Heritage Villa Nobile Dubrovnik Review: Croatian Luxury Hotel

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Heritage Villa Nobile Dubrovnik - Heritage Villa Nobile is set in a stunning historic villa in Dubrovnik
Heritage Villa Nobile is set in a stunning historic villa in Dubrovnik. Photo credit: Tina Milisic

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Dubrovnik is one of the most visited cities in all of Europe and the quaint Old Town gets packed with people, especially in summer months. Where you stay can make or break your trip. Heritage Villa Nobile is a 6-bedroom boutique property set in a historic villa that’s right on the edge of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. The exclusive location of the villa allows visitors to reach the popular attractions in Old Town via a short walk (think 3 minutes to the entrance) while still having a quiet and secluded place to escape to in the heat of the day.

I found Dubrovnik to be one of my favorite destinations in all of Europe. I don’t think I would have felt this way if I hadn’t stayed in such an enchanting location that provided a respite during peak hours while being close enough for me to take strolls and tours in the less crowded morning and golden hours. Plus, ever since the moment, I began check-in, the staff at Heritage Villa Nobile was so friendly and personable, my interactions with their team made me feel like a local and helped me connect with Croatian culture. Let’s take a deeper look!

What Works About Heritage Villa Nobile

  • Family-owned boutique property
  • Incredible location on a quiet street
  • 3-minute walk to Old Town entrance
  • High attention to detail in interior design that encapsulates Croatian culture
  • Historic setting in a restored villa
  • Breakfast included
  • Intimate patio garden
  • Attentive staff
  • Free wifi

What Doesn’t Work About Heritage Villa Nobile

  • Not suitable for families (adults only)
  • With just 6 guestrooms, this property won’t work for large groups
  • This is an intimate property with an incredible staff. If you prefer to be anonymous when you travel and not interact with locals, this may not be the best choice for you
Heritage Villa Nobile Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik is one of Europe’s most enchanting cities
Dubrovnik is one of Europe’s most enchanting cities. Photo credit: Lauren Salisbury

History of Heritage Villa Nobile

There’s nothing more special than a hotel with an authentic history that allows you to soak up the local culture of a destination. Heritage Villa Nobile offers just that! The boutique accommodation is set in a historic villa that dates back to 1880. Its rich past includes a colorful cast of socialites and intellectuals who embody the history of this storied city.

During one of the villa’s most interesting chapters, it was occupied by socialite Maria Rubricius and her husband Dr. Jere Pugliesi. The couple had deep ties to Dubrovnik’s intellectual set and hosted many social gatherings for playwrights, poets, scientists, painters, doctors, philosophers, and other creative and passionate city residents.

To pay homage to this storied history and immerse visitors in the past, the property’s current owners, Tina and Stipe Milisic, have done meticulous research. As a local family in Dubrovnik, the Milisics feel a deep sense of pride in making the property as authentic and informative as possible. And, thanks to their deep attention to detail and eye for design, this history has been pulled into the guest rooms with decor choices and historical artifacts.

Heritage Villa Nobile Dubrovnik - Staying at the villa offers a glimpse into Croatian history
Staying at the villa offers a glimpse into Croatian history. Photo credit: Tina Milisic

Heritage Villa Nobile Guest Rooms

Nearly every detail in the large villa has meaning and invites visitors to experience Dubrovnik on a deeper level. In fact, the property’s name is a reference to nobility and the grandiose history of the city’s elegant elite.

“We chose this name for our heritage villa because it perfectly embodies the spirit of those whose lives are intertwined within the historic fabric of its walls,” said Tina Milisic. “Some noble by birth, some noble-minded, each in their own way spearheaded cultural, economic and intellectual progress of their era.”

Each of the six custom-tailored bedrooms presents remarkable persons from the owning family’s inner circle. The cleverly-configured rooms are:

  • The Musicians Room
  • The Captains Room
  • The Artists Room
  • The Writers Room
  • The Inventors Room

To take the immersive nature of the villa to the next level, each is devoted to the different historical figures who once lived in or frequently visited the house. The Milisics have fitted the rooms with shadow boxes cleverly arranged with artifacts from the varied characters and eras of Croatian history. To walk through the villa feels a bit like walking through the pages of a historical guidebook; each room has a plaque with historical information out front matching aesthetics with historical facts and stories.

Though the design of the property is a throwback to an era long gone, guest rooms are fitting with all the modern amenities one could possibly need including a mini bar, hair dryer, flat-screen TV with satellite channels, air conditioning, luxury toiletries, and private bathrooms. Several room types are available.

Heritage Villa Nobile Dubrovnik - Heritage Villa Nobile has several room types that showcase history and culture
Heritage Villa Nobile has several room types that showcase history and culture. Photo credit: Tina Milisic

My Stay at Heritage Villa Nobile

I stayed at Heritage Villa Nobile during my recent solo trip to Dubrovnik. I arrived in a sweat (August is the hottest month in Croatia) and stressed (I took a bus from Montenegro and had to wade through throngs of cruise ship passengers at the terminal to get a taxi to Old Town).

The moment I arrived at the quiet street where the villa is located I felt a deep sense of peace. It was immediately apparent that, despite the bustle of Old Town, I had found a quiet oasis to get away from it all. The front desk staff quickly buzzed me in and soon I was walking up the cobblestone walkway to the ground floor of the enchanting home.

One of the biggest differences between this property and other Dubrovnik hotels is its staff. Heritage Villa Nobile is owned by a local family and operated by a small team. This means every staff member is a friendly concierge, offering warm smiles and a thorough knowledge of the city to help visitors better enjoy this world-class destination.

Heritage Villa Nobile Dubrovnik - A defining feature of the villa is the quaint garden
A defining feature of the villa is the quaint garden. Photo credit: Tina Milisic

Because the property is so intimate, it gives all the feeling of a guest house or boutique hotel while still being set in a historic villa.

I was quickly escorted from the first floor and shown to my room – the Inventors room located on the top floor. As this was my first visit to Croatia and I am deeply interested in learning as much as I can about the history and culture I was thrilled to find the room decorated with art and relics that recount this history as it relates to inventors in Croatia. For example, I learned from the decorations that rice chocolate, torpedoes, and wireless non-radioactive energy transfers were all invented in Croatia!

Heritage Villa Nobile Dubrovnik - The Inventors Room is located in the attic and has a large and scenic window
The Inventors Room is located in the attic and has a large and scenic window. Photo credit: Tina Milisic

The room was luxurious – I’d actually call it a superior suite rather than a standard room –  and had a gorgeous shower complete with Ritual bath products. The large bed could be separated into two should you need extra beds or a double room set up. The room also included a coffee maker, small stove, refrigerator, and large table to eat meals at. My favorite feature was the window seat that looked out at the orange-colored roofs of Old Town. I sat there in the mornings and enjoyed my own private city view of this world-class gem.

On the morning of my stay, I arose and headed down to the garden for breakfast, a classic mix of Croatian breads, fruits, juice, and coffee. The garden is truly an enchanting space and I found it very relaxing to sit by the fountain and write in my journal while the soft light peeped through the green leaves. I even saw the garden turtles greet me that morning. Such a daydream!

As a solo traveler, I was particularly thrilled by the villa’s English-speaking staff. The owner, Tina, was so kind and spent time with me in the morning after breakfast to share her knowledge of the property and tips for experiencing the city. While my visit was brief, because the staff was so friendly and spent time with me I really felt like I got to connect with locals and get a “real” view of life in Dubrovnik. Plus, there’s no need for an official concierge service when you have the owner ready to answer all your burning questions – or help you find the Dubrovnik Cable Car!

Heritage Villa Nobile Dubrovnik Location

The villa is located at Ul. Između vrta 6, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

I can’t stress enough how Heritage Villa Nobile truly has one of the great locations in Dubrovnik. Right on the edge of Old Town, the property is a 3-minute walk from Pile Gate. Considered to be the official entrance to Dubrovnik, this is the meeting location for most guided walking tours.

SheBuysTravel Tip: When in Croatia you must take a walking tour of the City Walls. Dating back hundreds of years, the walls of Dubrovnik offer a deep glimpse into history, stunning city views, and swoon-worthy vistas of the Adriatic Sea.

For visitors flying to Croatia, the property is also a 25-minute taxi ride from Dubrovnik airport, making it a convenient location to the nearest airport. The villa kindly offers luggage storage too, so if you have a late flight they will gladly store your belongings while you go enjoy more views of the sparkling Adriatic. The hotel can also arrange for airport pick-up or find public parking if you are renting a car.

For visitors arriving by bus, the property is a 10-minute drive from the bus station.

The property accepts multiple payment methods and payment can be made in EUR or USD.

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