Fun Road Trip Trivia Games for Families on the Go

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Auto Bingo is a great road trip trivia game
Bingo in the car!. Photo credit: Regal Games

When you’ve got a long drive ahead, everyone will watch movies, play games and mindlessly scroll through social media on their devices. But after hours on end, they will get bored. Road trip trivia games are a good way to interrupt long stretches of screen time and also help your family members interact.

There are literally hundreds of different games with road trip trivia questions, most of which can be found on Amazon or sold by Amazon associates. They’ll test your knowledge of everything from pop culture, TV shows, World Records, Olympics and fun facts like, “What’s the longest river in the USA?” (Answer: The Missouri River. Bet ya didn’t know that!).

Whether you’re driving cross country on interstate highways or just taking a quick weekend getaway, here are some of our favorite trivia games.

If there’s a fun trivia game that your family loves that isn’t on the list, please add it in the comments!

Guess in 10

Best for: Ages 6 and up

Why it’s a fun trivia game: Everyone in the car can play, including kindergartners and grandparents, and it can be played in teams (adults vs. kids!). One person takes a card and starts reading off clues. You get a clue after every guess, but only 10 guesses. There are different versions, including sports, animals, dinosaurs or “things inside my house.”

Disney Classic Top Trumps Quiz Game

Best for: Ages 8 and up

Why it’s a fun trivia game: Most families know A LOT about Disney movies. But who knows the most? Find out! Each person gets two cards and reads off a trivia question. The person who gets the correct answer keeps the card. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins. If Disney’s not your jam, try one of their quiz game’s other editions, appealing to fans of Harry Potter or Marvel comics.

American Trivia: Family Edition

Best for: Ages 9 and up

Why it’s a fun trivia game: This trivia game has a little bit of everything, and odds are, you might get a question about a place you’re driving through (or to). Each card has trivia road trip questions at junior (easier) and expert levels, making it possible for both kids and adults to play.

You’ll find questions and answers about US cities (like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City), national parks (like Yellowstone National Park and Death Valley), and US states (like Utah, Oregon, Georgia, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Florida and California). The game comes with a board, but for a road trip, you can just take the box of question cards. Educational, conversational and fun!

You Laugh, You’re Out

Best for: all ages

Type of game: cards

Why it’s a fun trivia game: What’s funnier than seeing someone struggle to hold in a laugh? This new card game (which came out in Feb. 2023) brings out everyone’s creativity and humor. Each card asks you to say or do fun things, (Example: “Take a whiff of another person’s body part and describe it like it’s a fine wine” or “You’re a helicopter having serious technical malfunctions. Insist to your passengers that it’s perfectly safe.”)

Whoever laughs is out! Some of the cards require you to stand or be able to move around, but just put those in the back of the deck and do them later when you get to the hotel room.

Other fun road trip games

TheTMOM experts have compiled an excellent list of additional road trip games organized by age category that you should definitely check out! Here are a few more:

Mad Libs

Guaranteed laughs with this old-school game, where you come up with a list of words to fill-in-the-blanks for a short story. It also teaches kids some basic grammar (like the difference between an adjective and adverb) and let’s them use nouns like “poopies.” Win-win.

Auto Bingo

This throwback road trip game encourages people to stare out the window. When they spot something like a silo, sports car or river, they call it out and everyone moves a little red plastic shield across that space on their card.

The License Plate Game

This game is played throughout the duration of the trip. Keep track of all the different license plates you see, and see how many of the 50 states you can get. Maybe Alaska, Hawaii or Maine? Bonus points for a Canadian or European license plate, from somewhere like France or Scotland. There are even phone apps to help you keep track of which you’ve seen and which you are still looking for.

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