The Neighborhood Hotel Little Italy: A Chic Retreat in Chicago

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The Neighborhood Hotel Little Italy

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Nestled in the heart of Chicago’s Little Italy, The Neighborhood Hotel offers a distinctive blend of modern luxury and homey comfort. The seamless check-in and check-out process sets the tone for a hassle-free stay. The one-bedroom unit I stayed in felt more like a chic apartment than a standard hotel room, providing a personalized touch that resonated with my preferences.

The standout feature of The Neighborhood Hotel is its commitment to offering a full apartment experience at a competitive price point.

My studio was equipped with free wifi and a sumptuously comfortable bed. It also featured a well-appointed full kitchen with thoughtful touches like mini bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I was prepared to eat out but with all the amenities I could have stayed in and made dinner!

The attention to detail extended to the bath, which boasted a spacious walk-in shower, hairdryer, and quality bath products.  The sundries provided were neatly arranged, adding to the overall sense of thoughtful hospitality.

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The Neighborhood Hotel Little Italy
Photo credit: Theresa DeMaria

The Neighborhood Hotel Little Italy: Location Matters

Beyond the confines of this stylish abode, the great location of the Little Italy neighborhood revealed itself as a vibrant and inviting locale.

Taylor Street is a delightful thoroughfare dotted with restaurants and cozy neighborhood bars. The cultural richness of Little Italy, coupled with its proximity to Chicago’s downtown, home to Millennium Park and the famous Bean sculpture, makes The Neighborhood Hotel, Little Italy a strategic choice for a range of travelers.

Also nearby is the West Loop / Fulton Market area of Chicago. It’s a dynamic entertainment hub, offering a diverse range of experiences.

Known for “Restaurant Row” on Randolph Street, it’s a culinary haven with award-winning restaurants spanning international cuisines.

This neighborhood has transformed former industrial spaces into contemporary art galleries, contributing to its status as a burgeoning art district. Coming in 2025 The Neighborhood Hotel will launch its West Loop property, where grandeur and the vibrant energy of 1920s Chicago intertwine with modern comfort.

Another popular and close-by, not-to-be-missed area is Lincoln Park.

One of Chicago’s most beloved neighborhoods, Lincoln Park offers a harmonious blend of nature, culture, and classic architecture. The Neighborhood Hotel’s original Chicago location is based here and the building is from the late 1800’s. The vintage staircase provides your first adventure: just like in the olden days, they don’t have an elevator. But it has lots of vintage, walk-up charm!

Spanning the picturesque lakefront, the park itself provides a serene escape with its tree-lined paths, the Lincoln Park Zoo, and the serene North Pond. Meanwhile, the neighborhood surrounding it exudes a dynamic charm, featuring boutique shops on Fullerton and Clark streets, trendy restaurants, and historic brownstone residences close to DePaul University.

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The Neighborhood Hotel Little Italy - Rooms have a kitchenette.
Rooms have a kitchenette. Photo credit: The Neighborhood Hotel

Great for Business Travelers

The Neighborhood Hotel Little Italy stands out as an excellent choice for business travelers for several compelling reasons. Firstly, its strategic location within a half mile from UI Health and Rush Hospitals caters to the needs of medical professionals, providing a convenient and comfortable stay close to their workplaces.

The well-equipped suites, designed for short and long-term stays, are large enough to be family-friendly. But they work especially well for business professionals, thanks to the kitchenettes, sofa beds, onsite laundry (washer & dryer) facilities, and amenities such as yoga mats.

The proximity to the Illinois Medical District, combined with the hotel’s clean and comforting atmosphere, makes it an ideal accommodation choice for doctors, nurses, patients, and their families.

The thoughtful details, from quality linens to local recommendations in the neighborhood guide, demonstrate The Neighborhood Hotel’s commitment to creating a welcoming and supportive environment for all guests.

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Design Matters Too

The hotel’s connection to the community is evident not only in its prime location but also in the well-curated design by Rebel House Design.

The fusion of mid-century Italian influence with a modern aesthetic creates a visually appealing ambiance.

The top floor’s outdoor terraces offer captivating views spanning the distance to Navy Pier, providing a perfect setting to unwind and soak in the vibrant energy of Chicago.

The Neighborhood Hotel Little Italy - Marios Italian Lemonade Stand in Little Italy.
Mario’s Italian Lemonade Stand in Little Italy. Photo credit: Theresa DeMaria

Dining Nearby

For foodies, Little Italy/UIC is a culinary haven, showcasing a mix of traditional Italian fare and an eclectic array of global cuisines.

The Little Italy neighborhood’s historic charm is complemented by recent additions, ensuring a diverse range of dining options. Guests can explore coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and restaurants offering Indian, Thai, Portuguese, and French cuisine, contributing to a delightful gastronomic journey.

The Neighborhood Hotel Little Italy - New Buffalo Property.
New Buffalo Property. Photo courtesy of The Neighborhood Hotel

The Neighborhood Hotel’s Two Michigan Locations

When Chicagoans are looking to escape the city’s hustle and bustle, the waterfront in Michigan is a great choice.

The Neighborhood Hotel properties in Grand Beach and New Buffalo are sanctuaries where nature and luxury harmonize seamlessly. You can begin your day with campfire coffee and a refreshing dip in the glistening pool or yoga by the ravine.

Nestled in downtown New Buffalo, The Neighborhood Hotel offers a tranquil retreat with nine beach-inspired suites, creating a genuine vacation ambiance. A short stroll to the lake unveils Harbor Country’s finest restaurants and shops, providing proximity to the vibrant scene while enjoying a calm, quiet, and comfortable space.

SheBuysTravel Tip: The suites are small but mighty — ideal for groups of two or three people.

The Neighborhood Hotel Little Italy - Common Community Area at Grand Beach Location.
Common Community Area at Grand Beach Location. Photo credit: The Neighborhood Hotel

Adventurous exploration awaits in Grand Beach, Harbor Country’s woods, while relaxation beckons amidst native greenery. Here you will experience the perfect blend of rustic charm and ethereal luxury in inviting spaces.

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