel Review - Views of Corazon Cabo from my fourth-floor room.
Views of Corazon Cabo from my fourth-floor room. Photo credit: Adina Keeling

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is a place where time slows down. The sunsets cast orange steaks in the sky that remain there for nearly an hour, and it’s always the right time for a margarita. Music dances through speakers at beachfront bars and boats gather lazily in the bay.

I went to Cabo San Lucas for the first time last week, and it felt like putting life on pause for a couple of days. This actually landed me in a bit of trouble when I lost track of time and forgot to wish my roommate a happy birthday (sorry, Jack!).

During my time in Mexico, I stayed at Corazón Cabo Resort & Spa. The resort recently doubled in size after a major renovation, and now it boasts 310 guest rooms and suites, most with a balcony or terrace, and many with a hot tub.

Corazón Cabo sits steps from Medano Beach, the main safe swimmable beach in Cabo. From here, guests look out over the impressive rock formations, including the famous “Land’s End Landmark,” that hug the water.

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Corazon Cabo Hotel Review - Sunrise views from the rooftop.
Sunrise views from the rooftop. Photo credit: Adina Keeling

What You’ll Find at Corazón Cabo Resort & Spa

The hotel is a medley of layers, adorned with pools, lounge chairs, and cabanas. By occupying different floors, these pool areas feel intimate, despite the hotel’s generous size.

The hotel is also home to the city’s highest rooftop bar, Rooftop 360, which boasts beautiful ocean views on one side, and panoramic city views on the other. There’s a rooftop pool and events, like live music and wine nights, are hosted regularly.

The hotel’s lobby is decorated with artwork by Mexican sculptor and artist Sergio Bustamante known for his surrealist depictions of humanoid creatures.

Corazon Cabo Hotel Review - A sculpture by Sergio Bustamante hung in the hotel lobby.
A sculpture by Sergio Bustamante hung in the hotel lobby. Photo credit: Adina Keeling

Despite the hotel’s many attractions, you’ll have a hard time pulling yourself away from your room. Rooms have king beds and balconies with sliding glass doors. Located on the fourth floor, my room looked out over the sparkling Sea of Cortez.

Cruise ships, yachts, and sailboats gather here, so along with the setting and rising sun, it looked completely different throughout the course of the day. At times, it was filled with large ships and circling jet skis, and other times it lay empty. It was fascinating to watch.

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Corazon Cabo Hotel Review - A cruise ship parked in the bay.
A cruise ship parked in the bay. Photo credit: Adina Keeling

Here’s everything you need to know about the resort.

Corazon Cabo Hotel Review - Corazon Cabo Beach Club.
Corazón Cabo Beach Club. Photo credit: Adina Keeling

The Beach

Corazón Cabo is a paradise for beach lovers. The hotel practically sits on Medano Beach, where hotel guests can lounge at the beach club, which features day beds and umbrellas that provide shade. You can order drinks and cocktails here, and go for a swim without worrying about your belongings getting stolen.

In addition to swimming and lounging, the beach area is a haven for water sports and boat tours. You can drive jet skis, go parasailing, or rent kayaks. The marina, where many boat tours take off, is just a 15-minute walk along the beach from the hotel.

SheBuysTravel Tip: The beach club is gated off with a rope, and vendors gather on the other side of the rope selling tourist t-shirts and souvenirs. When selecting a day bed, try to avoid being too close to the beach, as you’ll be only a couple of feet from vendors who are constantly trying to get your attention.

Corazon Cabo Hotel Review - The pool area on the lobby level.
The pool area on the lobby level. Photo credit: Adina Keeling

The Pools

Medano Beach can get crowded, so for a more secluded sunbathing experience, escape to one of the hotel’s three pools. The pool on the lobby level has a swim-up bar, cabanas, and lounge chairs. There is also a poolside grill where you can grab a bite to eat.

Another pool is a level down from this one. Here, you’ll find another swim-up bar and more lounge chairs. This area is less crowded than the upstairs pool and has more shaded areas, so it’s a great place to lounge without direct sun. I tried to go for a dip in this pool but found it quite cold, so I quickly retreated back to the upstairs pool.

Corazon Cabo Hotel Review - Lounge chairs by the pool.
Lounge chairs by the pool. Photo credit: Adina Keeling

The third pool is found on Rooftop 360, on the ninth floor. With amazing views of the Sea of Cortez and attentive service, this is the hotel’s most luxurious pool experience.

Corazon Cabo Hotel Review - My guest room at Corazon Cabo.
My guest room at Corazón Cabo. Photo credit: Adina Keeling

Guest Rooms and Suites

Guest rooms and suites can be found within three towers: the Corazón Tower, the Medano Tower, and the Bayview Tower. The Corazón Tower, where I stayed, is the hotel’s newest addition.

My room had a king-sized bed, a large balcony with outdoor furniture, a sofa at the end of the bed, and a table with a chair, perfect for getting some work done. The balcony had a sliding glass door and a view I couldn’t pull myself away from (and couldn’t stop taking pictures of).

Corazon Cabo Hotel Review - Views from my balcony.
Views from my balcony. Photo credit: Adina Keeling

Pros and cons

Little things I loved about my room: The room came with a garment steamer and a closet with a luggage rack. If you’re anything like me and your luggage seems to explode within seconds of settling into a hotel, this is a great feature that keeps your things behind a closed door. I also loved that the room came with wine glasses and two sets of glassware.

Little things I didn’t love about my room: While there was a Nespresso machine in my room and two tea cups to drink from, there was no cream or milk to go with the coffee. I only drink my coffee with milk or cream, and while I’m sure reception would have been happy to bring some, I was disappointed that the room didn’t already come with it.

Corazon Cabo Hotel Review - Warm hues in my guest room.
Warm hues in my guest room. Photo credit: Adina Keeling

If you’re traveling with a family or in a larger group, consider the Bayview Tower. Here, you’ll find one- and two-bedroom suites as well as a three-bedroom penthouse. There are kitchenettes and some rooms come with a hot tub. You’ll find another penthouse and more family-friendly suites in the luxurious Medano Tower.

Other room amenities include free wifi, plush bedding, and stylish Mexican-themed decor. The hotel is pet-friendly, so your furry friends are invited as well.

Corazon Cabo Hotel Review - Sparitual Spa at Corazon Cabo.
Sparitual at Corazón Cabo. Photo credit: Adina Keeling

The Spa

I enjoyed the most relaxing and rejuvenating massage at Sparitual, the hotel’s spa (thank you to my masseuse Liz). Spa services include a 100-minute signature massage, hot healing stones, an aromatherapy rain massage, facials, and more.

Before or after your massage, enjoy a dip in the jacuzzi or sauna. For $25, you can also enjoy the spa facilities without an appointment.

Corazon Cabo Hotel Review - Rooftop 360 by day.
Rooftop 360 by day. Photo credit: Adina Keeling

Five Dining Options

Rooftop 360 was, in my opinion, one of the most impressive parts of the hotel. During the day, you can sip a margarita by the infinity pool and snack on poolside dining, but at night, the rooftop transforms into a string-light-illuminated bar with lively music and comfortable couches for outdoor seating.

When the sun is up, your eyes will be glued to the stunning ocean views, but at night, it’s the sparkling city that is most captivating. The menu consists of specialty cocktails, light bites, and shareable plates.

More Choices:

Aleta is the hotel’s fancy oceanfront restaurant. With a romantic ambiance and a menu filled with fresh fish, sushi, ceviche, and vegetarian dishes, this is the perfect place to wind down after a dreamy day in Cabo.

Corazon Cabo Hotel Review - Rooftop 360 at night.
Rooftop 360 at night. Photo credit: Adina Keeling

Baja Brewing is a microbrewery on the 7th floor. It’s actually the first brewery in Baja California Sur and the beer is sold in stores across the U.S. and Mexico. The brewery has a lively outdoor atmosphere and it’s known for its pizza, which I didn’t get a chance to try, but I’m told is delicious.

Draque Cocktail Lounge is perfect for mojito-lovers. Try a modern take on the classic drink at this cocktail lounge located next to the lobby. This is also a great place to grab a snack if you’re trying to hold over until dinner.

Camaleon Cafe is the hotel’s very own coffee shop, located inside the gift shop. This is perfect for grabbing a coffee before setting out for the day.

And if that’s not enough, there’s always poolside dining and room service, or you can hit the lively bars and Mexican restaurants along the beach. Due to the prime location, prices are high, so don’t expect any cheap meals or drinks.

Getting there

To get to Corazón Cabo, you’ll fly into the nearby Los Cabos International Airport. This is about 40 minutes from the hotel, so you’ll want to arrange a pick-up with the hotel or expect to catch a taxi after exiting the airport.

Corazon Cabo Hotel Review -  Enjoying my morning coffee at the pool.
Enjoying my morning coffee at the pool. Photo credit: Adina Keeling

Anything else?

There’s a fitness center with ocean views and Corazón Cabo boasts plenty of meeting space, including a ballroom and three boardrooms. Rooftop 360 also recently expanded so there’s now a 7,400 square-foot rooftop venue, particularly perfect for weddings.

To help you plan your trip, take advantage of the concierge service, and if you’re traveling by car, there’s valet parking.

Corazon Cabo Hotel Review -
Tequila tasting at Corazón Cabo. Photo credit: Adina Keeling

Things to do near Corazón Cabo

You certainly won’t be bored in Cabo, but here are some of the activities that the concierge at Corazón Cabo can organize for you:

  • Tequila Tasting at Rooftop 360
  • Paddling boarding in the Sea of Cortez
  • Snuba, which is a mixture of scuba diving and snorkeling
  • Aqua yoga at Rooftop 360
  • Whale Watching Tour
  • A sunset cruise
  • Electric biking tour
Corazon Cabo Hotel Review - Aqua yoga on the Rooftop 360.
Aqua yoga on the Rooftop 360. Photo credit: Adina Keelings

I tried to spend an afternoon exploring the area surrounding Corazón Cabo and headed north, away from the beaches. This area was not a very interesting neighborhood, consisting mostly of other resorts, so I was a bit disappointed.

I didn’t find out until later that the best shopping area near Corazón Cabo is by the marina, where there’s a popular mall and outdoor plaza called Puerto Paraiso Mall. I didn’t get the chance to explore the mall, but I would have loved to check out the shops there.

Corazon Cabo Hotel Review - San Jose del Cabo sign outside the town’s historic church.
San Jose del Cabo sign outside the town’s historic church. Photo credit: Adina Keeling

If you want to see even more of Baja California Sur, I recommend visiting San Jose del Cabo, another town that, together with Cabo San Lucas, makes up “Los Cabos.” San Jose del Cabo is about a 40-minute drive from Cabo San Lucas.

This town is smaller and has a quaint old town with an authentic Mexican feel. San Jose del Cabo has a great art scene and lots of cute boutiques.

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