A Super Yummy Guide to Seadust Cancun Restaurants

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Special event overlooking ocean at Splash Bar, one of Seadust Cancun Restaurants

Located in Cancun’s Hotel Zone, the Seadust Cancun Family Resort is an all-inclusive resort that works for adults AND kids. It offers a wide range of kid-friendly activities including mini golf, Treasure Island water park and individual clubs for babies (from 18 months) and kids (to age 12), so it’s a great Mexico all-inclusive for families. Kids will love the three-level infinity pool that is pool toy-friendly. And parents can snag a lounger on its stretch of white sand beach and even a bit of relaxation. Ladies, bring your beach bestseller and prepare to relax, because both the pool and beach areas offer drink service.

The best part about the Seadust Cancun? The food is fantastic. The all-inclusive’s gastronomic experiences include delights like pre-dinner appetizers and cocktails at La Barra, or even a mixology class. Diners can enjoy dinner at the Big Bend Steakhouse, which offers prime cuts. Or sit at a Teppanyaki table for tableside cooking at Samurai.

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Where to Eat at Seadust Cancun Family Resort

With 10 restaurants and bars across its property, the Seadust Cancun Family Resort caters to the whole family. Diners will find everything from its extensive buffet to steakhouse faves along with sushi. Keep in mind, each restaurant offers its own hours and days of operation.

Food Gallery

With 11 stations in its open kitchen format, this Seadust Cancun restaurant is the main buffet at Seadust Cancun Family Resort. It is also the best option for breakfast and lunch as some of the other restaurants are open only for dinner.

With hot and cold entrees for breakfast, kids can find the little boxes of cereal they like and adults can indulge in Eggs Benedict or a made-to-order omelet.

For lunch and dinner, the Food Gallery offers favorite international dishes, like Mexican, Asian and Italian specialties along with vegetarian and seafood options. Best of all, the dining area features lots of seating from two-top tables to tables for larger groups.

During my stay, I enjoyed the Food Gallery for breakfast and found lots of options from yogurt to waffles and egg dishes. It is bustling during breakfast and lunch.

The Food Gallery is open from 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. with one-hour breaks between breakfast and lunch, then lunch and dinner.

It is located at the end of the Via Veneta, or the main thoroughfare on the lobby level.

The Lighthouse one of the Seadust Cancun Restaurants
The Lighthouse Breakfast Buffet Photo credit: Catherine Parker


For families that would prefer tableside service paired with a kid-friendly buffet, the Lighthouse offers an assortment of hot and cold menu items. Hot entrees include Chilequiles and French toast and cold options include a large selection of pastries, bagels, yogurt and fruit. It’s really a smaller version of the main buffet.

For lunch, the Lighthouse offers a salad bar along with hot entrees. During my visit, the wait was about 30 minutes to be seated.

The Lighthouse is located on the Via Veneto with varied hours.

food at El Maguey, one of the Seadust Cancun Restaurants
Mexican food lovers will want to have lunch at El Maguey. Photo credit: Catherine Parker

El Maguey

Tucked away near the kids’ club and waterpark, I nearly missed this Seadust Cancun restaurant – and that would have been a mistake!

Offering the traditional flavors of Mexico for lunch only, El Maguey becomes a Mediterranean restaurant in the evening.

Lunch options include Mexican favorites, like guacamole, which is so much better in Mexico. To me, Mexican avocados are creamier than the ones I buy in the US.

El Maguey features Mexican specialties with flavors and ingredients from the Mayan culture, like corn and beans. So lunch features menu items like tortilla soup, grilled camarones and pollo (shrimp and chicken).

The bar mixes up margaritas in several flavors. Though guests might want to try a new-to-them drink, like a roasted pineapple mezcalita.

Lunch on vacation calls for dessert and the tres leches cake (three milk) is a standout.

El Maguey is open from noon to 5 p.m. There is often a wait to be seated..

Sushi at Samurai, one of the Seadust Cancun Restaurants
The sushi at Samurai Japanese Restaurant. Photo credit: Catherine Parker


Located in the center of the Vin Veneto, the Japanese restaurant, Samurai, looks like a temple. A perennial favorite at all-inclusives, Samurai serves sushi a-la-carte and features Teppanyaki tables.

The diners will find mainstays like California and Tempura Shrimp rolls. Miso soup and both Udon and Soba noodles are available. To complement the meal, Japanese favorites, like Saki. Guests can finish their meal with Tempura Ice Cream.

Samurai is open for dinner only from 6 to 11 pm and gets quite crowded when the nightly show lets out at 9 pm.


As one of the newer Seadust Cancun restaurants, the Florencia sticks to its Italian roots. It features traditional starters, like Tuscan Soup and Caprese Salad.

Diners will find pasta and grill entrees on a menu showcasing U.S. pork and beef. The house-made lasagne is cooked in a wood oven, like the pizzas. Another tempting option, the Seafood Fettuccini features a Pinot Grigio Sauce.

Grilled items range from Salmon to Milanese along with a T-Bone. Diners can seal the meal with cannoli, tiramisu or panna cotta.

Dinner is served from 6 to 11 pm and the Florencia is located along the Via Veneto.

Dining room of Big Bend Grill House, one of the Seadust Cancun Restaurants
The Big Bend Grill House underwent a renovation recently. Photo credit: Catherine Parker

Big Bend Grill House

One of the recently renovated Seadust Cancun restaurants, the Big Ben Steakhouse offers a chef-created menu with flavors from South America and beyond. During my visit, I had an Argentinian empanada, flavored with Chimichurri sauce and olives.

Big Bend includes regional favorites like Mahi-Mahi and Flank Steak. Beef short ribs and the smoked pork shanks are stand-outs as well. Diners will find traditional cuts of beef, like ribeyes, and a cauliflower steak is available.

For guests celebrating an event, Big Ben offers a special chef’s menu. Guests can order a tomahawk, porterhouse cut or lobster tail (not included in the all-inclusive plan).

The London-themed restaurant is open for dinner only from 6 to 11 pm.


This spot offers American deli flavors like hamburgers or regional items like Missouri BBQ sandwiches. Diners will also find classics like New York City club sandwiches.

In addition, the menu offers Mexican flavors like Baja Shrimp Tacos or a pulled pork quesadilla. Vegetarian options include a grilled vegetable ciabatta sandwich and several salads, one of which is vegan.

During my stay, Manhattan was not open for lunch. Though in my opinion, it needed to be, due to limited options for lunch.

Located along the Via Veneto, Manhattan is open 6 to 10 pm.

Chef making crepes at La Creperie, one of the Seadust Cancun Restaurants
La Creperie is open in the afternoon and offers made-to-order crepes. Photo credit: Catherine Parker

La Creperie

Guests at the Seadust Cancun Family Resorts can get their coffee fix 24/7. La Creperie serves hot barista-made drinks and light snacks and pastries around the clock.

Worth noting, it does not offer iced versions, a hole in its offerings. Hopefully, Playa Resorts will add iced coffee soon, especially with the warm temperatures of summer.

For guests looking for a small snack, La Creperie has sandwiches, cookies and baked goods throughout the day. It is an easy grab-and-go for excursions and transportation back to the airport.

Its signature offering is a crepe-making station where diners watch their crepes being made then topped with chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, fresh fruit and more.

La Creperie offers crepes from 4 to 10 pm daily. It is located near the open-air lobby and next to the Gelato Bar.

Waves and Big Bondo Bar

Guests enjoying the main pool don’t have to go inside for drinks and snacks. Waves is the snack bar and grill for the main pool area. It offers traditional grilled items and the Big Bondo is the place to order for a frozen drink to complement the dazzling pool.

It is open from 10 am to 6 pm.

Room Service and Special Events at Seadust Cancun

In-room dining is included in the all-inclusive plan and available from 7 am to 11 pm.

To celebrate a special occasion, the staff at Seasdust Cancun restaurants can cater events. From a gourmet dinner en-suite dining to a small table in the wine cave, the staff can develop a special menu and even work with a florist and rental company for the finishing touches.

In addition, Seadust Cancun can host weddings, vow renewals or family reunions. During my trip, we enjoyed a special menu for breakfast and dinner on the decks overlooking the Caribbean.

Worth noting, early morning dining can be tricky for those guests with an early flight. The best option for shuttle departures leaving before 7 am is the 24-hour La Creperie.

Tiki cups over Caribbean at one of Seadust Cancun Restaurants and bars
A line of Tiki glasses overlooking the ocean at the Seadust Cancun Family Resort. Photo credit: Catherine Parker

The Bars at Seadust Cancun Family Resort

It’s a vacay, so celebrate with a cocktail, mocktail or cerveza. Seadust Family Resort has several bars, including some that are kid-friendly.

Keep a look out for the mixology class! It’s both entertaining and yummy. Daily activities are listed on the TV in the guest rooms.

The drinks range from classic cocktails to inventive remakes. Some of the bartenders showcase their talents for bottle juggling and glass tricks while others prefer to use a torch to add smoky flavor to drinks.

After dark, the bars become entertainment hubs.

Tiki glasses and bartenders at Seadust Cancun Restaurants
The mixologists at the Seadust Cancun concoct tiki-inspired cocktails at Midway Bar. Photo credit: Catherine Parker

Midway Bar

Located next to the Big Bend Steakhouse, the Midway Bar offers an upscale area for cocktails and wine. During my stay, I attended a mixology class at the Midway Bar where the bartenders mix up classic cocktails. They even added a smoky flavor with a blast of a torch.

It is open from 5:30 pm to midnight.


This is the destination for a quick drink while you check in since it is located next to the lobby. It is open from 9 am to midnight.

La Barra

Like many of the restaurants, the Via Vento features bars as well, like La Barra. With an Italian influence, the La Barra offers happy hour snacks, like cheese and charcuterie meats with cocktails.

It is open from 5:30 pm to midnight.

Squalo Bar, one of Seadust Cancun Restaurants and bars
The Squalo Bar is available for private events and overlooks the ocean. Photo credit: Catherine Parker

Squalo Bar

Under the Splash Bar and on the sand, the Squalo Bar tends to the beach area. It offers drink service to the beach loungers and is open from 10 am to 6 pm.

Squalo Bar is also available for special events by reservation. During my visit, we had a bespoke breakfast with a special menu. It is perfect for memorable meals with families.

Splash Bar

Next to the beach and the pool, the Splash Bar serves tropical drinks and beer along with sodas. It is open from 11 am to 7 pm.

This area can also be used for special events by reservation. During my visit, we had a special dinner at sunset. It is perfect for small groups.

pool table at Fun Bar and Sports, a Seadust Cancun Restaurants
Play at a pool table overlooking the lagoon at the Fun Bar and Sports. Photo credit: Catherine Parker

Fun Bar and Sports

The Fun Bar and Sports has a Sports Bar vibe and offers TVs and a pool table. It is open from 4 to 11 p.m. during the week and from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. It is located on the second level of Seadust Cancun.

Ddrinks at Sea Bar one of the Seadust Cancun Restaurants and bars
In the Sea Bar, bartenders make a New Yorker, a whiskey sour with a red wine floater. Photo credit: Catherine Parker

Sea Bar

This is the dance club (adults only) of the Seadust Cancun with DJ dance music. Guests will find some lighted sea creatures, like jellyfish, on the ceiling.

Located below the Fun Bar and Sports, it is open from 7 p.m. to midnight with the DJ starting at 10 p.m. nightly.

Club Caribe daybed one of the Seadust Cancun Restaurants and bar
One of the daybeds in the adults-only area of the Club Caribe. Photo credit: Catherine Parker

Club Caribe

The Seadust Cancun is a family resort though it offers an adults-only area. The main pool is a kid zone so if you want a chill area to relax the second level overlooking the lagoon is the place to go.

Offering an infinity pool along with a pair of large whirlpools, this area also features daybeds that don’t require a reservation. Tropical cocktails are the bartender’s specialty and Club Caribe offers poolside service.

It is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Why Families Love the Seadust Cancun Family Resort

This resort offers family rooms outfitted with bunk beds with a trundle underneath. That means you can get three kids in the room and each will have their own bed. As a mom of three, finding a resort with five separate beds isn’t easy.

The three-level infinity pool, waterpark and kids club are tops though guests will also find a tennis court, a kid-sized zip line along with resort-wide wifi.

In addition to the family suites, the Seadust Cancun offers oceanfront suites along with sunset suites that overlook the Mayan ruins in the Zona Hotelera. Some of the suites offer jacuzzi tubs on their balconies.

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