Winter Carnival in Quebec: What to Wear

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Sledders in front of Quebec's Chateau Frontenac during Winter Carnival
The city’s iconic hotel, the Chateau Frontenac is the backdrop for sledding during Winter Carnival. Photo credit: Shutterstock/Vlad G

Quebec’s annual Winter Carnival is a family friendly event, celebrating the season. Even if you hate the snow and ice, there’s something for you to love – if you’re dressed correctly. There’s an old saying – “There’s no bad weather. Only bad clothes.” Here’s what you need to pack to enjoy all of the fun at Carnaval de Quebec.

Sad to say that I won’t be there this year – I keep planning to take my family and “stuff” gets in the way.  But it is such a spectacular event, it’s worth mentioning anyway.  I visited Quebec a couple of years ago and for me, a  beach and warm weather traveler, to say that being bundled up, snow tubing, sleeping on a bed of ice and tromping around in 5 degree weather was fun, you better believe it!  There is a constant festive vibe in the city throughout the festival.  Everyone is out – kids, babies, adults, elderly and tourists.

What to Pack for Quebec’s Winter Carnival

To look like you belong there, here are a few tips:

  • Dress in layers – nylon next to skin, NOT COTTON. If you sweat, the cotton holds the moisture, keeping you cold. This goes for hands and feet too. I wore a nylon fitted tee under a thin IceBreakers merino wool pullover under an average ski jacket and I was very warm.
  • Buy a wrap
  • Bring a Buff – it looks cool and will keep your neck, face and/or head warm.  It’s also good for hat hair – you can use it as a headband or head cover if it’s really bad.
  • BonHomme is a hero so when you see the Pillsbury-looking holiday snowman wave frantically – he is important
  • Visit Hotel De Glace, even if you don’t want to sleep there. It’s living art and it will be gone in April.  IF you have already seen it, go again – the design is different every year.
  • Drink maple whiskey and caribou. Don’t ask, just drink it. It will keep you warm.
  • Try everything. I don’t ski and I don’t love heights but the snow tubing at Villages Vacances is spectacular and not to be missed
  • Dip into the Turkish baths even though it’s really really cold.
  • Eat poutine, beaver tail and crepes.

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